When Someone Uses The Words White Supremacist

Q. What does white supremacy mean?

A. It’s a prejudicial term most often used by Africans toward Europeans denoting Europeans supreme over Africans. Supremacy refers to a group and supremacist refers to the individual.

  • As adjectives the difference between superior and supreme is that superior is higher in quality while supreme is dominant, having power over all others.

Q. How does the brain receive and decode it?

A. When somebody calls somebody else a white supremacist, they’re actually saying that the person is supreme to them. They validate the dominance of European over African.

The brain doesn’t automatically travel to Google or Webster’s dictionary to see how the term is defined in any given new edition or edits. Nor how pop culture defines the term.

Clumping all Europeans into the category of supreme or dominant over all Africans assigns a prejudice that doesn’t exist either in all Europeans or in all Africans.

One yields their own power to the dominating power by calling them the dominating power.

I wouldn’t do it, but hey, that’s just me.



Somebody can’t give you high self-esteem – nor low nor anywhere in between.

That’s something you give yourself, something you create yourself out of your view of yourself and your view of your experiences.

Africans are always expecting or wanting Europeans to treat them more special than anyone else, so they can feel better about themselves – especially African women. Why?

  • No, no, we don’t want extra special, or more special than anyone else, we want to be treated the same as everybody else so we don’t feel neglected or looked down upon.

There you go. Okay, thank you.

The fact that you argue the point proves the point of you wanting or needing somebody else to lift you up, somebody else to make you feel better.

It’s okay to feel good when somebody does something good, but to rely on it is where the needy part comes in, that ultimately nobody but you can provide. Not even short term, because it’s always in the short term that we feel most in need of support and most vulnerable. Spurts of trouble don’t last forever, unless you choose for them to last forever.

When you choose that path you know to be trouble, then you also know that there will be no one there to lift you out of it when you scream for help.

How can a person feel neglected by an entire continent that they don’t even live on?

Your esteem doesn’t belong to anybody else. Nobody can take it from you. Momentarily, to take a dive or take a hit, then you rise again in short order. It’s part of the struggle to survive that makes us thrive in a multitudinously diverse and competing world/universe.

When you hand your most precious esteem over to some other individuals, groups or nations to raise for you, they resent it and see you as the diminished person you chose to be in their eyes. Nobody will help you unless you are diminished in their eyes is what you think, what you have seen and what you thus believe.

  • I’m widening the view here for better understanding.

Esteem, high, low or in between comes from within and how you interpret and deal with every moment of your existence.

It is a continuous book of never-ending knowledge about you to you that leaves nothing out. It’s all raw for you to form in any way you want to form it.

It is not a collection or culmination of outside interferences. It’s not even about how you dealt with every blow to the mind, heart and soul. It’s about how you nurtured your own mind, heart and soul to allow for the growth from your own seed, yes your seed, necessary for your survival that makes you thrive in a competing environment.

Do you wish you had somebody else’s esteem? Be careful what you wish for. Yours may be in better condition than the one you covet in somebody else.

When you’re most vulnerable, do you really want some strangers coming in and making decisions for you that ultimately are always in their best interests first, or at minimal in the best interests of everybody else before you? That will not help you feel less neglected, nor more equal in worthiness.

Ask all the detained people who breached the southern border of the USA who were detained for their own safety and for documentation purposes. Do you think they feel neglected after being rescued from the DARK OF THE DESERT? They’re trapped with each other, where they’ll turn on each other.

In the short term suffering, when you are in most need of support and there are no friends around who want to hear about your bad feelings or your bad times is where you gather your own personal strength to survive and thrive. That’s where your esteem comes from – within you.

Nobody else can grow you like you can.

Happy Holidays from the WORD CHEF



Too bad the American Negro chose and demanded of the world that they be called Black, when their true color is brown. By choosing the black rather than the brown label for themselves they opened the door to competition south of the USA border.

That was a huge strategical blunder. What were they thinking, that American Natives got a lot of money by being called Red, so they copied that model? I don’t know of anybody who calls Indians Red. No one. Oh, the Red Skins, a football team. Well, they won’t have that name for long. Washington D. C. of all places, calling their team by a skin color. And where did you get the idea that Red people prospered under the supposed color of their skin?

  • [I never saw a red-skinned person, unless they had a sunburn and even then it was more pink than red. Same is so with white-skinned people. Even albinos when compared with a white paint will not look that color.]

Most Native Indians on reservations live in squalor. Have you ever moved to assist them? Why not? You think that being called by the color of their skin gave them freedom and riches and opportunities?

The Indians negotiated a bad deal that isolated them on reservations. That’s what the Jews are now doing in Palestine, copying the American model of Apartheid. No good will come out of that deal, just as it didn’t with the American Natives.

Just imagine all the people in the world of Spanish descent not being able to cash in on the color brown. That’s them; they’re brown and you’re black. The Spaniards declared it. That means with limited resources, what used to be 100% in your minds, seemingly overnight turned to 50%. You must still be kicking yourselves over that one. In the future as more people breach the border, you’re cut diminishes even more.

Frankly, I don’t like being called white. Never did. Being called a color, is demeaning and disrespectful. I’m a living, breathing human being, not a color.

In my view, being called a color limits another’s perception of who and what you are. Why you all chose to limit yourselves in the eyes of others still baffles me. Most people have a favorite color. Ask, you’ll see. Or their favorite color changes over time. Colors are fickle. Colors aren’t serious. Colors entertain. If you’re going to claim, “oh, you want serious, we’ll show you serious”, that’s not a color talking, that’s a terrorist talking.

If I had to be called something, I’d rather be called European or after one of the many countries where my ancestors were born and raised. Because America is still young as a country, most people who live here call themselves by the countries or continents of the origins of their ancestors. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I never heard an Irish person call themselves American – not here. They wear their heritage, not a color. Okay, green is their color, but not their skin. Scots traditionally like plaid designs in their fabric. They don’t call their skin plaid.

However, if they travel to other countries, it is there that they call themselves American. When they leave home, they bring America with them.

For a while now, I’ve been referencing Blacks or Black people as African. I’m transitioning from an imposed description that I was threatened into using by an entire race of people who burn villages to solve problems, but that I found offensive. I’m done with following orders from people I don’t know and from people who don’t respect me because of the non-color of my skin.

You and Yous are all Africans to me from this day forward. When you attempt to scam me or influence me to my detriment or to the detriment of my family or to the detriment of any other species, then you or yous are Nigerians to me. Yeah, how do like that one? Think that will make the Nigerians hopping mad?


RE: Black African Teens

Since when do we judge a person’s character by what they did as a teen in high school?

If that’s the case, then most black African teens would never get their foot in the door of a decent job or career.

Your past in high school will follow you all the days of your life. There’s no hope for a meaningful future for you.

If the USA judges white European teens from what they did in high school, the same government will judge you the same way.