Wake Up The Planet Ep. 5

Affirmative action is dangerous. Hiring unqualified people to do jobs that affect public safety, whether it’s delivering mail (or not delivering it), driving buses, handling food, working on construction, graduating from medical school, working with the elderly is insane. Threatening to burn cities if affirmative action is abolished proves the point. Affirmative action needs toContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 5”


END AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Not all people or groups are good book-learners. What the world needs more of are trade schools. Basic math, writing, speaking skills. Basic science and geography. Ethics. Too many tradespeople learn on the job and make many mistakes in the process. I’m not talking lazy middle or high school type ‘shop’ coursesContinue reading “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION REEKS OF BLACK PRIVILEGE”


Affirmative Action known as positive discrimination in Britain, employment equity in Canada and equal opportunity employment in the USA is fundamentally flawed, because it’s based on prejudice. One could argue that because blacks were discriminated against in the job market, that an equally prejudicial law was required to open the job market to those personsContinue reading “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION REFORM”