Suicide By Cop Or Homicide By Pastor?

It's difficult to pin a crime on an individual, when leaders of the group they belong to instruct their members to resist arrest, flee when told to halt, lie when questioned and steal whatever and whenever they can. Human shields in Black communities have long been popular in the USA as a means to gain... Continue Reading →


Why Fool With The Perfect Foods?

A plant is a plant and an animal is an animal. Right now, meat can mean either animal or plant. Eventually, and that day will come, animals will no longer be considered food on this planet, so the term meat will refer to the main part and/or texture of whatever plant is under discussion. Ever... Continue Reading →

Sexism | Male vs Female | Female vs Female

Girls have fathers, brothers, boy cousins, uncles, grandfathers all whom discriminate against them based on their gender. Girls have mothers, sisters, girl cousins, aunts, grandmothers who do the same - discriminate against them based on their gender. Whether it began in the family or not, that's where it is now and has been for a... Continue Reading →

Basket Weaving?!?

Basket weaving? That's all you got? Feathers? You don't want to lose your heritage, your history? You mean the history where you tortured people? Murdered innocent, defenseless animals and cried that you loved and respected them as you did it? You thought killing an animal was brave? And thanked them for allowing you to trap... Continue Reading →

Your Message vs My Message

We're different organisms, so the message you get will be expressed differently through your organism than through mine. Different = Not the same. However, there is only one constant, one base, one foundation. The Five Principles. Adhering to and living the Five Principles is the only way for life to survive and thrive on this... Continue Reading →

Follow Her Recipe

My mother knew how to follow a recipe. She also knew how to create her own. On one visit to the Homeland - Arthur Street in Springfield, Massachusetts - she made my minestrone soup from the cookbook I sent her. She put it in front of me at the table and watched while I ate.... Continue Reading →

Whose God Is It?

I'm not your God. I'm my God. When I die, my God dies with me, so yes I am my own God. The existence of God requires a medium with a nervous system in order for the individual and the group to experience It's existence. When I leave the physical form of me I join... Continue Reading →


SALTY AFRICAN MOOSE ICE-CREAM coming up soon. (Usually when I say something like this, the coming soon never happens.) It's already been made. Just gotta type it. Be On The LookOut. It's A Dessert. And it's number 3. The second recipe did not result in any views on WordPress or Facebook, so I go to... Continue Reading →

Abuse Is Not Political; It’s Abuse

When you hate and mock every single thing a person does, and then extend that to all family members, that's a prejudice. Mocking how a person talks and walks, and acts, and thinks, and tweets and the clothes he wears, where he eats and on and on till there is no end to it, is... Continue Reading →


Black Lives get it wrong again. They use hate speech against white people that they don't even know. They judge their thoughts by the whiteness of their skin. Calling a white person a white supremacist is like calling a black person a nigger. It's hate speech and it is not helpful. Yet I defend a... Continue Reading →

‘Black Lives’ Get It Wrong Again

Somebody needs to contact the leadership of the Black Lives Terror organization and tell them that the old white people they're calling racist that they've targeted for death and destruction are all dead. And most of them weren't racist. The old white people in existence now are baby boomers, from the generation of the anti-war... Continue Reading →

The Mentally Impaired And Guns

In America people have the right to bear arms, whether they're mentally ill or not. Those who want gun control are going to be hard-pressed to come up with a way to screen all gun owners and future gun owners for mental illness. There are a lot of mentally ill people in the USA. Most... Continue Reading →

Clean Up Your Culture

Mouthing off isn't freedom of speech. It's incitement. I never witnessed a white person taunting or in any way disrespecting or abusing a black person. Neither have I ever witnessed a black person standing, sitting, kneeling or running in fear of a white person. I lived in many places among many cultures. Black Lives talking... Continue Reading →


Black Supremacy rears its ugly ideology of hatred on 24/7 news cycles around the globe disguised as free speech. Black Headliners steal the show along with your soul if you let them. Beware the thousand dollar cuff links. First they steal the words that they use to describe themselves, so that you can't use them,... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Donald Trump

Frankly, I've never witnessed in my lifetime the power that one man has over the emotional responses of so many people worldwide - instantaneously. This is no slow burner. He pops people. One person does all that with a tweet - less than 144 characters. Usually it's a massive government operation designed to sway the... Continue Reading →

Gifted Animals Exist In All Species|Races

Just as there are gifted human animals within the human species/race, so are there other gifted animals within their respective species/races. In fact, in all species/races gifted animals are known to exist. 'They don't speak our language, look like us, have our mores, share or understand our culture, think and act like we do. They... Continue Reading →


CHAOS | CALM THE WALL Warm greens, more crystal than moss-like surround me with promises of days freshened by new life (because there must be new life if we are to survive) born from new ideas as window sills turn to marble, black and navy blue sparkles with smooth glass-like scents of velvet gray skin, waiting, always... Continue Reading →

The Morality Of The Method

DON'T FORGET: THE MORALITY OF THE METHOD When you're in the process of tearing down monuments that remind you of badder sadder days in the USA, Don't Forget the Viet Nam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the CIA torture Museum. Nobody wins wars. Everybody loses. Don't make this only about Africa's... Continue Reading →

Attention Grabbers

Do I have to scream as loud as you scream for you to hear me? Do I have to call you names, like you do, to get your attention? What is wrong with your life that you think I can fix? What is wrong with your life that you can't fix yourself? Screaming and calling... Continue Reading →

We Are In A Tip

You can flip that coin till you reach a 50/50 ratio of heads to tails. But the rate at which you achieve it each time cannot be accurately predicted due to intervening variables which accelerate or decelerate the process. So stop making predictions based on 'all other variables being equal' or based on 'in a... Continue Reading →

Thanks Mom…and Dad

My mother is making me stronger the longer I take to not grieve her passing. She passed in such a graceful, let me go type of way, on her terms, and only when she knew as the mother to all of us that we would all be okay without her. I know she's not lost.... Continue Reading →

The People’s Health Care Bill

Take it to the people. We the people decide in a National referendum. Yay, nay, go back to the drawing board. We need to hear from everybody. A few plants the CIA News puts on all its favorite outlets needs to end. You don't speak for us. Stop insulting us. You are a terrorist organization... Continue Reading →

Heart-Stopper Israel-Russia

A lot of Russians left Russia to occupy Israel as Jews under the guise of wanting free land. Ariel Sharon sensed something was amiss, but because he was Russian and feared for his own death by unnatural means he shrugged off the inevitable. A lot of 'maybe' Russian Jews went to Israel for free land... Continue Reading →

You Are Being Occupied

Every creature on planet Earth is occupied by a universal force that defines all of what and who we are - our thoughts, actions, attributes - till death do we part. Beyond that, use the imagination you have now to define the next phase of your existence should you be lacking in imagination at that... Continue Reading →

Timing Is Everything

TIMING IS EVERYTHING The easiest part is changing people's minds. The toughest part is implementing the change that nobody knows they want because they were brainwashed into wanting something that is not yet available. Governments like to prepare their people for change before that which they're changing is logistically ready to be changed. Preparation on... Continue Reading →


Somebody tell Angela Merkel to wear sunglasses in public or stop face-talking when others have the floor. It's rude and creepy, and shows she lacks discipline and fine manners. Talking about face-talking. Oh my. There are two black guys on CNN, don't know their names except one has a show of his own and wears... Continue Reading →


If you want to own the word 'nigger(s)', you're going to have to trademark it for the purpose of commerce. A company or an individual, not a race, will then own the rights to its usage, which means the company or individual can go after anybody who uses it illegally, which means most blacks. Get... Continue Reading →

What You Laugh At Shows Your Prejudice

This is how Arabs show their prejudice: They take the goofiest Jew on the planet and hold him/her up against the smartest, wealthiest most influential Arab on the planet and have a big laugh over the perceived discrepancy. Arabs laugh a lot - at other races, cultures and nationalities and genders .... Especially when they're in a... Continue Reading →


I think people who buy pit bulls have the fighter anti-social personality that’s bred into a pit bull. These dogs are bred to fight and kill. Maybe the owner/master of these dogs see themselves in the pit bulls they buy - as misunderstood beings and if only someone gave them the care and attention they... Continue Reading →


Your country of origin is where you were born not the group you were born into. A group is not a country. An individual is not a country. However, Jews and Muslims want the world to accept that their respective countries of origin are themselves, no matter where they were actually born. I'm a Muslim... Continue Reading →


In the future I see there is no in-between pauper and privileged - only people trying to act like they're in-between. Nobody likes rich people, even rich people don't like each other. It's all fake when you see them being nice to each other in public. In private they're all paranoid. Nobody likes poor people... Continue Reading →


Many people and/or groups respect some animals and not others. Some species are preferred over others. Revered even. Other species are considered not worthy of life, except when keeping a species or a certain number of a certain species alive benefits humans in some way. The suffering that these animals within a species incur to... Continue Reading →


Vegans are always lamenting over the bad treatment toward nonhuman animals by humans (the human animal). We're all animals, so why no camaraderie toward other species? Why no professional courtesy? The vegans trolling Facebook are always angry at the human, why, why, why, followed by bad-name-slinging and insults. Yet, when they're criticized they can't handle... Continue Reading →

Whatever you’re doing keep doing it…

It's difficult to refer to 7.5 billion people on earth as terrorists and expect your ideas to live to persuade another day. People who use, abuse and destroy all other species as their right and for their pleasure are the terrorists of whom I speak. We all dance around that dilemma, how best to approach... Continue Reading →


You break like a brittle twig because you lack life because you take life instead of give life. Chinese broken. Chinese break easy. Chinese selfish - must control every detail from destruction to death. Chinese have no God, so devil enters easy. Fry a dog. Chew a leg, break the panda's back. Jump up and... Continue Reading →


Why would you want to scare the entire world just because you have a right as a sovereign nation to develop the same military weapons that other countries have? Why do you chant Death to America in unison, then protest temporary and/or partial bans on certain Muslims from countries entering the USA that support death... Continue Reading →


Many years ago, I suggested in one of my writings that the tobacco industry become the industry that produces marijuana. Stop planting tobacco and plant weed. I believe that pot has more medicinal qualities than tobacco. Besides, everybody was complaining about all the lung cancer caused by tobacco. So, yes, I do believe that can... Continue Reading →


A black man  who lives in my building got on the elevator a few weeks ago and said to me as he looked down on Lilly Belle Pi, whom I was holding on a leash, "that’s a valuable dog you have there". I thought how would he know. As he was getting off the elevator... Continue Reading →


People think they live their lives with integrity, but they encourage and support the holocaust of war, encourage and support the punishment of rape and murder as a sentence for committing crimes, while they simultaneously give pardons in advance for powerful individuals who commit crimes against the masses. They say they have integrity, but wouldn’t... Continue Reading →


Criticism is a necessary part of the survival of societies. Those societies which treat criticism as a crime punishable by isolation and destruction cannot grow, thus will not survive the rigors and challenges presented by the planet. It's like growing up in a world without caretakers to teach and guide. Groups insisting on taking care... Continue Reading →


BREXIT - Britain votes to secede from the European Union after sixty years of a tumultuous partnership. To member states of the current European Union - to the world. Dot your i's and cross your t's, be organized, efficient and kind. This didn't happen in a vacuum. Everybody saw the handwriting on the wall. Everybody... Continue Reading →


HILLARY EARNS TITLE OF FIRST WOMAN PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE of major political party. Enjoy your moment in the sun. With all the privilege the world thought you had because you were white, it took you this long. How old are you? No one worked longer or harder than you did to finally demolish the ceiling... Continue Reading →


Upon choosing a healthier more compassionate diet, you will be challenged by those who have not yet taken that step, to defend your decision to not eat animals. They will argue that your animal-free diet contradicts your other animal using behaviors, thus making the issue of killing animals not worthy of consideration. They will point... Continue Reading →


When an animal of a different animal species kills a human animal and eats him/her, nobody ever says that the other animal needed that human to survive and thrive. In fact nobody sets up factory farms and slaughterhouses to raise humans for consumption for the animals who want to eat the body and blood of... Continue Reading →


There's nothing inherently normal, natural nor good about wanting to hold onto old ways. Being nostalgic for slaughter is perverse. The method is not what makes enslavement, torture and slaughter humane. Humane does not include enslavement, torture and slaughter. Those who want others to feel pain are sadistic. It's not enough that they need to... Continue Reading →

PALMS VS THUMBS Palms to the right of us. Palms to the left of us. Reaching outward, welcoming as if by their nature–to endure thus survive. No thumbs here. Should I really discriminate against the thumbs– symbolized for ages as squashing those who happen in their way? No. Probably not. Try doing anything without a... Continue Reading →

BIRTH OF A SEED Crisp lines mark the point of juncture superseding parallel forms enveloping new space, playing the role of incubator needed to grow new life within the empty but fertile space, opening briefly to accommodate that which acts as the last connection prior to that birth--the birth of the seed. If the seed... Continue Reading →


My nephew Alex went to boot camp at Parris Island yesterday. He joined the marines. For those who think only disadvantaged kids go, this was not the case with Alex. There are young men and women, no matter their status, who really do want to serve their country - people who want to step up... Continue Reading →


Most people when considering prejudicial issues, erect walls. I also tend to do that, but as the wall rises, I know enough to examine it, while it’s still transparent enough to explore the issues surrounding the wall openly and honestly - not only from my own perspective, because that in itself defies transparency - but... Continue Reading →

Anonymous: You’re on my radar

  Only terrorists commit a crime, then through the media take credit for it, while wearing masks to hide their identity. Anonymous uses fascism, xenophobia, and religious persecution as excuses for committing criminal acts against a USA presidential candidate - not intelligently thought out - which means they don't really need an excuse. They just... Continue Reading →


Wasting food in the kitchen is not something that I often do. Guess I get that from my mother. When I develop a recipe, I have to get it right the first time. If I don't, then that's money down the disposal. When I go into that kitchen, I'm all business. There is no failure... Continue Reading →

To CIA Hollywood

The world has seen enough of gruesome acts of torture and slaughter - human against human - on television to last the world many life times. What you wanted to make acceptable to the human psyche via film, so that you could continue torturing backfired. It is well-documented and common knowledge that humans copy behavior.... Continue Reading →

Using The Order Of Words To Unite

What brings a country together is about what you put first - the land that you fled or were taken from, or the land that welcomed you, or abused you, or the one that you hide in because nobody wants you here illegally or legally? Since we all are already here, why not put this... Continue Reading →


It's always rich people's kids who are attracted to cults. It's rich people's kids who become radicalized and travel to far lands to support ideologies and wars they don't really understand. After all, how could they afford to do what they do if they didn't have rich parents? They (the kids) want to be dominated,... Continue Reading →


Spokespeople for the military often say: We plan for the worst and hope for the best. Flaw. All militaries should plan for the worst and plan for the best. By not planning for the best outcome, one must surmise that the best is nothing more than shooting in the dark, whistling past the graveyard, a... Continue Reading →


When I first joined Facebook, and being the animal rights activist I am, I saw a lot of slaughter photos/videos, because the friends I had on Facebook were like-minded individuals. I wasn't, however, accustomed to seeing up front and personal the actual physical reality of it, even though I had already written about it from... Continue Reading →


Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of Sate, hit it out of the park, grand slam walk off home run. I watched the entire hostile examination of a witness, who volunteered to testify. On 22 October 2015 from 10 AM till 9 PM - 11 hours - grilled like no man has ever been grilled in... Continue Reading →


Life is good–except for the millions slaughtered every day; except for the millions who starve to death every day; except for the millions confined to prisons, nursing homes, orphanages and mental institutions; except for the millions homeless; except for the millions afflicted with debilitating disorders and diseases; except for the millions who are victimized by... Continue Reading →


TEACH OUR CHILDREN TRUTH NOT LIES Years ago, as kids, we went on a field trip to a dairy plant to see how milk was bottled - didn't see any cows, or the milking of the cows, just milk in large metal containers being processed. Looking back it was something the dairy industry instigated to... Continue Reading →


I WAS TREATED JUST LIKE AN ANIMAL... The reason why there's so many serial, mass and individual killings in this country and around the world is because church, state, family and school teach our kids to enslave, torture and slaughter other animals. For God's sake, you put one on their plate at every meal. God... Continue Reading →


President Obama says that there are sixty countries in the USA led coalition fighting ISIS, which begs the question, why haven't they been defeated yet? With all the bombs he dropped on Syria, you mean he didn't kill any civilians? Russia drops a few bombs and everybody gets nervous about civilians being killed. Where was... Continue Reading →


It isn’t easy to talk about something separately when it isn’t separate. For prejudicial reasons the world never developed the language to do that--at least not in American English. God is everything, but because humans split from God in the psychology of their thinking, thus in the development of their language, thus in their actions... Continue Reading →

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