DAY 13

Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: ‘Shame on you’


Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

22 April 2019

Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: ‘Shame on you’

At least she’s not using her kids as human shields to get into a country illegally.

Nor is she selling her children to child sex traffickers.

These Yahoo writers insert too much hatred and political and economic bias into their news article titles.

People who use children as human shields, bargaining chips and cash cows should be separated from those so-called adults.

All those children at the border are crying to go home; they’re not crying to get into the USA.

ADD-on for writing tips:

SHAMING IVANKA FOR FAMILY FUN would have been a more decent title as well as more truthful.

The “shame on you” was overkill in that title. And the title was a sentence not a title. Living in a GAY neighborhood and being familiar with their talk, my first thought was a gay wrote that title. They are the most biased group of people on every topic that I’ve ever encountered. They write like they talk – absent a filter.

Writers have the opportunity to edit what they write before it gets out; while once out of the mouth, it’s out. You can’t take it back.

A title should not communicate the views or the bias of the writer if written as a journalist on a news site.

It should be devoid of emotional bait.

And it certainly should not communicate the writer’s anger.

I didn’t even have to click on the article to read it, because I knew by the title and the intent that it wasn’t a feel good story about family fun. In fact I submitted the opinion before reading the article. I clicked it on finally when I decided to turn this into a writing tip. Of course I was right; the article was really about border children being separated for adults once incarcerated – not the First Family having fun with their children while on vacation.

Children at the border are not on vacation; they’re working underage for the political beliefs and socio-economic aspirations of their Spanish Conqueror Ancestors.

I had thought about doing this for a long time – calling out GAYS for inappropriate bias in their titles and news articles. Not all gays do it of course, but enough do it to make the method contagious whereby non-gays pick up the practice. Then everybody’s doing it.

It doesn’t take much skill to say what’s on your mind.

The skill comes in when you take the bias of emotion out of the facts presented and refrain from interpreting them for the reader. It insults their intelligence and puts into question their own problem solving skills when you decide to become their brain. You shouldn’t need to interpret the facts when presented accurately.

Yes, the opinion of the writer matters.

Then put it into the commentary, not the news article or the title.

Yes. Where you put it matters.


Own Your Truth – day 12


DAY 12

Open your truth.

Have a look around; make your decisions from what you discover.

Be the first or the last to take that trip. It doesn’t matter where you are in the pack – only that you’re in it.

Fresh eyes won’t necessarily be your own, but fresh eyes are what you need to see what you own.

When you feel familiar you’ll know.




DAY 11

Who do you work for?

No one. I work on my own.

You’re self-employed?

Guess you could say I employ myself.

But you’re self-employed? Right?

You mean legally? Is there such a thing?


What are the rules?

IRS rules.

Oh well. I don’t pay myself. I can’t afford it.

Who pays you?

No one.

Come on, who do you work for? We see you spending money.

On food and drink. That’s about it. Food is my work.

Do you declare those “food and “drink” expenses?

I don’t have anything to declare the food expenses against. I don’t make income.

Who do you cook for?

All those enslaved tortured and slaughtered. Dead and Alive. Do you want me to cook for you?

(nervose laughter)

No, come on. Do ya?

Whadya think, I’m going to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered?

If you are you want me on your side.

Whadya think I’m a terrorist or somethin’?

You tell me.

Look, nobody’s comin’ after me to enslave, torture and slaughter me. Maybe it’s you they’re after.

Terrorists don’t get enslaved tortured and slaughtered. They do the enslaving, torturing and slaughtering. Which one are you?





It’s the climate.

If a small difference in climate can change the quality of the wine, imagine what it can do to the human.

Imagine what it can do to the quality of the entire planet and all existing on it.

I’ve been looking all over the internet for an image of the blue-collar worker – steel worker – who has a wife, three kids, two cars and a house. He asked a question of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Town Hall at Ohio State University.

This Is The NEW Face of The Blue Collar Worker.

Blue-Collar Poster Boy

Blue-Collar Poster Person

Articulate. Well-groomed. Informed. Poised.

Sweaty hair, dirty clothes, greasy hands, hard hat is how THAT group has been depicted by the news media for decades. Do they really wear their hard hats to public places? You might think so from the news images every time the words ‘blue-collar’ come up.

There’s something about the faint sneer in tone when news people, dressed to the hilt, say ‘blue-collar’. It’s almost demeaning. Under-educated comes to the collective mind of the educated and over-educated.

Bran Sealy, I think that was his name.

I googled him, the event, went all over looking for that picture of him standing at that rally.

Nothing. How could that be? Do I have the wrong name? Google posts images on everybody. He was so impressive. His look. His speech. His organization. Was I the only one blown away by his demeanor?

Was I the only one who saw him as the new poster person for the blue-collar worker?

Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met never went to college. Maybe this guy did go to college and this is where he landed – as a blue-collar worker in the steel industry.

Should we give the blue-collar worker less respect, because they don’t wear a white shirt and tie to work? Should we be making an intellectual assessment of a person based on their work attire?

College doesn’t make a person smart or not smart.

Something so small as the color of a collar can alter how one views, or how the world views, a person.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight





My mother once said to me, “Never be ashamed of your religion”.

I thought to myself, “or afraid of it”.

Your viewing audience says to themselves, what’s she/he mean by that?

Or, what’s he/she saying?

The soul door opens only if the viewer leans into the door.

When they lean into it, they trust you.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight





Remember the burning of the book that you were so interested in?

An Asian woman sitting behind me at a Jewish play said, “She burned the book. We’re not interested in her anymore. We wanted the book.”

Out in full view, in the long driveway, sat a fifty-five gallon drum barbecue grill. We had a half cord of wood in the garage. Sometimes we used it for grilling. Sometimes we used it for Urban Campfires. Then one day we used it for something else.

In a celebratory flourish, me and Steve – champagne glasses ready – burned the book. Page by page, then clump by clump, then the last page.

An academy award performance. Best film, best actor and best supporting actor. Best sound effects (yes, I brought a music component out to the driveway), best special effects. Best costume design – yes, we dressed for it. Best of everything.

Why did we win the best in all categories?

Because it convinced at every level, every person. So much so, that when we went to that Jewish play, an operative was planted behind me to make sure that I heard, in as few words as possible, what her bosses thought of the burning of the book.

Fact is, we didn’t burn anything but a blank ream of paper.

I still have the book.

Most people don’t care anything about YOU. What they care about is what you write and how you write it.

If you want to create an ending that isn’t there, from a tenuous beginning, then write a novel or write a play where you can control the production from start to finish. Otherwise don’t even think of embellishing a story, just because you think the embellished version sounds better.

Let the viewers see the truth, then let them form their own opinion. When writing a true story, the accurate version is always the most interesting. If it isn’t interesting, then you didn’t make it interesting in the way you presented it.

Editor note: me and Steve vs. Steve and I: Your editor will say reverse it. Yet, in this instance, since the entire story was planned and initiated by me, and I was the main actor, I chose to communicate that, by a switch in proper grammar instead of including more descriptive words that could become cumbersome. I went with me and Steve.

This is a true story.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


HUGGING – day 4



My evolution from not wanting somebody to hug me or even tap me during a conversation – except family – to initiating the hug to overcome some ridiculous rule, that probably somebody else made for me. The fear of strangers that our mothers make us be. Fathers too.

Hindsight this is.

Does anyone really need or want to know any more? The whole story was told in two sentences. Then why fill the page with detailed filler that’s going to bore the viewer? Reserve your one, two or three liners for one, two or three liners.

If you can describe it in a few sentences, then why go for five hundred or more words, that’s only going to bore the viewer? You’re bored already.

This is hindsight. This is an English way of writing. Many other cultures put the main component of the thought first. Home I go vs. I go home. Mix it up a little, so the writing style isn’t so predictable.

People from different cultures read your stuff. Let them know you care about their reading experience.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight





Stop recreating the past. Create the future by writing about the present.

The past is gone. Random ties everything together. Does it really matter?

There’s too much detailed history in many articles I read – even too much detailed account in one current happening.

Unless you’re trying to change the past, then refer to history sparingly in as few words as possible.

When telling a current story, unless it’s necessary to the comprehension of the work, leave it out.

Viewers skate over details that go on and on. It’s too much for them to read. In doing so, they miss some of your more important or key points.

Most of your historical references are random. You find a way and a place to insert them. But do they really fit into the article as a whole – wrapping it all up, tying it all together? If the answer is yes, then you wouldn’t have to find a way or a place to insert them.

If your goal is to remind the viewer of the dark past of whatever, and that isn’t the focus of your article, then leave it out. People know the past. They don’t want a prejudicial history lesson every time they read an article.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight





Raw material is necessary to build the foundation upon which I form my final conclusions.

To the writers and speakers of the world, use your raw material as a foundation to polish the thought. Don’t feel compelled to publish or speak everything that’s in your bank of ideas. Not all of them are good and not all of them are accurate.

I hear too much of that these days – all over the cable networks. Too many people have lost all integrity in what they communicate, and will say anything to get you to latch onto their agenda.

If you take the bait, then you’re grabbing onto a bunch of lies that in the end support only the person spewing them and not the ideals that you actually seek. Build your own bank of ideas. Make them make sense to you and then to others.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight





“A natural born molester of the innards, he relishes getting his creepy little fingers straight into the belly, that which should be the private space of all creatures, he invades, laughing all the while, like the devil he chose to be, sucking up the blood with his thirsty, vengeful eyes.”

Rolling sentences usually happen by accident, and we writers usually go back and fix them. You don’t have to if the communication works.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


WHY SAY 5 INSTEAD OF 8 – day 8



It’s always a good idea to give a little more than you promised.

Never short-change your reader.

Not “the” reader. “Your” reader.

You’ve been a pleasure and a pain in the neck.

Always be honest absent brutal.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight





You made me listen by terrorizing me in my own home, out on the street where I live, the restaurants where I eat, and at the stores where I shop. This is my response:

You barbaric pieces of African Dung.

We want equal time.

choke choke choke

Those dead animal skins you get paid millions of dollars to publicly disrespect as entertainment for the masses are the most discriminated against and oppressed intelligent, feeling, caring beings on the planet.

choke choke choke

We want equal time.

It’s our ball. It’s our field. It’s our planet.

It’s over.

choke choke choke

Stamp Out Human Supremacy.

You eat the animal. You shit the animal. You are what you eat.


Name any nationality, race, gender, religion/anti-religion – all Dung.

Violence against any animal, including the human animal, isn’t free speech. Advertising a brand is.

Buzkashi, the name of Afghanistan’s national sport is played on horseback (like polo), with a headless, disemboweled animal.

Animals don’t have rights, so why should the human animal have rights?

Stamp Out Human Supremacy.

Stop The Slaughter.

Get off the field.

It’s our day our way.

choke choke choke


In 2006, Spalding and the NBA announced that they would create a new NBA Official Game Ball, with interlocking segments and made with a synthetic material instead of leather.

So what are you waiting for?

Animal-Free Balls. That’s the brand.

Across all sports.

That’s the beginning.

choke choke choke

You’re an animal.

Animals don’t get rights.

PETA sexually exploits women to get the attention of men who disrespect animals.

It’s over.

We demand equal time.

Super Bowl ADS plus spots before, during or after every game.

The Mass Advertising Effect is what “We The Animals” want and deserve.

It’s a beginning.

Black Lives Terrorists exploit the military for personal gain.

It’s over.


The Duke, named in honor of football legend Wellington “Duke” Mara, is the official game ball of the NFL. Wilson has been the official game ball of the NFL since 1941.

Time to try a new, different, better way.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




DAY 10

I don’t care if the group survives.

I don’t care about groups or following the leader.

All leaders are flawed. They just don’t care if they’re flawed and seemingly neither do their followers, because they’re flawed too.

The difference lies in the followers caring about their own flaws yet liking it when they see that somebody else doesn’t care about h/her own flaws. It’s a personal power they recognize, but don’t share.

It’s an admiral quality – to a point. Both are admiral qualities: one not caring and one caring while admiring one who doesn’t.

So where do you go with this knowledge? What do you do with it?

Do you focus on the point, where one side doesn’t care enough and the other side honors that trait, while not accepting that trait in themselves? A little complicated don’t you think? And who could get that sentence right in the middle of the night working past a self-imposed deadline?

And who cares anyway? Once you get that sentence right, there’s no more to story about. (Yeah, I’m using story as a verb).

Focus on improving yourself. And forget about everybody else.

Sure tell your story. Everybody likes stories. But instead of placing yourself into somebody else’s gutter and making that the focus, rise from your own ashes. You’ve got ashes – everybody has ashes. We’re made of ash, so yes I am a rock, not a dumb one though. I never thought of a rock as dumb. I don’t know who did and how it spread, but rocks in my life are preTTy cool.

At the heart of every story I ever read lies pity.

S/he did this to me, that’s why I am the way I am.

Life did this to me, that’s why I am the way I am.

I did this to me, that’s why I am the way I am.

You bore the world with your born-again pity stories. Start over. There’s a start-place that you left out. The better place.

Leave the bad stuff out. We all know the bad stuff. We share that in common just by being human, by being an animal, by being in the constant need of re-training, advanced-training, any-kind-of-training to overcome all that we became because of someone else, because of some condition, event, fluke, planned, unplanned, circumstance in our past, present, beyond – our – control.

Otherwise we would have done things right to make them come out right, yet we didn’t even know what we wanted. Right? So give it up. Nobody cares. They watch boring movies and read boring books because there’s nothing else to do. We all do it.

Sharing your pain with someone who has the same pain doesn’t help them nor you – even though you both claim it does help. No, it keeps you both crying. And when you finally stop, you never want to see each other again.

You don’t have to break your reader down and build your reader back up into your likeness in order for them to enjoy your work.

Keep the good stuff in without dragging somebody else through the mud.

Does such a story exist?

Sure it does. We all them – in case you look for familiarity to form a bond, which we all do. Stop calling them feel-good stories. Don’t you determine before I read something or view something what I’m supposed to feel. How arrogant and controlling. That’s not art. That’s the beginning of torture.

Tell a sad story and you’re told, ‘everybody has war stories’, in other words we don’t need to hear yours too.

Tell a happy story and you’re told, ‘oh the same thing happened to my uncle then he died’, or they walk away rolling their eyes, because they see you as bragging over something they don’t have, yet they do, everybody has happy stories. They just don’t focus on them as being happy. They’ve gotten so far into everybody else’s gutter that their gutter is pretty much empty. In more words than necessary, they live through others and don’t like it – no matter the story.

They want their own story.

So give the customer what s/he wants.

Just as you know how to ‘pull the heart strings’, you also know how to ‘raise the spirit’.

Why? Because you have a heart and you have a soul.

The soul is the gutter.

You don’t need to be dull to do it. Be accurate. The most powerful stories are those which lack embellishment, absent the reader saying it lacks embellishment. No one believes you when you say that in the preface of a work.

So what are you doing?

Get to work.


~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight