1. Sheila Gredzinski

    So important for humankind to wake up to the suffering. The common man is happily blind to the torture the animals face. They are not food, they are flesh and blood, they have families, they love their babies, they love their mates.
    Thank you for standing up for the bulls! I am so afraid that people believe because they are so big and strong that they just can’t feel the pain.
    We have to walk and exist in other lives before we lose them forever.


    • The bigger you are the more nerve cells you have. That includes other animals too. More scientists have to become activists. They know the science of pain, but remain silent to the general population.


  2. Margaret Roy

    Bullfighting is the willful torture of an animal for entertainment.
    This is an abhorrent practice and has no place in modern society.
    It must be abolished and anyone continuing to practice such depravity must be considered a criminal.


  3. Mark Bastian

    Bullfighting is not a sport but a barbaric pastime of cruelty and death! The death of innocent animals for man’s own gratification. End these barbaric and torturous events once and for all!

    It is time for man to evolve!


  4. Jan barden

    Bullfighting is brutal torture of a beautiful gentle creature. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can get pleasure from this brutality. This has to stop NOW!!!


    • I wonder if the matador enslaves, tortures and slaughters this precious bull in the same stadium/arena where they play other sports? I wonder if soccer fans and players support this cruelty that others call a sport? Thank you Jan for the brain storm you generated with your comment.


  5. Thank you for this article! 🙂


  6. Wendy Thomason

    Bullfighting is abhorrent. Anyone who can torture an animal must be a danger to society. I will never holiday in any country that carries out this barbaric practice.


    • Thank you Wendy. Hit them in the money belt. It’s too bad that people can’t act in a civilized way without having to be punished, but that’s the world we’re in. I support that.


  7. The Bull is sacred ❤️
    no Bull 🖤
    no cow 🐄
    no milk 🥛
    he has a right to live ❤️


    • Sasha Thank you. Yes, the bull is sacred. All species are sacred. If humans are, then they are. We are here to care for those who can’t care for themselves, so we can all survive and thrive. That’s the way humans were designed. We’re caretakers.


  8. L Williams

    Bullfighting needs to be banned immediately. It is an abomination. Cruel, barbaric, sickening. Completely outdated and the only place it belongs is the history books. It is a disgrace, a stain on the country that practices it.


    • Yes, it is a stain. It is a stain on Spain and all the people living in that country who don’t block it. It is also a stain on all Spanish people worldwide living in other countries who remain silent, except when it comes to their personal needs. Then the world hears a roar.


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