Universal Justice

What goes around comes around? Back to you? Like a boomerang? No. What goes around…ends up on somebody else’s doorstep, not connected to the deed. That’s universal justice. The universe doesn’t discriminate. It sees a weakness and pushes through it – with no expectations. You never know when you throw something, where it’s going toContinue reading “Universal Justice”

Rose-Colored Glasses

Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future. You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like. ~ SharonContinue reading “Rose-Colored Glasses”

Domestic Journalistic Terrorism (DJT)

24/7 vindictive news outlets are making a nation sick. Fake news is disorienting a nation. When a nation is disoriented by not knowing what to believe or what to trust, it destabilizes a nation. It puts the nation in chaos. Fake news: Intentionally disseminating false stories for the purpose of confusing a nation or aContinue reading “Domestic Journalistic Terrorism (DJT)”