The History Of The Great White Ape

If we all descended from the ape then what happened to the white apes? The black apes ate them, then they all went bananas. Then where did white people come from? Bananas.More

Palestine can be invaded without violence – The Jews do it all over the world

If Jews worldwide have a Right Of Return, when they never even lived in Palestine – only some of their very long ago ancestors did – then so do Palestinians have the Right Of Return – even more so than Jews – since they never left Palestine as Jews did en masse looking for greener…More

Ethnicity Estimate UPDATED for Sharon

NEW Ethnicity Estimate RECEIVED 10/23/019 England, Wales & Northwestern Europe Primarily located in: Belgium, Channel Islands, England, Wales 46% Your ethnicity estimate is 46%, but it can range from 40—54%. About this Region The history of Britain, the heart of our England, Wales & Northwestern Europe region, is often presented as one group of invaders after another…More

Update On My Ancestry DNA

Previous Estimate Scandinavia 31% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 21% Europe East 21% Ireland & Scotland 20% Iberian Peninsula 6% Europe West 1% Current Estimate: England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 50% Ireland & Scotland 24% Baltic States 21% Sweden 2% Norway 2% Basque 1% CURRENT MAPS 50% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe Primarily located in: England, Scotland, Wales Also found in: Ireland, France,…More