By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Most people want a president who speaks off-the-cuff, a brainstorming president, a person who say what they’re thinking – what’s on their mind, a president who doesn’t hide their personal thoughts by speaking from a script prepared by agents of the government, as did previous presidents in modern history.

After all, the ones left in place when the politicians lose or win their seats, are the long-term agencies concerned about how the country runs and how it’s viewed, in relation to other countries around the world.

They do that, in part, by controlling what the masses everywhere and the leaders of other countries hear coming from the mouths of high level politicians and appointees, who to a significant degree determine how those countries will feel about the state of their own state and the state of its future, on any given day in any area of concern.

Well, speaking-off-the-cuff and brainstorming is what We The Citizens Of The World got in President Donald J. Trump. Be careful what you wish for many often say, because at least in this case, the world got what they wanted.

Now the world wants the USA to go back to the day when the CIA wrote the scripts or some other agency within the government that sanitizes and otherwise minimizes the impact of the message being told and disseminated in real time around the globe.

Now We The Citizens Of The World want the puppet back in the White House. Puppets give people peace of mind. At least we know it’s only a show and we can muse about what this meant and that meant – rightly or wrongly. But there’s no hysteria.

Transparency is messy. It’s chaotic. The world is chaotic. Every process is chaotic. Putting one’s best foot forward does not include transparency.

From watching what off-the-cuff and brainstorming looks like up close in the highest governing position in the USA, people everywhere can now accurately assume that their own governments are probably as chaotic as the USA government.

They just don’t present themselves that way. They’re starting to however.

Essentially Hollywood CIA was writing the scripts that controlled the response of the masses. A script is an act – like in a play. They’re in every government of every country under different titles and different rules.

So pick what you want, but then find a way to understand it and live with it when you get it.


Communism is dead – because it worked in theory ONLY, not practice. Large parts of the world practiced it and large parts of the world suffered as a result. Only a tiny elite, ruling minority prospered under their own rule, which in essence made them a dictatorship by committee.

If you call yourselves a democracy because you have free elections, but everyone in the country prefers the policies and practices of socialism, then you’re basically a monolithic system of governing, which in essence becomes communism if practiced long enough, since everyone in the nation can’t all be rich, but they can all be at the poverty line, which eventually demoralizes the populace, which then requires a military presence in the civilian population to keep the system that no longer works.

The only time systems of mass control work in providing a more equal balance is when in transition. Once the goal is met, nobody likes it, because it’s too confining and restrictive. Paradoxically, it is always the masses who want and seek and rise up to achieve that equal distribution, only to discover that it produced more disadvantages, rather than fewer.

China’s system has never worked. The reason it appeared to thrive at various times throughout history is because the Chinese people were convinced by their leaders that suffering was a necessary part of the plan.

China’s system lays all the decision-making into the hands of a few old men regarding every single detail of China’s population, land, resources, and on and on.

China’s old men are no different than anybody else’s old men. Old men can’t handle that much responsibility. Young men can’t handle that much responsibility. Nobody’s men can.

Suffering, suffering, suffering. You wear it well. What a lie you projected to the world. Suffering brings you peace, wealth, happiness, ingenuity, invention? Then why do you spend so much time stealing America’s inventions?

Long live China as a democracy. If China becomes a democracy, then China keeps Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everyone is different, but equally worthy to pusue their people’s dreams.

Not all Chinese are the same. Accept that reality as the beginning of what an ultimate Chinese Democracy will look like. Better than any other democracy.

You know how to do it. You dreamed it for centuries.


Some people have a need to create chaos. They function at their optimal levels (they think) when in flux. The problem here is that by being in flux all the time, they force others they encounter to experience their dramas with them. It’s like an ongoing play with no intermissions.

Steering clear or responding in kind aren’t viable options for their victims.

Their need for chaos is written into their DNA. Their perception of its value is not. All flaws can be corrected to some degree.

Calm is not an operative word nor a useful process for them. It sounds too much and feels too much like control. It enrages them.

So let it go.


It’s not the people – it’s the culture.

Any and all cultures that enslave, torture and slaughter other species as the foundation of their economy must die.

Not the people, the cultures.

Get ready for the rapid and mass extinction of all participating cultures.

You move too slow.

You move so slow that you go backward in time.

Get out of the cave in your mind.

There’s nothing there worth saving.

You starve yourself of progress.

Stop looking back. There’s nothing there that isn’t here if you need it.

You think too slow.

You hoard thoughts like money.

Stop counting. There’s nothing worth counting that you don’t already possess.

Express yourself less.

Free up space to run when you loosen your shackled mind.

Get out of the cave before it collapses on itself and turns your mind to stone.

Exhale then fill your mind with emptiness.

That’s a start.


Warm greens, more crystal than moss-like surround me with promises of days freshened by new life (because there must be new life if we are to survive) born from new ideas as window sills turn to marble, black and navy blue sparkles with smooth glass-like scents of velvet gray skin, waiting, always waiting, while the life of earth family and universe merge, exploding in tiny and gross serenity.

A drip here a spot there never far from longing, gnashing and never forgiving, because you can’t and the world blames you not – not even your most harmful enemy blames you when you turn against yourself, but their pain, in their eyes, is greater, because a wall rising from seemingly nowhere blocks their freedom – a wall of the mind more excruciating than being blown apart – for at least when a bomb goes off in your heart you can feel it.

A wall has no feeling and that is the most devastating enslavement of all.

I feel not – as the wall rises in God’s name, I think no God would require this of me.

I am a Jew, not because I was born of earth and salt and promised a land of milk and honey (ha! no God would enslave and torture the cow and the bee for a Jew), but because I know the wall. That’s what separates me from you. You’re free and I’m not. And I will never be free – until God removes the chains of revenge that keep me enslaved.

The difference between me and you is that even if I could remove those chains I wouldn’t. They keep me anchored, even if to a hell of my own making. I need the anchor of control revenge gives me. That is the only certainty in my life. If I am offended I can strike back in the most unmerciful ways to reclaim my position – a position I need in this chaotic world where Peoples have no homes.

It matters not that I take the home of another. And no, they don’t have the same right to respond. Why? Because my pain is greater than theirs. I am the favored one. I need to be favored. That’s part of the wall: the sickness of not feeling others’ pain. I have no compassion. That’s why Jews hate Jesus. He had what we lacked. At least I’m honest about it. They call me traitor for exposing their lie. One man was half of all of us. He reminded us of the half we were missing. We said, ‘We’ll take care of our own; that’s compassion’. But he said, ‘no, take care of others’. We couldn’t do as he offered, so we killed him. Or, we made it easy for somebody else to kill him.

A phone call is all it takes in today’s world. All Jews belong to the same network – throughout the world. No matter how seemingly menial the task, we’re all connected by the seed that makes us call ourselves who we are – different from you. And since different to us means better, and since we must survive as a superior race, we will use any means to accomplish that end. So, when the call comes to preserve the race, whether it’s a simple – alter a document request, or a much larger – poison the water – request, we know we were called because we are placed in a position to carry it out. If we’re asked we must comply. It’s like a Mafia family only much bigger.

If we’re in a leadership position we sense what to look for and what to attend to when something extraordinary presents itself. The phone is our weapon of choice. We can destroy any person in the world – or group or nation. We’re positioned to take over the entire world, while the most powerful nation on earth sits by and watches. Why? Because we’ve infiltrated that nation to such a successful extent that they’re paralyzed by our command of them. We’ve hypnotized the entire USA by our communications networks, so when we tell them to move or not to move they do just that. It’s not that the USA can stop Israel simply by telling them to stop; that’s only a ruse to make the USA appear strong – a fringe benefit, a perk. The USA has no authority over ‘Israel the people’.

Now this woman shows up claiming to be God’s daughter and at first we laughed, knowing she wasn’t a Jew, but she liked us – odd. And she knew us – odd. And she understood us – even more odd. So we tested her. If she is who she claims to be, then let her God rescue her from us. God didn’t rescue Jesus. But then Jesus has lived on because of it. What will God do with her? At first we didn’t think she was talking to God – only talking to herself. We didn’t think it was God responding – only her responding to herself. Then she showed how to find God’s message in our own answer, then went further to show us how to find God’s answer in a properly phrased question. We were intrigued and remain so. If not for her, we wouldn’t be in her essays. She cares enough not to exclude us.

Still…we torture her. We can’t help it. And no one will stop us. That’s the rub. We can’t stop ourselves. And everyone fears us enough not to try to stop us – even though through our actions we beg for it. How outrageous do we have to become before somebody takes action? She’s the only one who will stand up to us. And we destroy that which we love. The rub again. She should have been dead by now. But she keeps getting up, keeps bouncing back. It’s almost as if we enjoy her survival maneuvers – before, during and after each hit – that that in itself keeps us torturing her. If the world could only see, Hollywood would dry up. She should have called this essay ‘the rub’, not ‘the wall’. But we’re careful not to step on her writing. We leave that to the Feds, whom we also control. We are the Feds – another rub. That’s our common ground with her. If she’s not God’s daughter, she’s the closest thing this world will ever get to seeing God, while still alive.


Abandoning all cares doesn’t come easily to those who do care, but sometimes for the sake of survival – at least momentarily – one must do exactly that.

If one hopes to make it through another day of disruption, chaos and loss, one simply must live in the moment of their own guiding light and suffering soul, until the gap between chaos and calm sufficiently narrows, through new insights and strategies which invariably appear, as sure as the sun rises to replace the darkened night, to all those faced with dilemmas, creating a sturdy enough bridge upon which one feels comfortable crossing, that in itself, serves as the motivating force to propel one (ever so gently at times) to the other side – healing wounds in the process of not focusing on them – until before ones knows it, new life emerges from the old, and along with it a fresh perspective – and a plan.

Building small bridges between chaos and calm defines success in overcoming the obstacles of life. However, all of life’s struggles, when approached with the intent and consequent complimentary and supporting actions needed to narrow the gaps between progress and falling into a pit of despair, becomes resolved, if and only if, one possesses a clearly defined goal along with the plan.

As new insights emerge along the way to that achievement, however, one must possess the courage to alter one’s perspective accordingly, thus possibly the goal. A strategy or a plan in absence of a defined goal is neither a strategy nor a plan, but simply a process, whereby one takes one step at a time in the dark of the unknown, simply wishing and hoping and praying for a positive outcome, thus reducing the strategy or the plan to nothing more than a gamble. Such measures are chaotic in nature and with each additional step creates more chaos.

A person walks out onto a frozen pond, knowing that water flows beneath it. Without first mapping out the thickness of the ice, when one takes a step, it does so without confidence: one wrong move – even when testing with a little weight to see if the ice breaks (and one still doesn’t know if the ice will break or remain solid until the person places it’s full weight on it) and chaos can ensue, simply by taking steps that one isn’t sure will produce positive results.

If one falls into the freezing water, then do they have a way to get out? Their goal may have been to get to the other side, but if the plan wasn’t sufficient to get them there, they could possibly drown.

So it is with life in solving dilemmas. A goal is only as good as the plan to achieve it, and a plan without a clearly defined goal leads to chaos. One may wish to climb a mountain, but if one doesn’t know how high the mountain, one may never reach the top.

Living in the moment of one’s own guiding light and suffering soul, when mishaps occur, is exactly the place one is supposed to be, in order to confer with that light and that soul, for the purpose of opening new channels of information, that one needs in order to narrow the gap between chaos and calm, in order that one may move on with a new perspective, which produces the goal along with the plan to achieve it.

That special place is a place I call God.


Calm may have to be redefined by those who accepted a definition they really didn’t understand.

Chaos – Calm – Calm – Chaos.

The edge of calm.

Which edge?

This side?

Or the other side?

The line is thin.

Which way do I cross to be on the right side?

Without a compass?

How will I know?

That which repels or compels me to cross?

This isn’t north, west, south nor east. The sun or moon or light or dark can’t direct me.

This side of calm is where you want to be, where you need to be. The side closest to you. That way you won’t commit atrocities in the name of somebody else’s cause or thirst for blood justice through blood vengeance.

This side of calm blocks you from acting or reacting even in your own name or your own thirst for blood vengeance, or blood of any type.

That’s the zone you need to keep yourself in that keeps you from harming others.

That’s your compass.

Your compass is you.

One step over the line and you’re into chaos. A chaos you created by not staying on your side of calm.

Being on the edge of calm keeps you sufficiently alert to your surroundings, whereby you can react to any eventuality with measured calm instead of chaos.

Measured calm doesn’t mean your finger’s on the trigger or you’re just waiting for someone to slip up so you can feel justified in popping them, or making demands you know they can’t possibly meet to, again, use as justification for lowering the the boom.

Measured calm is a place where you reside in your mind/psyche that allows you to think freely of options, peaceful options, productive options, smart options, alternative solutions that you can employ to stop chaos from happening before it does. Everybody knows what those are. You don’t need words to explain them, they’re written into everybody’s instinct DNA.


That humans still hunt among other animals for their food, eating the flesh, drinking the blood and bathing in the fat (soap), even making houses, clothes and medicine from the murderous actions supported by the religious and governmental laws of any land – in place of the plants found in abundance throughout the planet, even using the enslavement, torture and slaughter of non-human animals for entertainment purposes tells you pretty much where you are – as a test – on the evolutionary scale of development.

We got all the way to the twenty-first century still using barbaric, cruel methods of punishment that far surpasses even an eye for an eye. Rage is what it’s all about. The more rage an offense creates in an individual, group or nation the greater the punishment. That might explain how someone in the USA gets a life prison term for stealing three times, the third being a slice of pizza – rage and patience, or the lack of it – patience that is.

It seems our tolerance level goes to three times and after that – stone ‘em to death, lock him up forever, cut his hands off. We can’t take it any more. Yet the very lawmakers who write and pass the laws engage in even greater crimes for which there is never any punishment, because after all, they wrote the laws, they can break them.

What type of hatred so searing, rage so seething, justifies the perversity of burying one up to their armpits, while instructing the condemned, “if you escape from the dirt we’ve buried you in, while we stone you, then you’re free from further scorn?” Women get the arm pit ritual; men get buried to their waist. It seems that the ‘modest’ rule in practicing countries applies even during executions – covering the breasts. Is it really a ‘modest rule’, or is it a double punishment directed at women for being women, for being so evil in society’s eyes that their accusers make sure there will be no escape? Good God! Pelted in the face and head with rocks till death departs the condemned from the attack. Bad God! Bad, bad, bad. And from whence did a nation of people, a race, a religious group of humans gather the notion that God’s will was somehow being done?

How individuals, groups or nations punish offenders tells you pretty much where you are on the evolutionary scale of development. How nations punish other nations tells you where you are on the evolutionary scale of development. Dropping bombs is not an act of sophistication, nor a progressive act. It’s an act of barbarism. Dropping bombs is the ultimate simultaneous act of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

You’re not in the twenty-first century, your actions don’t speak it. You’re still in the dark ages – so dark you’re blinded by the lack of light. Masked by sky scrapers, malls, planes, trains and cars you think you’re on the path of enlightenment, on the cusp of a new theory, new discovery that will change your life forever. That life is in you, it’s not in the skyscraper nor in new inventions. Even the smartest humans in the world, the richest humans, the most well-informed humans still operate from the cave. Poor people in underdeveloped nations are still in the dark ages, not because they don’t have access to goods and services, but because they haven’t evolved within their own tribal societies to live a better life, which means a better life for all life.

Accepting yourself the way you are, simply because everybody else is the same way serves only to block the evolution of you. Strange how you don’t mind crossing everybody else’s boundaries, stepping on everybody else’s rights, but you can’t step out of your own box.

Of course some individuals, groups and nations evolve quicker than others. If we all evolved at once, I wonder what would happen? Chaos perhaps. But perhaps not. The mind-set needed to evolve presents itself before the action needed to carry it out, and before the action a plan. The map is the plan. So if we all evolved at once, we’d all have the plan in time to act. That map, the Five Principles to A Better Life, already exists in all of us. That we, as individuals, groups or nations choose at any given juncture to ignore it tells you – as a test –  where you are on the evolutionary scale of development.


If Nelson Mandela, a dead man still standing tall, can be raised up in death as he was raised up in life, by the entire world including the most powerful leaders of the most powerful nations, when throughout his violent career, along with his wife and the African National Congress (the opposing militant political party to apartheid in South Africa), condoned the most egregious torture of human beings, called ‘necklacing’ as a ‘means to achieve the ends’ for freedom, even though forgiving his oppressors, white and black alike,  then there’s either no hope for the human race converting to peace rather than war; or hope is just a silly game that springs eternal, like the child skipping rope in the junk yard of the ghetto.

Burning people alive with no hope of escape is a death tool used by Africans to achieve their goal of terror. Why? To send a message to the group, whatever group is the target: Change or this will happen to you. Snitch and this is the consequence. Steal from us and this is your payday. Disrespect us and this is your reward. Put us in a ghetto and the ghetto comes to you, inside a tire filled with gasoline around your neck, in the public square, always so the entire village can witness the horror. Be opening ‘gay’ and this is your hell on earth. More civilized societies use drones and bombs to bring their enemies or oppressors to their knees, or simply to send a ‘toe the line’ message.

There’s a reason why Africans say that God left Africa a long time ago. What God would allow that? A violent God, a God who supports prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. And they laugh as they strike that match in a frenzy of justice meted out in ‘their’ court of right and wrong. “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country,” she [Winnie Mandela] is infamous for saying.

Blacks torch people in the United States. In the ghetto it happens, not as a political message, but as a means to silence other blacks into submission to drug lords. I keep wondering, what is it about Blacks and fire and torching people, property, corralling people in barns in Africa, locking the door and setting the barn on fire? Burning entire villages. They have guns in the United States, but they still use the fire mode.

They have guns in Africa, but they still use the fire mode – a particularly egregious form of punishment, of horror. What is wrong with Africa, Africans? What is wrong with the world? Our military cheers as they torch a suspected terrorist walking down the street in a foreign country as they torch the suspect and anybody else happening to walk by. What is it about the human race that they delight in the suffering of others? Hundreds of thousands of people torched in Iraq and Afghanistan by bombs dropped by the United States and it’s all a big joke, meant to liberate. Liberate whom from what? It gives them a feeling of power – to annihilate someone, a village, two skyscrapers, a people.

Nelson Mandela is no hero. He did not walk the life of peace, he walked the life of violence to achieve peace, again for whom? Africa isn’t free. The entire continent is a bloody mess. President Obama was hot to torch Syria? Why? Because he, like his hero Nelson Mandela, said talking doesn’t work. Talking takes too long. We want and need change now. And it works in the short-term to terrorize, to subjugate, and humans love terrorizing and subjugating, not only other humans, but every other animal on the planet. We even bomb the moon just to see what will happen, and because we can.

Will humans ever tire of enslaving, torturing and slaughtering? Will they ever find a way to feel the power they crave, through peace not war in families, neighborhoods and nations? Seems even happiness can’t do that. Make a people too happy and somehow it always leads to violence. So happy isn’t the answer. We cling religiously to ‘the means justifies the end’ mentality, as an excuse to perpetuate the chaos that makes us feel powerful, but the end is never what we really want. Religions can’t solve the problem. Governments can’t solve the problem. Families and neighborhoods can’t solve the problem.

We have vocal cords for a reason. We don’t have a box of matches nor a gun anywhere in our bodies. We have voices with which to fight. Use those cords. Stop asking a God you really don’t want involved in your wars to stop your warring. Stop suppressing peaceful voices, it makes it look like you’re afraid of peace, afraid of calm. We’d rather beat an animal down, then raise an animal up. When we do raise an animal up, turns out he’s a terrorist – one of you, one of your own, a like-minded individual who changes the world through violence.  Now that brings you satisfaction.

There’s no happy ending here. Unfortunately nothing was gained, only the pieces, the players, shifted around the board game of the planet, plotting to rise again in violence to change the tapestry once again. Aggressors are viewed as powerful, the peacemakers perceived as weak. Maybe the meek will inherit the earth, or the earth will turn on itself as those humans who inhabit it have already done.

Nelson Mandela forgave his oppressors, because he realized he was an oppressor himself. President Obama calls it getting his hands dirty. Maybe it’s time for the entire world to wash the blood stains from their hands and start anew, absent the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter to which we’ve all become accustomed for far too long.

P.S. I’m with you, all of you humans with tires around your necks, filled with gasoline.

I’ve been there in so many different ways.

I am with you.

I am not the person who lights that match, nor will I ever be.

I know the look in the eye when a person strikes that match to teach a lesson.

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is a suicide bomber who never dies.


World leaders stood motionless, even though they were all briefed on what was about to happen, when the State of Israel committed a massacre against the State of Palestine. ‘Revenge from hell’ Netanyahu called it. ‘A revenge that not even Satan would unleash on the world’ – meaning that Jews are not only better than every human, every other animal, greater than God, but more vicious than ‘even Satan’.

Hey Netanyahu slaves fight back. All slaves do. Even when all they have is a sling shot with which to fight your bombs, tanks, sophisticated equipment, and obsessive humiliation. The humiliation part reminds me of Hitler. ‘Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. I’ll clothe and feed you. And give you work you don’t want to do ‘. 

“I decide”, said Hitler. So goes Netanyahu. Nothing will deter him. Nothing.

Obama, using words of a hypocrite to Putin about women and children and important people getting killed, and the horror of it all – and I blame you and ‘stop this war in Ukraine now’ (a war that the USA, NATO and the European Union started under the advisement and manipulation by the CIA, when somebody mistakenly took a civilian jet out of the sky in a hot war zone) – his only words to Israel committing a massacre against civilians in Palestine was to “exercise caution” when killing civilians.

The Crimeans (a part of Ukraine; Russian speaking) were a peaceful people before the CIA, Pentagon, European Union and NATO sucker punched Vladimir Putin and the Russian people during the Olympics, staging a ‘change of Presidency’ coup in Ukraine – a president who supported the West. Who wouldn’t go with someone, who promised them the moon, when they were in a state of economic fatality? The strong really do exploit the weak.

The CIA sets up camp in Ukraine, this time the big wigs go. Tells the leadership to treat the separatists like terrorists and to initiate an anti-terrorist campaign against the Crimeans, who peacefully voted to secede from Ukraine.

Next thing we know:  * Recently, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, vowing to rid of his Country “parasites” – meaning the Crimeans. (Ukraine launches offensive in east, vows to rid country of ‘parasites’

The USA supposedly mistakenly downed an Iranian jet filled with civilians. They even supposedly mistakenly downed a few of their own planes filled with their own civilians. Oops is all they say, then they move on as if nothing happened.

When Malaysia flight 370 went down – or somewhere – no horror from the White House. No talk about women and children and important people on the plane. No remorse. No public appearance from Obama, even though Americans were on board. No word at all on national T.V. by Obama. Not even an oops.

Now the White House is talking like, okay, slam Putin, humiliate him, bring him to his knees, then we get Ukraine. They thought the coup during the Olympics would work. It didn’t. Now they think the coup of downing a civilian plane will work. They’ll get the whole of Ukraine – one way or another. Guess we’ll see how that works.

Hey Obama, you can stop the massacre in Palestine by the Israelis.  The entire world knows it. But you don’t. You won’t …. for political reasons.  Don’t ask Putin to do something you won’t do yourself.

Those children, women and important people in Palestine don’t mean anything to you. That’s where you differ from Putin. He really cares about those people in Crimea. And he really does care about the civilians downed in Ukraine.

The Crimeans were a peaceful people before you moved into Ukraine with your CIA and military machinery. 

The Palestinians were a peaceful people before the Jews, backed by Europe, moved in with hatred for anyone who didn’t look like them, and changed their lives for the worse – forever.


Did any USA Congressperson, any president of any country, ever visit one of Israel’s reported nuclear bomb facilities, when taken on one of those infamous tours of Israel?

Who and when are my questions? President Carter said he knew Israel had them. Did he see actually see them, in person? Did international scientists and inspectors tour the facilities? It seems that Israel, of all people, would take great pride in showing off their weapons of mass destruction to the world. They like to show boat; it’s in their DNA.

Is the USA selling to Israel weapons grade, enriched, uranium? Did the USA sell weapons grade uranium to the rogue, terrorist state of Israel, knowing that they assassinate high-ranking people all over the world who don’t support Israel, knowing that they commit massacres against entire groups of people, when taunted or when they don’t support Israel as a Jewish State, or when two political factions of Palestine form a unity government?

How many missiles and silos do they have? What’s the range? Can one reach the USA?

When a country bombs its neighbor’s only power plant on international T.V., leaving hospitals with no electricity with which to operate on the people Israel is blowing up; when a country then bombs a hospital; when a country targets police stations, bombing computers and police officers, leaving a country defenseless to protect its own citizens; when a country bombs a school, because they see someone shooting a gun from one of the windows, is that not a rogue, out of control nation?

The USA administration and all members of Congress in their collective support of Israel’s terrorist actions is supporting, thus promoting, terrorism. When the USA gives comfort to Israel, a rogue, terrorist nation, they lose their credibility to fight terrorism anywhere in the world.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, after viewing the daily massacres of civilians in Palestine, reiterated his undying support for and loyalty to the one committing the massacres – Israel. The phrase disproportionate response, most often used to describe Israel’s response to grievances, over the decades, has lost all meaning.

One might as well say that 9-11 was a disproportionate response by Muslims with grievances.

It looks from my view that Israel is doing to Palestine what the USA did to Iraq in response to 9-11, only there was no 9-11 in Israel.

The USA and all members of Congress have lost their moral compass on the war against terrorism. Remember that the majority is not always right.


High rise office buildings, schools, hospitals, United Nations facilities have all been struck.

This is Palestines 9-11 and the world still stands motionless. President Obama blames the Palestinians and even feels sorry for Benjamin Netanyahu for having to go it alone.

Go it alone? He has thousands of bombs who are his best friends – and the USA keeps them rolling into Israel.

Lots of people blamed the United States for what happened to them on 9-11.

What the USA government is saying about Israel and Palestine ‘there’s plenty of blame to go around’, would have been considered traitorous if anyone in the United States government had uttered those words about the United States, when terrorists blew up their office buildings and the Pentagon.

It seems what’s done to you can be more easily digested next time around when it happens to someone else.

Even Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, just doesn’t understand why Israel keeps hitting United Nations facilities (six now), when Israel has been repeatedly advised as to the exact locations of these facilities.

It takes a special kind of insanity to bomb high rise buildings, schools and hospitals filled with people, because weapons are stored there. That’s the defining mind of a terrorist. They have no conscience to stop them. Benjamin Netanyahu is formed from that mold. And his cohort in arms, President Obama, shares that same DNA, by continuing to sell Israel arms with which to massacre Palestinians, while blaming the victims for the atrocities committed against them.

Yes, this is Palestine’s 9-11, and the Palestinian Holocaust – committed by the Jewish descendents of those who were massacred during the Jewish Holocaust. The world stood motionless then too.

History really does repeat itself. ‘Never forget, lest it happen again?’ Unfortunately that phrase says nothing about committing a holocaust against somebody else.

The USA isn’t phased, because it happened to them.

The Jews aren’t phased, because it happened to them.

Logically, one might think since it happened to them, and knowing how they felt, that they wouldn’t commit a holocaust against someone else, or condone it when it happens to someone else.

But, such is the enigma of the nature of the human mind. “Do unto others what has been done to you.” There’s no learning here.

No sane person, in order to confiscate arms, would blow up office buildings, schools and hospitals – even if there was a shooter in the building.

No sane person would say the one being attacked has no right to defend themselves against those attacks. For the USA to say that Israel has a right to defend itself, but the Palestinians don’t is the height of hypocrisy and the sign of a special kind of insane mind – the mind of a terrorist – one who doesn’t care about blowing up children to achieve their ends.

President Obama has condoned and even war-gamed Palestines 9-11 and Palestines Holocaust – committed by the Jews with the military and moral support of America. There is a new definition of morality in the world. It’s called the amoral morality, whereby actual morality never gets put into the equation of anything. It’s what you can get away with.

The spokespeople for the USA Administration keep saying “this is a war”, when speaking about the carnage Israel is imposing on Palestine. But when Palestine kills an Israeli soldier in response to the Israeli ground offensive, these same people act horrified, even indignant, and use that to justify the continuing carnage.

What Ban Ki-moon doesn’t understand is that Benjamin Netanyahu is a terrorist – that’s why he keeps hitting U.N. facilities. He is insane. He is an insane dictator, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

And on what side of the holocaust fence are the Israelis, and Jews worldwide? On the side of the holocaust, and the ones committing the holocaust.

Hitler just became their new leader.

Regarding the U.N: It’s payback for claiming Israel is committing war crimes against humanity. It’s Netanyahu thumbing his nose at the International community and international laws.

If he lives long enough, he needs to be prosecuted for those crimes. Where’s the FBI on this one? In support of the holocaust, of course.

Palestine has a right to defend itself against oppression, blockades that keep nearly two million people enslaved; against Israeli control of water, electricity, food, medicines, building supplies, education, etc. Palestine has a right to defend itself against routine Israeli targeted aerial assassinations that always kill civilians, against the rounding up of young Palestinian boys with the purpose of making them spy on their families; against slave labor, against Israeli imposed unemployment, against travel restrictions, against being locked in an open-air prison. Palestine has a right to defend itself against a military ground invasion, against Israeli bombs blowing up their people, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, police stations, television and radio stations, homes and businesses.

President Obama is on the wrong side of terrorism, on the wrong side of slavery, on the wrong side of massacres and on the wrong side of holocausts.

The USA, under the guidance of Israeli Generals post 9-11, committed a holocaust in Iraq, and then Afghanistan. Now Israel wants the USA to commit a holocaust against Iran.

And there’s even talk about going back to Irag to commit yet another holocaust.

Europe doesn’t owe the Jews a holocaust, neither does the USA. The Jews don’t owe themselves a holocaust either.

The USA and Israel are so far over the line into chaos and mass slaughter, that the terrorists are beginning to look meek in comparison.


“We are not looters. We are liberators” says Al Sharpton.

That sounds like denial to me. I had a landlord who said we don’t have cockroaches in this building, as I stood and he stood and we both looked down and saw the biggest dead cockroach right in front of us – still he insisted – we have no cockroaches in this building!

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, fought for the rights of those who had no rights – and condoned methods, that not only are no longer necessary, but can be considered by most (when examined) cruel and unusual punishment to white people in general – but while they did that, they engaged in a lot of nasty stuff…

When something bad happens to someone in the black race – every person who is a part of that black race considers themselves justified in hating every single white person on the planet, if the person who did that perceived bad to a black – is white.

That is a gross prejudice – something blacks criticize white people for having. I’ve already felt the sting of Ferguson – when I went out and about. Black bus drivers asking for my I.D. when they know I’m old by my looks. Jerking the bus to make me fall – being excessively rude.

I already felt that sting after Trayvon Martin, when a man on a skateboard tried to throw me into the street into an on-coming bus. I felt the hit. I still have the bad hip and neck. Who’s going to make that right? No doctor can cure that.

You are wrong Al Sharpton. You can’t continue to hate all white people, you can’t continue to tell all black people to hate all white people – every time you see an injustice done toward one black person – and through your network tell all black people to do their dirty deeds to all whom you hate – and toward all they are supposed to hate – in your name – in the name of your cause.

You can’t continue to call every black person to arms – to maim or kill any white person they see – to make a death feel better to you.

I’m not going to take any more hits – Al Sharpton – as a result of you calling your so-called people to arms against anything that moves, smells, acts, walks, talks – like white.

These pictures I took 2 weeks after the hit – after the George Zimmerman verdict came down.

I didn’t see the rest of the summer – I stayed in. This summer the same thing – I hardly know it’s summer any more. I skip the season altogether – knowing that some black person in the neighborhood has my name on his agenda. I don’t even know how many summers it is.

I’m 65 years old. I can’t take another hit like that one.


It is becoming clear that the Islamic State – no matter where they operate – is sending a message to Muslims, whom they think are weak and not carrying out the ‘missionary purpose’ of spreading the Islamic faith – as one of dominance – not unlike the goals of the Christians or the Jews in years past.

They, like the Israelis today, are using old, worn out models that didn’t work, to achieve power in today’s world. Israel is hell bent on using what America did to the Native Americans – as their model for the Palestinians – putting them on reservations, marginalizing them, till they no longer exist as a race.

The Islamic State will fail – since they have no plan beyond somebody else’s failed plan. They have no plan for governance and what it takes to actually run a country – if they do ever get one. They pattern themselves after the Jews – who have a worldwide coalition of like-minded people to control from behind the scenes what happens in governments – worldwide.

After all these years it isn’t working for the Jews, and it won’t work for the Islamic State. Put a non-violent plan into action and it will work. But it takes too long they’ll say. Netanyahu could have put a plan into place, and it would have worked, but he chose to obliterate Palestinians instead. That will soon be on his head, and the Islamic State will lose their head as well.

When your only purpose is to dominate, you will lose. It is becoming increasingly clear that neither Israel nor the Islamic State have the ability to think beyond somebody else’s failed policies. That is called insanity.

You may carry out your bombings and beheadings with absolute calm – but when your calm causes chaos, then you stepped outside of the boundaries that your own God set for you. And you know exactly what I mean – because I’m looking through your God’s eyes now – and so are you.


I’m going off the air for a few days – before – during – after – the Ferguson verdict comes down. I had a taste of what’s going to happen to me and my family when I went out and about today in Cleveland, Ohio – because I’m white. They don’t know who I am, all they know is I’m white. I will live to see another day – and fight another day, peacefully, so they don’t have to say ‘oops, wrong person’, while I lay dead in the morgue of a hospital. I heed warnings. Everybody needs to do the same.




If this man had already been arrested 31 times, then he knew the drill of ‘put your hands behind your back so I can cuff you’. It’s strange that when Trayvon Martin repeatedly slammed George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement/cement, blacks on international television said, ‘oh that’s nothin’ – that’s just an ass whoopin’.

But when a cop has his hand placed on a black man’s face holding him against the ground (not pounding his head into the pavement, which is just an ass whoopin’ anyway, according to blacks), then all of a sudden he’s a murderer when the guy unexpectedly dies.

If that 40 something year old repeat offender had asthma, then he should have said he had asthma, he should have worn an asthma bracelet, and he certainly should have stayed out of confrontations with the police – confrontations which in and of themselves are well-known to elicit, provoke, cause, bring on an asthma attack.

When a person is having an asthma attack, if they scream, their bronchial tubes will close up. In order to keep their airways open, they instinctively act in a calm, measured, non-confrontational, non-combative way, and talk slowly, if at all, in a whisper. They cannot concentrate on anything except breathing. I have asthma, I know.

Eric Garner acted no different from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (the Harvard professor who was arrested in Cambridge, MA when he was mistaken for a burglar entering his own house). He acted disproportionately hysterical, screaming with his mouth wide open like a spoiled child who just had his lollipop taken away from him, stamping his feet in false indignation, instead of understanding logically what was really happening here. Oh he understood, he just pretended not to. He then went on to exploit the situation, at the expense of the cop, for the supposed betterment of all black America.

Unfortunately, at least in America, blacks are dying by their own hands, because they don’t know how to follow instructions. That’s not something you can learn in school or on the job. Further, judging from all the black heads on television talk/news shows, they don’t have that ‘able to follow instructions’ gene either. What popped out at me more than anything else, and it was a big, big, wide, high, deep pop, is that blacks across the board, at least in the USA, and judging by how they come to conclusions, do not have the logic gene, or if they do, it’s expressed at the low-end of the logic continuum/spectrum/scale. Just look at Juan Williams as an example.

Ability to follow instructions, thus obey laws, and to form logical conclusions are two important traits/tools necessary for survival.

Violence or threats of violence – used as a solution to solve problems, including the law of the jungle, most recently expressed in and imposed on Ferguson, Missouri and used as a greater terrorism tool, directed to all Americans, staged for national and international television – is saying that we’re not going to obey laws, and we don’t want to be put in jail when we don’t obey laws. We want cops to be our friends, so we can break the laws with impunity. We want to be the ‘mob’. We want to be gangsters. We want to steal other people’s livelihoods using threats of harm. We want to dominate the most powerful nation on earth. It’s that simple. Then we want all of you rich people to buy us new houses, new cars, new clothes, give us college degrees that we don’t earn, and pay us high wages that we don’t work for. Then and only then, maybe we won’t burn your villages, rape your women and set your men on fire.

I find it curious that some participating in the Black American Spring are likening themselves to the Palestinians, when all I see is ISIS – in the actions, the threats, the noise, the burning of villages, the attacks against police and police property, molotov cocktails, the organization, the money, the ability to get huge numbers of people worked up over a slogan to protest for profit, to demonize all police, all authority, all white people, and on and on. They have ISIS in their hearts. Make no mistake about it, their purpose is to instill fear into the minds of every American, regardless of race, but the target is all white people – that’s how they get a group (any group) with aggressive, violent tendencies, deficient in the ability to follow instructions and logically form conclusions who have been historically oppressed by white people to follow THEM.

President Obama and Eric Holder (USA Attorney General, soon to step down from his post) have consistently supported black Americans who terrorize white Americans, by seeking to punish the white people who dared to fight back, calling them racists. They have ISIS in their hearts too.

‘NO JUSTICE NO PEACE’ means give us our revenge in the courts, or we will make war against the police, and all of America. Maybe, just maybe, when the terrorists burn Obama’s house down, or any member of congress’ house down, they will blame the perpetrator of the attack and not all white people for making perpetrators ‘burn that bitch down’.

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