RE: Why Throwing Cheese Slices on Dogs Is the Internet’s Latest Viral Craze



  • Why indeed? Oh, I get it finally, just because they’re dogs, it’s funny to watch them tormented by humans.
  • Yahoo writers say, “…any challenge involving a dog is adorable and worthwhile, because, well, dogs”.
  • So Yahoo thinks this is a “challenge” for the dogs? It’s a cruel stunt to make a dog try to get a slice of cheese off his/her back. It is not adorable and there is nothing worthwhile about the deranged people who engage.
  • Who are these writers? Maybe the tables should be flipped on those Yahoo writers who think bullying a dog is funny. Fire them for showing gross insensitivity. Purposely putting a dog into a state of frenzy is animal abuse.


RE: Fox News Host Responds To Ocasio-Cortez After Being Called Out For Money-Shaming Her

She’s hoping for wealthy Democrats to step up and pay her high DC rent. In her world, she’s a queen now.

Her 1,2,3 tweet sounded like it could have been written by Donald Trump. She says she doesn’t buy pricey clothes.

Define pricey and who provides them? It’s a hustle.

How could that be front and center on her mind after just being elected? She has everybody’s attention and she accuses Ted Henry of repeating lies till people believe them in a tweet. It shows you where her priorities are – with her first.

That comment she made was not done on behalf of poor people needing more affordable housing. That’s her first lie and a twisting of her own words to make her look like an activist after she stumbled.

Activism is what people do who don’t have a seat at the table.

Hey, we got a female Trump on the loose in D.C. and she’s a Democrat. There’s going to be a lot of slip-ups coming out of her mouth. Stay tuned.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


1. @FoxNews, why can’t any of your anchors say my name correctly? It’s been 5 months.

2. It is bizarre to see 1%-salaried anchors laugh at the US housing crisis.

3. Never purchased pricey clothes + always told my story. But repeating lies until they are believed is your thing.


RE: Trump’s fire tweet infuriates California celebrities; Hollywood strikes back

Don’t these Hollywood stars have a movie to make or something? Oh, right, this is part of the free advertising press to keep their names relevant, screaming every time the president makes a move. Put my name up, put my name up.

Trump’s right, we should be managing these fires much better than we do. Whatever it takes. We the people have become complacent – except when it comes to Trashing Trump. Every year massive fires out of control; the destruction is unbearable, yet all these Hollywood wits can muster is to blame Trump.

I thought these were the cream of the crop actors. Can’t they act better than that? How about a solution? Pretend you’re on fire. How do you put it out and make sure you don’t get torched again?

Trump stated the problem. He wants input, but all they can do with their drugged brains is scream the same thing over and over again. Are they on bath salts? How do you catch a terrorist in a forest? Good title for a movie – base it on a real-life story.

Aside: There is mismanagement in every sector. Where there is money there is mismanagement of it. That’s a big job to tackle. How about if those brains bathing themselves in salts contribute to solving the problems, rather than stalling social media on their names just to keep them in the news? Forget the fire, look at me. How selfish.


RE: Chelsea Handler Poses Topless While She Encourages Her Followers to Vote

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight
Sharon Lee Davies-Tight 11-05-2018

“Chelsea Handler is doing whatever she can to get out the vote.

The outspoken former talk show host, who has been very vocal about her political leanings in recent months, stripped down to next to nothing in an effort to promote voter participation in the upcoming midterm elections, which take place on Tuesday.”

Chelsea Handler Poses Topless While She Encourages Her Followers to Vote

Okay, so she thinks the way to get more women elected into office is to bare her breasts, or go naked in public or get her naked body on Yahoo News?

So, by objectifying women, more men will vote to get more women into office?

Does she think more women will vote to get more women into office if she shows her breasts?

This is a problem, women objectifying women. Men’s careers are destroyed by engaging in activities that do just that.

Chelsea Handler, age 43, thinks men and women are so easily led that she can make them vote for her candidate of choice by flashing her breasts at them? Like magic?

She’s only ‘doing what she can’. Well, if that’s the extent of what she can do, how did she ever become a comic and TV personality? Oh yeah…I get it. Next stop: the #MeToo movement.


RE: Trump Has Been Playing Rihanna Songs At Rallies. ‘Not For Much Longer,’ Singer Says.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight
Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  11-05-2018


Tweet: “It’s been said a million times, but here’s a million and one — Trump’s rallies are unlike anything else in politics. Currently, Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” is blaring in Chattanooga as aides toss free Trump T-shirts into the crowd, like a ball game. Everyone’s loving it.”

Tweets Rihanna: “Not for much longer…me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies,  so thanks for the heads up philip!

Trump Has Been Playing Rihanna Songs At Rallies. ‘Not For Much Longer,’ Singer Says.

It’s hard to understand how famous people get so arrogant. They have so much, yet they’re so selfish. What? She’s too good for her music to be played in certain places by certain people?
Lots of people have great voices and talent, yet never make it to where she is. How childish and ungrateful. In any other country, she would be a nobody, yet she essentially spits at the democratic process of free elections.
You may not like who gets the top spot, but half the people did. It turns out that she’s the bigot – only some people whom she likes can have the privilege of listening to her songs. Wait, there’s a lawsuit coming. She wants a piece of the action. The African Hustle is in full bloom.
I’d dump her music in a heartbeat. Don’t apologize for using her songs. All apologies have huge price tags. There are lots of artists more deserving.
Oh, Colin Kaepernick is operating here. Why am I not surprised? One opportunistic bloke breeds a multitude. “Please Don’t Stop The Music”? Guess those words are lies; she didn’t mean the words she sang – well, they’re only for some people’s ears. Those she chooses to hate pay through the nose to hear them.

Frankly, I doubt if President Trump has anything to do [with] what songs are played at Republican rallies where he speaks. The buck doesn’t always stop with Trump.

RE: Another Suspicious Package Addressed To Cory Booker Found

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  • Cory Booker has been crying and screaming for months in front of the cameras, for the populace to feel his pain.
  • If he is what success looks like when success arrives, there’s no hope for the rest of us whose names will never be known. Maybe he should start feeling the pain of the populace, instead of begging us to feel his.

  • Most of the world will think the fake bombs were the brainchild of zealots within his own party: Blame Trump for acts of terrorism against those who oppose him just before the midterm elections. It could work or it could backfire.

  • Maybe agents of our own government are responsible. Or, maybe some foreign entity is trying to distract our government while thousands of people rush the southern border to enter illegally.

  • Or, maybe this is a precursor to something much more sinister. So, who has expertise in pipe bombs, that don’t go off? I didn’t know pipe bombs had a detonator; I thought they had to be lit. Oh, my wrong, that’s a molotov cocktail. Ops > a poor man’s grenade.

RE: Megyn Kelly Blackface Controversy: Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Explains, ‘We’re People, Not Costumes’

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  • Black Nationalists and Black Lives Matter Terrorists got it backwards again. You change the future by changing yourself. Changing the past, wiping it off the earth as if it didn’t exist is a terror tactic used to take over a village, tribe or nation. Prepare for terrorist attacks on all children this Halloween. A “call to harm” has already been issued by Amber Ruffin ala Colin Kaepernick and Maxine Waters. How serious can you take a Black Lives Matter Terrorist who goes on an internationally broadcasted late night comedy show to terrorize ‘white’ children for the purpose of Hijacking Halloween? Very seriously.

RE: NFL Players Almost Come To Blows Over League’s National Anthem Payoff

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  • That sounds more like extortion than an agreement. Donate 90 million dollars to the charities of our choice and we’ll stop disrupting football games that’s losing you guys a lot of money. I say, you make so much money, donate your own. It’s all coming out of the pockets of the fans. They already pay sky-high prices for tickets, food, drink and swag, and now will be forced to even higher prices to offset the 90 million. The NFL isn’t going to just lose that much money and walk away. The fans will pay.

  • Disrespecting the fans is a bad idea. In the long term it could cost them the sport. First they killed a bunch of cops to get the other cops to babysit their kids. That didn’t work. Now they threaten to kill a sport if the NFL doesn’t babysit their kids. Raise your own kids. Don’t expect to take them to football games where the price of tickets is going to double. It’s like one fumble after another and another and another. Do they even know that extortion is a crime?


RE: Don Lemon Educates Donald Trump On The Real Definition Of Mob


RE: Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers (2)

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  • I never knew there were so many experts on vegans who comment on Yahoo, who also eat animals. How did they find out so much about people they never met? If I’m not mistaken, France has a long history of chopping off the heads of humans when they get upset. So a brick went through a window. I’d say France has come a long way in tempering their tempers. Vegans leading the way. No one lost their head! What’s France worried about if veganism is already dead according to the experts on Yahoo comment section? The plant-based revolution is in full swing. Veganism it appears was just a decoy. The wealthiest people on the planet have invested in this global enterprise to save the planet by eliminating slaughter-based economies. They don’t care if you don’t like it. That train left the station while everybody was gorging on animal guts. It’s a done deal. Do you want your Impossible burger done rare, medium or well?

RE: ‘Radical vegans’ strike fear into French butchers


RE: More Than 100 Dead After Ferry Capsizes in Tanzania

RE: Donald Trump has ‘insecurity of a teenage girl’ says John Kerry in attack on president

RE: GOP Donor Les Wexner Announces Departure From Republican Party After Obama Visit

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  • This guy latches onto famous people every time Victoria Secret makes news about future relevancy. He latched onto a white preacher named Joel Osteen years ago, who then went public saying Victoria Secret saved his marriage – evidently the viewing audience believed him and sales soared. As a result the preacher got filthy rich from donations and became worldwide famous. Now V.S.’s relevancy is again in question with the #MeToo movement in full swing, so he hitches a ride with Barack Obama, hoping to increase sales. Hey, if it worked with the white minister, it should work with the black minister aka past president.

RE: Police complete investigation into white man who flashed gun at black students

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  • In our apartment building we’re told not to let anyone in unless we know them. “DON’T RECOGNIZE THEM. DON’T LET THEM IN” People take the signs down. If they live there they should have a key. If they’re guests they need to buzz the apartment and be let in that way. I wouldn’t get on an elevator with four guys who entered the apartment by piggy back mode, or who tried to force their way in by any other means. The first article said it was a hotel, now it’s an apartment building. Follow the rules is the best policy. He apologized for the gun. They could have had guns too. In an apartment building there is no designated person with authority to keep people without keys or who don’t want to use the buzzer system. It’s the job of the tenants. Some do it. Some don’t. There is a fear factor operating here when the rules aren’t followed, if indeed there were any.

RE: Tamar Braxton says she’s been sexually abused ‘multiple times by multiple’ family members

RE: Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder Suspect Is ‘Loving Father’ to Girl, Should Be Presumed Innocent: Attorney

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  • Why would you presume he is legal until they establish otherwise? Why presume anything? Who checked the political party of the landowner? Somebody is waging a defense for this guy before he’s even charged. Let’s blame the Republicans. Aside from that, most if not all killers, serial or otherwise, are loving, peaceful family members. Who told him to say he blacked out? Is that what people do when they’re killing somebody? O.J. Simpson said essentially the same thing. Someone doesn’t usually black out unless they’re drugged, drunk and/or the one being beaten up. There’s too much misinformation out there. People should be trying to get to the truth instead of covering up for who did it prematurely.

RE: The Mollie Tibbetts killing is not about immigration, it’s about toxic masculinity

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  • Spanish speaking Islands and countries south of the USA are way behind the USA in women’s rights.

  • I’m surprised that these women who are outspoken about the border wall aren’t as outspoken regarding male dominance through violence and threats of violence in their own cultures. Of course they don’t want a wall.

  • Fifteen? million people here illegally, and they still haven’t assimilated into American culture.

  • Did someone just make up that term “toxic masculinity”? So-called “outdated definitions of manhood” are not outdated in much of the world.

  • If we’re going to allow males from rape cultures into the USA, this is what they do – mostly in their own communities where their actions are covered by their own.

RE: Trump speaks out about Africa again, and many cringe

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  • Okay, so they don’t want a white African minority to rule in South Africa, but they want a black African minority to rule in America. Israelis steal land from the Palestinians, yet it’s bigoted and racist to say that black Africans steal land from white landowners? They steal everything else, why not land?? They’re taught that it’s okay to steal from white people. How racist is that?


RE: As Trump delivers racially charged insults, most Republicans stay silent

RE: Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges

RE: ‘NO TAPES,’ Trump Tweets As He Brags Omarosa Called Him A Civil Rights Champ

RE: Trump calls Omarosa ‘that dog’

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  • Actually, that’s an African-American phrase. They call people dogs all the time. Dumb animal, dog = common usage in Cleveland, Ohio. There’s so much name calling now, that to pin it on one person would be impossible and discriminatory. Many think we should expect more from our president and elected officials than we expect from ourselves. I disagree. We need to raise our own standard of behavior, instead of blaming somebody else for lowering those standards. We relinquish our own power over ourselves when we give others credit for our actions.

RE: Kellyanne Conway was asked to name Trump’s top black adviser. Her answer was embarrassing.

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  • Sounds like somebody wants affirmative action in the white house staffing. Why ask such an obviously prejudicial question? How many black people do you have working for you? How many Hispanics? Any Asians? How many Native Americans? How many white people? Oops – can’t inquire how many whites. Who cares? They’re all just people. Why do you ask? That would have been my response. What’s it to ya? Sounds like the only qualification that matters is skin color. Beyond that who cares? What happened to color blindness? Oops again, I almost forgot, white isn’t a color to people of color.

RE: Gay man allegedly kicked out of pool because of ‘inappropriate swimsuit: ‘If it smells like homophobia, it’s homophobia’

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  • There’s a gay parade every year in Cleveland/Lakewood, and many young and old gay men wear jock straps, fast-dancing in the street, flipping their genitals at passerbys. Most people go to parades with their children, the same with hotels. I have to wonder why both gay men and straight women want to expose their stuff. They must be nudists at heart or they feel they can get away with indecent exposure, because they’re gay and covering up a bit.

  • It’s like ‘safe bars’ where gays can have sex in restrooms without being harassed for it. I think straight men have been wearing such suits in Europe for decades. So, it’s not just a gay behavior, because many gays are more modest; it’s a certain type of male and female who want to show their genitals or breasts to the world. Maybe that’s how they value themselves.

  • Shockers is what they are. They want attention and they know they’ll get it. Then they complain about it when they do. The best thing is to steer clear of exhibitionists; nothing good will come from an interaction; don’t even act like you notice.

  • It’s like Muslim women going into public swimming pools fully wrapped in robes and scarves. They want to shock people and see the response. I wonder how Yahoo even gets these stories. To me, they’re mostly staged. Then, some people like to act in public like they act at home. If they have a right to do as they want, then others have a right not to like their behavior.

RE: Jimmy Kimmel Says He’s Filing A Federal Complaint Against The Trumps

RE: On a Jewish State

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  • Any country living in supposedly the free world, or any citizen of the world who wished that they did live in these supposedly free states, must be outraged by Benjamin Netanyahu’s desire to make by law a Jewish state, which would by design discriminate against everybody not Jew living within the borders of Israel – borders that haven’t yet been determined by the Israelis.

  • Try telling Black America, that America is by law going to be declared a white people’s state.

  • That the entire world stands by, and does nothing, is an affront enough, but that the Israelis, by a large majority, want this discrimination to take place, shows the world who they really are – bigots.

  • Learn to live with people not like you, instead of wishing everybody dead through a holocaust you commit, because of your own xenophobia – an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners. Israelis are the foreigners, not the Palestinians. It’s called Palestine.

RE: CIA Birds and Terrorists

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  • The CIA is the largest terrorist organization on the planet. That they support the so-called rebels, makes the rebels terrorists. Birds of a feather… well you know the rest…

RE: Taste your own medicine?

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  • I think Congress should pass a law that allows the world to see the personal emails of FBI agents sent while they’re working from government computers. See how they like it.


RE: No-bake ice-cream pie

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  • I can’t imagine why they would headline it as a no-bake ice-cream pie. Who bakes an ice-cream pie??

RE: On low milk consumption and brain wasting diseases

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  • This is a bunch of baloney paid for by the dairy industry. Every person who has ever gotten Alzheimers, or dementia of some kind, drank milk. We don’t need to be scolded for not drinking our government recommended 3 glasses per day in order to keep the dairy industry in business. “Unfortunately, few adults meet the U.S. Department of Agricultures 3-cup recommendation for daily dairy intake”, Choi says.

  • We also don’t need scare tactics by these agencies telling us all we’re probably going to lose our cognitive function if we don’t comply.

  • “But, come breakfast time, drinking a glass of milk is a perfect place to start.” It sounds like an advertisement! It doesn’t matter that they use the words ‘possibly’ and ‘potential’ to preface their claims. It’s already out and it sounds all official.

  • PCI (progressive cognitive impairment) has nothing to do with not drinking milk. Again, all old people drink milk. They always drank milk. They drank milk as kids, as young adults and as middle adults. Frankly, I’m shocked that anybody would publish the results of a one week study. The dairy industry is worried that these old folks’ grandkids and great grandkids won’t drink milk. Well Nana drank it and she lost her mind!!

RE: Black Supremacy



RE: It’s Always Russia’s Fault

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  • In fact, everybody calls Moscow – historically and now. If Obama’s CIA and NSA were spying as they say they are spying, then they would know that. If what Obama meant is that they don’t call Moscow to undermine and bomb countries to resolve differences, then Obama is right on that – they don’t.

RE: Angela Merkel Weak On Concentration Camps In Palestine

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  • Angela Merkel should be helping to free Palestinians in concentration camps in the Middle East, designed by Israel, rather than worrying about those who no longer are in concentration camps. That would go a long way toward Jews being respected, thus safe – worldwide. When she does something concrete, rather than just spit words of caution to Israel, to free those now enslaved by yes, Jews in Palestine, the world will respect her too.

RE: Failed Policies Don’t Work


  • It is becoming clear that the Islamic State – no matter where they operate – is sending a message to Muslims, whom they think are weak and not carrying out the missionary purpose of spreading the Islamic faith – as one of dominance – not unlike the goals of the Christians or the Jews in years past.
  • They, like the Israelis today, are using old, worn out models that didn’t work, to achieve power in today’s world. Israel is hell-bent on using what America did to the Native Americans – as their model for the Palestinians – putting them on reservations, marginalizing them, till they no longer exist as a race.

  • The Islamic State will fail – since they have no plan beyond somebody else’s failed plan. They have no plan for governance and what it takes to actually run a country – if they do ever get one. They pattern themselves after the Jews – who have a worldwide coalition of like-minded people to control from behind the scenes what happens in governments – worldwide.

  • After all these years it isn’t working for the Jews, and it won’t work for the Islamic State. Put a non-violent plan into action and it will work. But it takes too long they’ll say. Netanyahu could have put a plan into place, and it would have worked, but he chose to obliterate Palestinians instead. That will soon be on his head, and the Islamic State will lose their head as well.

  • When your only purpose is to dominate, you will lose. It is becoming increasingly clear that neither Israel nor the Islamic State have the ability to think beyond somebody else’s failed policies. That is called insanity.

  • You may carry out your bombings and beheadings with absolute calm – but when your calm causes chaos, then you stepped outside of the boundaries that your own God set for you. And you know exactly what I mean – because I’m looking through your God’s eyes now – and so are you.


RE: On Dubai


Remember Dubai. Mossad used stolen passports from unsuspecting Europeans to kill Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh a leader of Hamas. Remember also who the grandfather of suicide bombing is: Israelites.