Where’s The Black Heart?

In reference to: https://wordwarriordavies-tight.com/2018/11/04/white-people-need-to-heal-from-the-abuse-unjustly-imposed-upon-them-by-blacks/   Seven Shakur lyfegetsbetter.wordpress.com White people seem to be heartless. And no I do not blame every white person for the past actions of other white people but hey Chef Sharon Davies-Tight sharonleedaviestight.wordpress.com In reply to Seven Shakur.  I don’t blame every black person for the past or present actions of other black … Continue reading Where’s The Black Heart?


White People Need To Heal From The Abuse Unjustly Imposed Upon Them By Blacks

White people, all white people, of European descent, have been openly and subversively blamed and targeted for reprisals by black people in America for decades, without any recourse or recognition, legal or otherwise for being falsely accused, abused and collectively punished for enslaving blacks centuries earlier, a practice which they did not create, condone nor … Continue reading White People Need To Heal From The Abuse Unjustly Imposed Upon Them By Blacks


I see a good reason for white people to start wearing black make-up when they leave the house: for personal protection against aggressive, malicious, black hustlers wanting to BLACK-FIST them. READ ON > https://wordwarriordavies-tight.com/2018/11/03/catching-up-the-cleveland-hustle-11-03-2018/ By controlling what you can look like and what you put on your body, they own you. Don't let them. It's a … Continue reading BLACK FACE STAYS

Catching Up – The Cleveland Hustle 11-03-2018

I see thousands of people who support forcibly impregnating young girls to gain entry to the United States litterbugging their way to freedom from oppression? Does anybody know how that looks? Thousands of miles of trash left by poor people wanting to move to a place where everything is free? How do poor people create … Continue reading Catching Up – The Cleveland Hustle 11-03-2018