Proud to be an American? Yes I am.

Sure we’ve got our issues, especially being such a new country – only two hundred and forty-three years old. We have lots of areas we can improve on, in fact in every area, and we as a people strive to do that.

We’ve come a long way in only 243 years, especially compared to those countries who have been around for thousands of years, places where women still can’t drive a car or show their hair in public or don’t have running water or electricity, or places where they hang people for being gay or places that stone people to death or set people on fire or conduct widespread amputations as punishment or spiritual practices, those areas that for whatever reason didn’t advance. They didn’t become better for everyone, only a few.

We didn’t have privilege. We all came with nothing into the wilderness and look what was built?

It’s understandable that people around the globe want to come to a place that already has all the upgrades and leave behind a place that wouldn’t progress to where we are in their lifetime or their children’s lifetimes.

But to come with hatred in your hearts for our leaders and the American people? To break our laws to get here, waving the flags of your countries of origin, shouting hateful messages to the President and the people? That’s difficult for all people everywhere to understand.

Your emotional state is not an acceptable excuse. How long will you be giving that excuse as you continue on a crime spree in order to be free? How long do you think Americans will accept that?

You ask a lot and you give nothing in return – whatever you make you spend in another country, so how do you contribute to the American economy? How do you contribute to its culture when you have to live outside the law?

How many legal immigrants assimilate into American culture?

Sure our leaders and people aren’t perfect – not even close – but look where we are and where you are and tell me that all you ever cared about was the personality of leaders and the people they lead. Because once you take the personality away from the leaders and those they lead, you’ve got a bunch of tough, strong-willed intelligent people who know when to say no, when to say yes and when to find a compromise or a new solution altogether to make and keep their country great and safe.

You don’t like the leaders nor the people in your own countries, and instead of trying to work to change what you have, you go to another country and continue the hatred for leaders and the people they lead there. So what’s the purpose? Can’t you see why people call you gold-diggers? You’re coming for gold, not to share an experience of living in the greatest nation on earth.

That you don’t want to come here for the purpose of contributing to that end, and getting along with the citizens and their leaders, but only for your own selfish needs, alarms those families who helped build what we now have.

You’re not coming to contribute to its continuing success; you’re coming to exploit it. You’re coming to turn it into the country and its people that you left – a country and its people that you hated enough to leave both behind.

So why with all that hatred, anger and expectations of entitlement before you even breach the border with no plans beyond breaking the law would you think Americans should welcome you with open arms?

All the countries you could have gone to if you really were in imminent danger won’t allow you to exploit them. You knowing this, go to one that you think will.

You do yourselves no favors by insulting the American people and America’s leaders, before you even get here. Whoever is leading you in that effort does not have your best interests in mind. They are exploiting you, just as you seek to exploit America. It’s important to your survival that you understand that.




Nothing is being done to Blacks in America that they can’t fix themselves by changing their own ideology and behavior from anarchy to civilized, especially where laws and procedures are designed to protect responding officers from harm by people who think the law shouldn’t apply to them due to their race and culture.

Blacks in America want affirmative action for crimes committed and to be treated under the Constitution of the USA as a protected class of people, based on their race and their self-proclaimed innate inability to understand thus follow or obey the laws of the land.

The American African seeks privilege outside the law based solely on their race.

Their stated desire to make friendships with police takes us back to the days of the Mafia, when friendships meant not having to obey the law. If I’m your friend you can’t arrest me. If you’re my friend you have to turn the other way when I commit a crime.

I never wanted to be friends with a police officer. I was brought up to fear them. Blacks on T.V. get all damp-eyed when telling stories about telling their kids to fear the police.  What is THAT all about? My mother told us that if we were ever arrested she’d let us rot in jail. She didn’t expect us to be friends with police nor for the police to raise us. She would have had a fit if she discovered that I was playing ball with a stranger who was also a police officer. And if we did something wrong it would be all on us, not on society or the other kid’s fault or the fault of their parents.

Adult American Africans really do act like children. Our own president and first lady act like children, getting all upset over being Black. What’s the big deal. Grow a pair. Oh, somebody looked at me funny when I entered a store. Yeah, well they look at me funny too. I don’t get all teary-eyed thinking it’s my race. So what if it is.

Blacks always preaching to everybody else on how to act, crumble like a dry cookie when somebody looks at them. What’s that all about? Ever see how they look at white people?

Stop trying to skirt the law. Stop all that fake emotion too. Nobody has to like you because of your color.

If you want to be liked and respected, then act likable and respectable.

You can be handicapped by prejudice. You can’t be handicapped by race.




Israel is getting ready to make a monumental move.

Remember this: There is not one Israeli who would lay down his/her life for anything American.


Don’t come to America for just the money opportunity

Only together can we rise above our differences, our prejudices, our weaknesses.

Only together can we become strong individuals within a strong nation, that we call home.

Only together, with all our individual talents, can we keep our homeland free – free from terror, free from oppression, free to be, to excel, free to love and be loved.

We already have 50 states. We don’t need one hundred separate countries within those states.

When you migrate to America, don’t come for just the money opportunity, while you set up a separate country within America.

We already have 50 states. We don’t need one hundred separate countries within those states.

Come to America to become an American – to call America your home.

Don’t pack your prejudices along with your belongings for your journey to your new home.

Come to be free from that which oppressed you.





President Obama just gave the King of Jordan 200 million dollars of tax payers money for the King to do essentially whatever he wants with it, without making a single demand to curb human rights abuses on behalf of those Americans footing the bill to keep this oppressive dictator in power, who would sell his mother for a nickel to keep himself a king.

It’s against the law to criticize the King of Jordan. Any country that has a law stating that any citizen cannot criticize the ruler who controls their lives is an oppressive, dangerous regime.

Mob beatings and sexual assaults (large and small) are spreading like wild fire around the globe. Most places where they occur have kept them quiet. One of those countries remaining quiet is the USA. They’re usually instigated by government agents working inside the mob to isolate and take down dissidents, that’s why little is done to the perpetrators. Once instigated the mob rule takes over, and the instigator agent disappears from the scene.

Where there is a protest, large or small, government agents are there for the sole purpose of disrupting the protest, so where’s the freedom in that? When the people with an opposing view want to join the protest that’s fine, but when the opposing view comes from the government, and it always does, then that’s oppressive.

Although all governments truly do believe that they, as a small group of governing people, know what’s best for the majority of the others, whom I call the populace, they rarely in fact do. All people, when given the choice will do what’s best for themselves first, their families and the small group of associates to which they belong. Even though some belong to a much larger, wider group of like mindedness or like circumstances, they rarely give to that larger group the same considerations that they give to their immediate self and clan, which makes them behave in greedy, self-serving ways.

Disrupting a protest isn’t meant for the purpose of breaking up a crowd. In the USA it’s supposed to be legal to protest, so why try to disrupt it? Because the government wants to block that idea, block that innovative thought that if heard by the masses might upset their cozy little contractual arrangements with purveyors of torture, war and bad products.  They like to isolate people’s ‘bad’ ideas and thoughts that might put this country or any country on the right track for better lives for all. Isolate them, demoralize them with beatings and sexual attacks and fear of harm to family and business. All governments do it.

The news interviews and reports seemed to indicate that it was the Arab Spring itself, the rise of the populace against injustices by their governments, that created these mob beatings and mob sexual attacks. The people taking the law into their own hands and demonstrating a new  resistance to the resistance, as well as the government resistance to the rebels, forming a triangular situation on the ground where all sides are trying to influence the other sides to see an issue, all issues their way is the dynamic we see in any protest.

Telling women (or men) to stay home, in order to prevent being beaten or sexually assaulted is a typical male dominated world response, and many times, most times, other women who wouldn’t stand up for theirs’ or their daughters’ or grand daughters’ rights will be the first to say it, blaming the woman for her own assault. A police officer in Cleveland once told me, “If you don’t want to get assaulted when you go out, then don’t go to public places.”

Arab countries are well-versed and rehearsed in mobs. They know how to control mobs and how to control the individual people who want to change their own lives, their families lives and all lives for the better, who are called the dissidents, the criminals who dare challenge the status quo. Criticize the King, off with your head. Obama likes that idea. He likes being surrounded by men with guns, he likes being a King himself.

The Arabs have been controlling mobs for thousands of years. They do it by intimidation, humiliation, enslavement, torture and slaughter. That’s where the protest train leads–to slaughter. Everybody knows it in the Middle East. Why doesn’t Obama, after four years in Presidents College know that? Is he too busy  being a Hollywood actor, doing photo ops all day everyday, or is he just sleeping in class? Obama needs to stop telling some countries to keep living under oppressive rule, while he tells people of other countries too rise up against their leaders. Who is this guy, anyway?

Obama didn’t give the King of Jordan 200 million dollars of your money to feed a bunch of refugees from Syria. The King won’t use the money for that, everybody knows it–but you. You’re the one Obama always lies to–the people, the populace, the average people, the not too bright people, the ones whom he has to decide for, because you’re not capable nor fit to make your own decisions about how you think your money should be spent and on whom.

What Obama got for your money was all Jew-driven. He got the King to say that Iran was going to drop a bomb on Israel the minute they have one, so Israel will be justified in a preemptive strike with the backing of the USA military, plus as a bonus he got the King to turn his back on the Palestinian people still living in Palestine. A pimp and a whore, both working for Israel. Looks like Netanyhau won. He in one trip that somebody else made (he didn’t have to move an inch) brought Obama and King Abdullah to their knees. The USA got nothing out of the deal. The King gets to stay a King, but as a traitor of his own people. It’s all bad.