Update On My Ancestry DNA

Previous Estimate Scandinavia 31% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 21% Europe East 21% Ireland & Scotland 20% Iberian Peninsula 6% Europe West 1% Current Estimate: England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 50% Ireland & Scotland 24% Baltic States 21% Sweden 2% Norway 2% Basque 1% CURRENT MAPS 50% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe Primarily located in: England, Scotland, Wales Also found in: Ireland, France,Continue reading “Update On My Ancestry DNA”

The Real Natives In The USA and Canada

My grandfather was born and raised in Inverness, Quebec Canada, yet my DNA results do not reflect me as being Canadian. I was born and raised in the Unites States of America, yet there is no DNA marker that proves that I am an American. Canada and the United States are not ethnicities. The ethnicitiesContinue reading “The Real Natives In The USA and Canada”