What Are You Doing To Our Drinking Water?

Is Cleveland fortifying the water supply? It tastes sweet - not like normal drinking water should taste. I never tasted sweet tap water before now. Okay, I filter it, but it never tasted sweet - filtered or not. When Cleveland dumps a load of fluoride into Lake Erie, one can taste it for days after, … Continue reading What Are You Doing To Our Drinking Water?


The Party Of Pity (POP)

The democrats, upon failure to deliver on promises made to be broken anyway, morphed into the Party Of Pity (POP). They wallow as they mock those who dared to try a new way - one different enough to be called progressive - one that shakes the status quo, loosening past ideals that no longer work, … Continue reading The Party Of Pity (POP)


Correcting my typographic errors is tedious enough, since I make a lot of them. Typing is not my talent. One might think I'd be a lot better at it than I am, since I've been doing it for so many years. Some people can knit really well, and others can't, no matter how long they do … Continue reading BOUNCING TYPOS

Google Is Listening To You…

Or they're allowing others to listen to you via your computer. Google automatically turns on my sound on my computer each time I go to a site that has a video anywhere on that site. There was no notification via email that they were now commandeering the sound control on my computer. That blue speaker … Continue reading Google Is Listening To You…




'The majority rules' doesn't mean the majority is right. All systems are flawed. Democracy can satisfy fifty-one percent of the people, which leaves forty-nine percent disgruntled. Out of that fifty-one percent people still may not be satisfied within that group, since the final choice between two candidates often results in choosing the lesser of two … Continue reading BIG ON COMPLAINTS SHORT ON SOLUTIONS


What's wrong with people? I live in a gay area, a Muslim area, an Irish, black, Hispanic area and on and on. I hear gays (men and women) using the 'C' word like they use any other word in their vocabulary - like most people say shit or damn or fuck you. If they're mad … Continue reading PEOPLE-EATING PEOPLE

P.E.T.A – tasty vs tortured

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA is the acronym. Some guy or gal on Facebook last night made a poster or something that wasn't just words, for the purpose of showing the world some new words that fit that acronym. "People Eat Tasty Animals." I came up with a better one that depicts … Continue reading P.E.T.A – tasty vs tortured


Stop knee-jerking your way through life. Think before you write or speak. Every action with you is a knee-jerk reaction. Slow your knee down.  


I don't care about history, I make up my own. I don't have to reconcile my actions with somebody else's long ago story. I lead my own life. I don't let my tribe nor clan ancestors nor yours lead my life according to their long dead prejudices. Their prejudices die with them. They're not supposed … Continue reading LET PREJUDICE DIE