MY Tom Brady MUSCLE ANALOGY For Politicians – actually for everybody



Yeah, not a punch, not a kick, not a slap or turning of the back, but a pliable move.

Show some pliability in your actions. Different than flexibility, which stretches and conditions only the extreme ends of the muscles, where they attach themselves to the bone and not the middle, biggest part that needs equal attention and consideration for a totally developed package.

Are you neglecting the middle part of the muscle?

Most people do. In fact, nearly all people do.

Is that you?

Put some pliability into your plans to change the world.

You’ll be glad you did.

You will outperform every other politician – on or off the field of politics.

Pick a field any field, the same holds true.



The Hand Analogy

My hands look the same. One is right, one is left.

Although they look the same, they don’t act the same and they both can’t perform the same functions equally well. They are not equally proficient.

One is dominant and the other functions in a more supportive role. You hold a piece of fabric with one hand, then sew the fabric with the other hand. It’s a little more complicated and intricate than that, but both hands are necessary – equally necessary.

Both hands are equally worthy as hands. Lose one, either one, and you’ll discover that truth instantaneously.

Some people are ambidextrous, but not in all ways. They can write with both hands, eat with both, but there are still differences. I wonder if being ambidextrous improves the overall functionality and performance of both hands working together?

I wonder if that’s something a person can put on a resume, as an indication of increased proficiency at certain jobs?

If a person is ambidextrous and loses one hand, what does that mean, since it’s the brain that controls the dexterity? Is the person super-dextrous in the hand left intact?

If the brain can’t differentiate specific duties of the right and the left hands, then when one hand is gone, does the brain even know it?

Both hands are treated/regarded equally, so one less hand, means the same as two hands?

I don’t know, but I think I’m going to start making a few more demands on my left hand to see what happens with my brain.

There’s an analogy here, but you’re going to have to look for it, since my left hand on the keyboard is playing the slacker today. It’s listening to the right side of my brain that keeps saying play don’t work. It’s Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday all in one.