TO THE FAMILIES OF VETERANS: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE "If we don't need the gory details to tell a story about gore, then maybe we don't need to accept war as inevitable." ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight "LEAVE WITHOUT A TRACE" A war story-movie about the sacrifices a family makes in real time on the … Continue reading THE MAKING OF A VETERAN: A Movie Review On “LEAVE WITHOUT A TRACE”


Working It Out With The Main Brain (controlling the fat)

FAT CONTROL If my brain gets that I'm unpredictable in my food consumption choices within the category of animal-free, then that's what it will expect as being okay with me. I'll stay in the unpredictable category and my brain will rest easy with that, since there's a lot going on there to focus on without … Continue reading Working It Out With The Main Brain (controlling the fat)


WHERE Are you? With you Mum.  

Black Fathers

Nobody talks about the Black fathers who raise their kids alone with the help of volunteers from the church. My mother was one of those volunteers. She was white.  

Follow Her Recipe

My mother knew how to follow a recipe. She also knew how to create her own. On one visit to the Homeland - Arthur Street in Springfield, Massachusetts - she made my minestrone soup from the cookbook I sent her. She put it in front of me at the table and watched while I ate. … Continue reading Follow Her Recipe


SALTY AFRICAN MOOSE ICE-CREAM coming up soon. (Usually when I say something like this, the coming soon never happens.) It's already been made. Just gotta type it. Be On The LookOut. It's A Dessert. And it's number 3. The second recipe did not result in any views on WordPress or Facebook, so I go to … Continue reading Punctutation

I Wrote To My Brother Every Day That He Was In Viet Nam

I Wrote To My Brother Every Day That He Was In Viet Nam POSTED 5 Oct 2017 Chef Sharon Davies-Tight This is what Jew writers and all other writers concur with, ‘you can never start a sentence with an “I”. I can break the rules set by others if those rules are meaningless. I wrote … Continue reading I Wrote To My Brother Every Day That He Was In Viet Nam


I've been a busy beaver today. Building dams everywhere.  

Thanks Mom…and Dad

My mother is making me stronger the longer I take to not grieve her passing. She passed in such a graceful, let me go type of way, on her terms, and only when she knew as the mother to all of us that we would all be okay without her. I know she's not lost. … Continue reading Thanks Mom…and Dad

Speed Trap

"The law's the law in Dinwiddie County Virginia, boy." Said the mayor of some city/town in the county where my husband was pleading for the mayor to accept his check and release me from jail for speeding in a reduced speed limit construction zone. Speed traps they called them back in the early 1970's, set … Continue reading Speed Trap

Christening By Parachute – Korea

My Uncle Mike (really named James) served in the Korean War - my father's only brother. (My father's name is Tom Davies who served as a Merchant Marine during World War II). He (my Uncle Mike) brought home from the war to his mother who sewed all her own clothes and the clothes of others, … Continue reading Christening By Parachute – Korea

My Answer

MY ANSWER There is not a human on earth who doesn’t understand the concept of the cog. Cog defined by somebody else: The definition of a cog is any of the teeth on a wheel or gear that fits into an opposite notch to cause motion of the wheel, or a person who is important … Continue reading My Answer




Today Is Tomorrow. Tomorrow Is Today. Either way works. No more putting off. Can't do it anymore. Don't like it anymore. The purpose it served is gone. Enjoyed it, mostly. Now it's tomorrow today. I'm here. Don't worry I never left - only stood down, surveyed my ground, explored yours. I'm ready to rumble without … Continue reading T.I.T


A black man  who lives in my building got on the elevator a few weeks ago and said to me as he looked down on Lilly Belle Pi, whom I was holding on a leash, "that’s a valuable dog you have there". I thought how would he know. As he was getting off the elevator … Continue reading A BLACK MAN


When the democrats reacted with venom, violence and vengeance to the news of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, I knew how Chris Darden felt after the O.J. Simpson verdict was handed down to a cheering Black America community that could be heard and seen throughout the USA. I thought we were better than that. Chris … Continue reading COLD TRUTHS


Popsicle sticks writing in hot, sticky tar, on hot streets, on hot summer days. Sitting on the curb with tanned shoulders bending to the ground by the weight of the sun. Spider webs sparkling in the morning dew. Cool, summer streams filling the air with rushing sounds of clear running water. My dog licking the … Continue reading SWEET WHITE CORN AND SUMMER TOMATOES

Joseph’s Present

joseph’s present. I crossed a bridge in the early morning hours of the night. Don’t know how it happened, but knew it did, by my own long gaze, while walking backwards, away from that which I was leaving behind.  Hearing the sound of my slow steps with ever-widening gait, I walked, no marched–forward, onward, with one … Continue reading Joseph’s Present


I have never known that safe place that gays say they have in certain buildings. The FBI came into my life when I was in the 5th grade. I'd see them outside, across the street from Uncle Danny's and Auntie Ann's house sitting in the car, at recess everyday as I pretended to have fun … Continue reading FBI DEVIANT


My nephew Alex went to boot camp at Parris Island. He joined the Marines. For those who think only disadvantaged kids go, this was not the case with Alex. There are young men and women, no matter their status, who really do want to serve their country - people who want to step up to … Continue reading From CITIZEN To MILITARY To VETERAN

Wall Street? I’m he-e-r-r-re!

This is what I got from Jim Cramer's recent book called GET RICH CAREFULLY - a book Steve got me at the library, thinking I might be interested. You can change the market without having to know anything about the status of the companies you're betting on. That was the gist of it. When I … Continue reading Wall Street? I’m he-e-r-r-re!


Wasting food in the kitchen is not something that I often do. Guess I get that from my mother. When I develop a recipe, I have to get it right the first time. If I don't, then that's money down the disposal. When I go into that kitchen, I'm all business. There is no failure … Continue reading GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME


When I first joined Facebook, being the animal rights activist I am, I saw a lot of slaughter photos/videos, posted by the friends I had on Facebook who were animal rights activists trying to educate the populace to the horrors of enslavement, torture and slaughter. I wasn't, however, accustomed to seeing up front and personal … Continue reading THE HUMANITY IN OTHER ANIMALS


SHARON POEM I’m a Top Shelf Long Island Ice Tea hold the sour, two lemon wedges on the side please, pistol packing double espresso animal-free vegan working for truth machine. My thoughts are my bullets. My delivery system/gun is my writing. I like Guiness in whatever beer I’m drinking when I’m drinking beer. I like … Continue reading SHARON POEM


DARE TO BE BE DIFFERENT ‘Always give yourself a way out’, my father once told me, while sitting in the front seat of the car as a train traveled on the tracks before us. ‘Never box yourself in’. ‘Don’t be like everybody else’, my mother once told me, while I sat beside her watching her … Continue reading DARE TO BE DIFFERENT


TABLE I never left the table. Even when everyone else left, I stayed. From when I first sat at a table as a toddler, till now at sixty-four years old, I stayed when everyone else left. It wasn’t and isn’t a conscious thing I do, I just do it. That’s me. It was always about … Continue reading TABLE


THE eBAY BLOCK You can sell a human baby on eBAY for $2,000.00. You can sell a grilled cheese sandwich on eBAY with a char mark that somebody says looks like Jesus (like anyone would know what Jesus looked like) for $25,000.00. Yet eBay put a ceiling price of $5,000.00 on any Paintings By God … Continue reading THE EBAY BLOCK


REGARDING JUICES: A VERY SHORT STORY Years ago I worked for a short time at a produce company. I responded to an ad in the classifieds, for a salad prep job, thinking it was a restaurant. It turned out to be a produce company, but because there was a recession and I needed work, I … Continue reading REGARDING JUICES: A VERY SHORT STORY


A CALENDAR Steve bought me a new large calendar with puppy and kitten pictures on it. The old one was written in gray thin print and I couldn’t see it at a distance. Why hang it on a wall if you have to walk up to it every time you need to confirm the date … Continue reading A CALENDAR


RAISING DOGS I raised my dogs like humans. That’s all I knew how to do. I didn’t know how to raise a dog like a dog – why would I know that? If I had been a dog and had human pets, I would have raised my humans like dogs. Once when my brother came … Continue reading RAISING DOGS


MY CORE My father, mother, my sister, my brothers, my husband and our canine and feline (now deceased) children - That’s my core. That will always be my core. Where’s God in all of this? God is everything; God is all life and non-life, so God in effect isn’t unique to me. My family is … Continue reading MY CORE


Spaulding Baseball Adhesive Tape Fingers Mom Patton Street Chicopee Hand-Sewing Baseballs Going To Work


Rose is the thread that weaves the fabric that makes the blanket that protects the world. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


I raised my dogs like humans. That's all I knew how to do. I didn't know how to raise a dog like a dog - why would I know that? If I had been a dog and had human pets, I would have raised my humans like dogs. Once when my brother came out to … Continue reading RAISING DOGS


by SLD-T THE SHORTEST NOVEL EVER WRITTEN ..... I don't know what bothered me the most, that he was a pimp or that he crushed a mouse with his foot ..... in the hallway of the hospital where I stood ..... the end This is a factual novel.

I’m Dead

I'm dead. I've been dead for a very long time. No amount of life can infuse itself into my heart, soul or brain to change the death of me. Still...I walk, I talk, work, write, love. How can that be - a dead person still standing tall?