~ John Robbins, author, DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA

Foreword to Chef Davies-Tight's COOKING WITHOUT ANIMALS A powerful wave of awakening is sweeping across the earth today. Everywhere people are realizing that we have been unnecessarily fighting a war against the environment, against animals, and against ourselves. In every part of the world people are now wanting to bring their lives into deeper alignment… Continue reading ~ John Robbins, author, DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA


Salty African Moose – it’s your turn

SALTY AFRICAN MOOSE ICE-CREAM coming up soon. It's already been made. Just gotta type it. Be On The LookOut. It's A Dessert. And it's number 3. The second recipe did not result in any views on WordPress or Facebook, so I go to #3, not to #1. Just so you know, I don't go past… Continue reading Salty African Moose – it’s your turn



Sharon Lee Davies-Tight aka artist, author, animal-free chef and activist today engineered her second African recipe and now Africa is on the board - on https://chefdavies-tight.com aka BETTER THAN MAINSTREAM ~ ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE BY THE ANIMAL-FREE CHEF ~ SPANNING FIVE DECADES ~ OVER 800 ORIGINAL RECIPES ENGINEERED BY CHEF SHARON DAVIES-TIGHT. Yes folks, it took five… Continue reading BREAKING NEWS…