Increase Your Perceived Worth

If you don’t think from a position of despair, you don’t act it. Some people hide their wealth so others won’t expect a cut. Others with a low net worth, think, walk and talk the language of abundance.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Benefit Of The Doubt

The same benefit of the doubt you give to those in your own family, friend, ethnic, racial or religious groups, try extending that courtesy, without specific or implied gain or preconditions, to members of other groups.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

family, friend, foe, acquaintance, everybody else


Universal Justice

What goes around comes around?

Back to you? Like a boomerang?


What goes around…ends up on somebody else’s doorstep, not connected to the deed.

That’s universal justice. The universe doesn’t discriminate.

It sees a weakness and pushes through it – with no expectations.

You never know when you throw something, where it’s going to land.

In other words, if you do someone a bad deed, that person will do a bad deed to someone else.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


The Will To Change

There is no hope where there is no will.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Vulgar doesn’t win the competition – even when you’re Stormy Daniels hitching a ride to fame and wealth on somebody else’s genitalia.

Historically, all such endeavors lacked sustainability.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Jealousy breeds contempt in all its grotesque forms.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Some Freedoms Oppress Others

Freedom to worship shouldn’t mean freedom to deny the freedom of others by refusing them services sold in the public marketplace.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



The universe doesn’t favor humans over other life forms.

Their self-declared privileged status exists only in the mind of the human.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Bloody What?!

Does the way in which a group expresses themselves tell you anything about the group that maybe you should know?

Bloody this. Bloody that?


Rose-Colored Glasses

Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future.

You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


A Smart Heart

A smart heart lets you distinguish too much from too little.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Humans Are Animals

Animal Rights are Human Rights.

Human Rights are Animal Rights.

Humans are animals.

As a consequence, all the human rights protected by law apply to all other animals.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Gray Area

Of The Five Principles: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the only gray area lies within the realm of prejudice. That’s where decisions are made whether to discriminate or not. And from there one leads to the other if left unchecked.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Evolution – Creation

Evolution involves the destruction of some elements of an entity to lay way for the creation of something else.

Elements that are no longer viable wither in order to lay way for the creation of something more viable.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Violence = Hate

Violence hates itself.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Discipline vs Corruption

Discipline is the key to all success, and corruption is the flaw that ultimately undermines that success, if not blocked. 

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Plants Are Medicine Animals Are Not

Plant foods are nature’s medicine for the body. Animals are not.

Plants do a body good. Animals do a body harm.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


I Decide What Offends Me

I decide what offends me, not you nor any person nor any law nor any local custom, religion, race, gender, policy or practice, nor influence based on the status of anyone or any institution.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




The benefits of acting good outweigh the benefits of acting bad.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Fate And Karma

Fate and Karma are the Gods of Atheists.

A role of the dice is their dictator and vengeance is their weapon.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



I am a Plantarian.

I get my food from plants.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

New word: plantarian


Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus opened up America to the world – and the world to America.

In today’s world he would be a supporter of globalization and free trade.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Bible Must Go Along With Monuments

The bible is the longest standing monument to oppression worldwide.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Fault – No Fault

Never finding fault with an individual or group is the same prejudice as always finding fault with an individual or group.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Actions – Reactions

Accept responsibility for your actions.

Accept responsibility for your reactions.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


I Am A Transspecies!

I am a lion in a human body.

What transspecies are you?

~ Sharon Davies-Tight

new phrase: transspecies


Domestic Journalistic Terrorism (DJT)

24/7 vindictive news outlets are making a nation sick.

Fake news is disorienting a nation.

When a nation is disoriented by not knowing what to believe or what to trust, it destabilizes a nation. It puts the nation in chaos.

Fake news: Intentionally disseminating false stories for the purpose of confusing a nation or a group within that nation is an act of domestic journalistic terrorism.

New phrase: Domestic Journalistic Terrorism (DJT)


Evil Unleashed

There’s good and evil in the hearts and minds of humans. Evil won this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. Respond with kindness to yourself and to each other.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


The Dark Never Changes

You stay in the dark because you like the dark.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Black America has been radicalized. And it’s spreading like a virus via the media. Madison Avenue will pay for allowing mass numbers of terrorist recruiters on their shows for the sole purposes of increasing ratings and making money.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Corrupting Life

Life stops being art when life is corrupted.

Then what once was called art becomes evil.

And what once was life dies.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



There are lots of solutions to fit everybody.

Problem is: Everybody wants one solution fits all.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


The Same Or Not

If we were all exactly the same,

If one size fits all in all circumstances,

Then how could we learn from each other?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Persia In Texas

Word Press lies like a Persian rug in Texas.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

about views and visitors


Wild Flower

My mind is growing like wild flowers in July should.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Thrive Alone?

Some people prefer to thrive alone.

There is everything good about that.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Pledge Allegiance to You

If you want the world to see you, then stop calling yourself a group.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Handmade By Sharon

My entire life is handmade by me. Every facet, nugget. Every thought, action, reaction is perfectly designed at every juncture to fit the need of the moment.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Okay – Not Okay

I’m okay when you’re okay. That’s how I fly.

If you’re okay with enslavement, torture and slaughter, then you’re not okay.

That means I’m not okay.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Trojan Horses Were Incubators

A multitude of Trojan Horses birthed Russian babies in Israel.

Be fruitful and multiply.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



They knew the world wouldn’t like them and they didn’t care.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Fake Science

The Fake Science Revolution is ripe and ready for exposure.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Peace Assured

Block the evil that keeps you enslaved by enslaving others, and peace among humans will be assured.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Why One China Policy and Two Korea Policy?

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


COW NOW IN THE MOOD for vengeance

The cow mood for you and you laughed.

Now the cow gets vengeance, according to your God.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Stupid Is Contagious.

Be careful where you spread it.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



“When your passed loved one makes you laugh, you’ll know they made it to the other side. When they make you cry, you’ll know they decided to stay”.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Bad Habits Die Slow…

Why can’t we stay in the present, instead of going back to the past to justify our bad habits for the purpose of holding onto them?

Bad habits die slow, when you won’t let them die.



Nobody has to lose their identity by being on the same page.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Life is a dream worth waking for.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight