Catching Up – The Cleveland Hustle 11-03-2018

I see thousands of people who support forcibly impregnating young girls to gain entry to the United States litterbugging their way to freedom from oppression? Does anybody know how that looks? Thousands of miles of trash left by poor people wanting to move to a place where everything is free? How do poor people create so much trash, and then just leave it for somebody else to clean up?

That’s how they do it? And they say they’re better than the people whom they leave behind who have to clean up what’s left of their respective countries – alone? Who’s cleaning up all this trash along thousands of miles of somebody else’s land? Yeah. Who’s footing the bill? Yeah.

How much cash does ICE give each person to financially sustain them until they achieve gainful employment after they cross the border? They don’t?  I thought they were poor. How do they pay human smugglers if they’re so poor? Where do they get the money? Poor people don’t have savings accounts – not with THAT much money in them. So they arrive with no cash, right? I mean do they have credit cards? Where would they get them? Oh, so the plan is to steal their way into the country, then steal all the while they’re there until they get a job that can support them and all their family?

For how long? No end date? Who are they allowed to steal from? Is this all planned out ahead of time? Is there a job listing someplace that provides jobs to anybody who applies that pays enough to support a family?

This isn’t five hundred years ago when people moved into a wilderness to take their chances with the elements. This is a different world – five hundred years later. You need money and a means to support yourselves now. This country is already built. The countries they left are already built. People already did the sacrificing; now these ungrateful hooligans want to make them sacrifice again, just for them, without anything to offer in return? Just let us in or we’ll huff and we’ll puff and blow your house up?

Does the government notify businesses in advance to tell them to let them steal what they want after they force themselves over the border into American lives? Who reimburses the store owners and restaurants? Nobody? Oh, so they raise their prices for everybody else. I was wondering why prices go up so often in the area where I live. So what they steal gets passed onto me – the working poor.

That ‘no end date’ for committing crimes is way out of control. People are suffering because of rampant theft.

People with jobs, full-time jobs, walk around with designer everything from head to toe, buying from the street. Not actually on the street, but in taverns, bars, restaurants, from people who steal merchandise, who walk in like they were invited to set up a ‘hot merchandise’ booth, and everybody participates, the bartenders, waiters, patrons, looking over the merchandise, deciding whether and what to buy.

Those who don’t participate get bullied, “What you’re too good for this? Yeah, wait till you’re in his shoes, you’ll do the same thing. At least he’s not begging.” I had to say “no” about ten times before he gave up on me; then he came back to try me again.  I wondered about all the people he approached that have pensions, social security checks, and drinking money, what was their excuse for buying stolen property?

It’s not just non-food items; it’s food too. Wait till Thanksgiving; frozen turkeys and everything that goes with it, nuts too (nuts are a big-small item) will be popping up in every establishment. The police don’t go out, they’ll get shot – that was the plan all along.

How do get amnesty for stealing? Shoot a few cops when they come out on a call, then riot and destroy the businesses. They’ll get the message. Yeah, they got, it. I got it too.

If perchance they don’t have any stolen merchandise to sell, they enter an establishment, in a group, dressed to the nines, slam their designer purses on the bar or table, so everybody looks up, one of them will slap their hand on the bar/table, to let you know they’re in charge, order top shelf everything, then when they’ve had enough, but haven’t quite finished, they’ll falsely accuse a white person of doing something racially motivated, then get super loud and confrontational, then walk out without paying for anything with the bartender’s or owner’s apologies.

Nobody did nor said anything to them. They played every part, even the white person’s part. Everybody backs down. Except me, when they did it to me, I stood my ground and got as loud in defense of MY self, MY rights as they were against me.

It went on for a long time. They still got their meals and top-shelf Long Island Ice teas for free, but I didn’t back down slithering into somebody else’s shadow for protection like I see so many others do. The entire tavern knew I wasn’t backing down. The bartender figured because I was a local, a good tipper and knew her that I’d be back, that she’d back down to the hustlers, then when they come back, which all hustlers do when they succeed, she’d hustle THEM. She wasn’t afraid of losing any money from my sector, so in essence, took their side over mine by giving them free meals and drinks. Well, I didn’t go back and I won’t. Those black African female hustlers cost that bartender and that owner some serious change. Steve and I have been going there for ten years. I don’t participate in the hustle. The bartender, who isn’t afraid of anybody, should have known that.

The bartender who thought she knew me, gambled and lost.

This happens all over Cleveland, all the time. And they get away with it because the Cleveland mayor gave them permission to break the law, supported by Eric Holder and Barack Obama, back when they were relevant. It’s not that blacks don’t know that stealing is wrong. Hey, they burn their own people alive for stealing in Continental Africa. So this ignorance of right and wrong is just another hustle. They burn people alive for snitching, right here in Cleveland. Wherever black Africans gather, there’s a hustle going on. Rich or poor their socio-economic status doesn’t matter.

Sure they have a conscience, just like most people, but the part of the conscience that blocks the behavior after determining that it’s wrong is shut off. It doesn’t work. The switch to the con is on. I’m not sure if it broke, or if the off capability was never there. If it was never there, then the world is screwed. Ever wonder what’s wrong with Africa? No, it isn’t the white guy. It’s the switch. It’s stuck in the on position.

I never owned a designer purse, or shoes, or jewelry. If I can’t afford it, I don’t steal it or buy what other people steal. Are you kidding? This is what the black leaders tell blacks to do? So what, they’ll get burned alive for doing it? No, no, from the white guy, steal from the white guy; he won’t burn you alive; just give him your jungle stare and scare the daylights out of him – or her. Those white people won’t call the cops. Besides, the cops buy the same stolen stuff.

Black rich people love to buy from the street. That’s their contribution to their brothers and sisters who are less well off than they are. They nickel and dime them though. I never saw one of those well-off government operative black people who buy from the street in a tavern, offer to buy their brother or sister, selling the junk, a drink. If they’re feeling so sorry for them, that they buy their expensive stolen stuff cheap, then how ’bout buying the poor guy or gal a top-shelf Long Island ice tea, like the one they ordered for themselves? See, that’s where they give themselves away.

Well, these hustlers picked the wrong white woman to hustle. I’ve lived on my own for a very long time and I know how to take care of myself. It isn’t by running away in fear from a hustler. I stand my ground. I do not waiver. Hey, I’m familiar with hustlers on the street. I speak to them. Look them in the eye, talk to them like I talk to you. Sometimes if I have some cash on me, I give it – not always change either. They know I don’t put up with violence or intimidation and they respect that line I draw.

What happened in that tavern never should have happened. Somebody gave somebody else wrong intel on me and were they shocked at my response.

One day I looked out the window and thought for a few seconds I was looking at a page from a National Geographic magazine. A tall African woman dressed in a long floral dress, flip-flops and a cloth-wrapped jug support on her head was carrying on that head a case of bottled water – twenty-four to a pack – in Cleveland near The Edge of Lakewood.

I thought, wow, how does she do that? Africans must have hard heads to support that weight. If she’s poor, why not drink tap water? It’s free. That’s what most people drink. Not for them though. It’s bottled water, and that’s free too. They walk into stores and just take the water. The country from whence they came, must have given out free bottled water, so every time they see bottled water (and anything else they want) in a convenience or grocery store, they just take it and walk out.

How do I know? Because we saw two of the hustlers pushing a grocery cart from Lucky’s Market up the street the day before filled with cases of bottled water, taking it to a convenience store to sell cheap. They could hardly push the cart, it has piled so high.

This is what happens: Hustlers steal the cases of bottled water, say from a grocery store. They sell them cheap to local convenience stores. Other hustlers go in and steal them from the convenience stores to sell to somebody on the street or in a bar.

When Lucky’s opened, it was like a free market just came to town. Every hustler from miles around showed up. It looked like a caravan of merchandise leaving the store in Lucky’s own carts destined for other parts of the neighborhood to be sold for cash. Nobody says anything.

Some new employees on the inside were evidently working with them. That’s what happens when a big company moves in and wants to hire from the neighborhood to keep the City Council members happy. But that in no way is a requirement. They’ll steal whether they have someone on the inside or not. When someone does finally call the cops, it’s always about racism, never about stealing.

Downtown last week I went into a dollar store. Dollar? Really? Then why is everything so expensive? An African man slides in past me, looking in every direction around him, then slithers up to a rack, opens his coat, removes something from the rack, slides it carefully and quickly under his belt, grunts and groans something about ‘yeah, right, I’ll pay you later, I really need these ah I don’t have any money’, as he hip-hops then slides past me like a wind pushed him out the door. The owner looked up from the register and immediately looked down when he saw me looking at him. This is what happened: The African guy followed me into the store and used me as a shield to block the owner’s view as he stole a pair of sunglasses. It was a crime of opportunity.

Out the door, just like that.


The most destructive hustlers are those who falsely accuse people in front of a crowd for the purpose of swaying the crowd in their favor and disrupting the establishment to get the attention of the people in charge. The owner gives them what they want – rips up their food and drink tab, so they eat and drink for free – just to get them out of the store/restaurant and restore the establishment to quiet.

Nobody talks about the real victims here – the ones falsely accused by the hustlers trying to get free food and drinks, who have no available recourse in the aftermath of the hit. People remember what was said about somebody else in that circumstance. It’s a relatively small community – most communities are small or a smaller part of a bigger city. It changes someone’s view – it’s never for the betterment of anyone, except the hustler who really doesn’t care about anything but the hustle. The victims live with that scar. Every time the people who witnessed the hit see the person who took the hit, they see something bad, something grotesque, something not good, even though the only thing the victim did wrong was to walk out of the house baring their white skin.

I see a good reason for white people to start wearing black make-up when they leave the house: for personal protection against aggressive, malicious, black hustlers wanting to exercise their black power.

People are talking about it, whereas they didn’t in the past, which means they’re getting fed up with having to tolerate people breaking the law by permission of the government, and the tenuous position it puts the waiters in who have to deal with the sudden outbursts by the hustlers, plus the reputation factor of those falsely accused, who now have the equivalent of a scarlet letter hanging on their necks everywhere they go.

I guess I shouldn’t call it a ‘scarlet letter’. What should I call it? It deserves a name. The black African Fist hanging around my neck? Black power. That’s about right. Black power takes your money, reputation, and confidence all in one hustle. That’s the goal in addition to the hustle part, making you fear them. I was BLACK-FISTED at a local tavern by a black African female USA government operative wanting to make her bones using me. The fear part didn’t work with me, but it could have, had it gotten out of control.

The Operative Plan is to Pop the White Person – verbally assault them till they do or say something they would not have said nor done otherwise. Eventually, this strategy will be called and addressed for what it is: INCITEMENT and PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE, amounting to psychological torture. It’s like these black hustlers are all trained in harsh interrogation techniques. White people aren’t going around intentionally trying to pop black people to get free meals and drinks that they can well afford, or to tape record them, which amounts to spying on their private conversations, hoping they say something they can use to embarrass them for extortion and/or blackmail purposes.

The American Black is not looking very good right now. The malicious intent of their actions prove the Nigerian scam root, that is, unfortunately, painting everybody in the group with the same brush. That’s the problem when you identify with such a large group of people, in which so many harbor the same qualities that foster superiority and hatred toward anyone who doesn’t look and act as you do.

It’s a stressful environment, and the ones mostly being hustled are those living from paycheck to paycheck. This social engineering spear-headed by Cleveland FBI isn’t working. But the mayor keeps saying it is. That’s only because whites aren’t burning the city in response to the massive social injustices being served upon them by black Africans in Cleveland per permission of all those in authority.

Hate crimes are being committed against white people every day in every way that blacks can figure out a way to inflict pain and suffering onto the color they love to hate, while emptying their white pockets and instilling fear, thus terror, into their white lives and the lives of their white families, so when they return, the white person gives them what they want, before they stage the hustle.

Justifying what blacks do by claiming white people do the same does not exonerate the crimes. Whites don’t do it as a racial group, or as a right based on their DNA. With blacks and browns, it’s institutionalized based on color as an entitlement. It appears now that the only result from the FBI wiping out the Italian – Jewish – Irish – Russian Mobs was that it allowed the Black and Brown Mobs to flourish mostly undetected and with impunity. It starts in the neighborhoods. Being that it’s as open and common as it is in Cleveland neighborhoods means they’re already infected, which also means Cleveland isn’t the only place where these hate crimes, against white people for no other reason than they’re white, are being committed.

Does this sound familiar? Hijacking trucks full of merchandise to sell to business owners and patrons at a reduced rate, but still for profit.

The Black Mafia has risen. Okay, Black and Brown. It deserves a better name than that. Using Mafia is stealing somebody else’s brand name. How about the B&B Mob? The blacks and browns hate each other, so why would they ever want to join forces?

That begs another question? Why would the USA want to bring into its country, without question, mass numbers of people from one of the most dangerous terrorist nations on earth – Honduras, a breeding ground for terrorists who want to control the drug trade in the USA, using the USA as their home base?

What comes next is anybody’s guess.




Benjamin Netanyahu urged the USA to go to war against Iran because a past Iranian president denied what happened to Jews during World War II a holocaust/genocide, yet refuses to call what the Turks did to the Armenians 100 years ago the holocaust/genocide it was.

The USA, under the guidance of President Barack Obama, supposedly the leader of the ‘free’ world followed suit.

What, no justice no peace? A simple acknowledgement that will help heal, Benjamin and Barack couldn’t muster?

If they, with all their power can’t call a holocaust/genocide what it is, then how can they expect anybody else without that power to recognize a holocaust/genocide when they see it, know it, experience it?

The leaders of the world put their blinders on when it politically suits them, but expect the populace to live and operate with eyes wide open. Who’s really leading here?

The world deserves better than that.

You both failed miserably on this one. You can’t close your eyes and then tell the rest of us that you know and see more than we do.

Holocaust/genocide matters in case you forgot to take your conscience pills this morning.




If this man had already been arrested 31 times, then he knew the drill of ‘put your hands behind your back so I can cuff you’. It’s strange that when Trayvon Martin repeatedly slammed George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement/cement, blacks on international television said, ‘oh that’s nothin’ – that’s just an ass whoopin’.

But when a cop has his hand placed on a black man’s face holding him against the ground (not pounding his head into the pavement, which is just an ass whoopin’ anyway, according to blacks), then all of a sudden he’s a murderer when the guy unexpectedly dies.

If that 40 something year old repeat offender had asthma, then he should have said he had asthma, he should have worn an asthma bracelet, and he certainly should have stayed out of confrontations with the police – confrontations which in and of themselves are well-known to elicit, provoke, cause, bring on an asthma attack.

When a person is having an asthma attack, if they scream, their bronchial tubes will close up. In order to keep their airways open, they instinctively act in a calm, measured, non-confrontational, non-combative way, and talk slowly, if at all, in a whisper. They cannot concentrate on anything except breathing. I have asthma, I know.

Eric Garner acted no different from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (the Harvard professor who was arrested in Cambridge, MA when he was mistaken for a burglar entering his own house). He acted disproportionately hysterical, screaming with his mouth wide open like a spoiled child who just had his lollipop taken away from him, stamping his feet in false indignation, instead of understanding logically what was really happening here. Oh he understood, he just pretended not to. He then went on to exploit the situation, at the expense of the cop, for the supposed betterment of all black America.

Unfortunately, at least in America, blacks are dying by their own hands, because they don’t know how to follow instructions. That’s not something you can learn in school or on the job. Further, judging from all the black heads on television talk/news shows, they don’t have that ‘able to follow instructions’ gene either. What popped out at me more than anything else, and it was a big, big, wide, high, deep pop, is that blacks across the board, at least in the USA, judging by how they come to conclusions, do not have the logic gene, or if they do, it’s expressed at the low-end of the logic continuum/spectrum/scale. Just look at Juan Williams as an example.

Ability to follow instructions, thus obey laws, and to form logical conclusions are two important traits/tools necessary for survival.

Violence or threats of violence – used as a solution to solve problems, including the law of the jungle, most recently expressed in and imposed on Ferguson, Missouri and used as a greater terrorism tool, directed at all Americans, staged for national and international television – is saying that we’re not going to obey laws, and we don’t want to be put in jail when we don’t obey laws. We want cops to be our friends, so we can break the laws with impunity. We want to be the ‘mob’. We want to be gangsters. We want to steal other people’s livelihoods using threats of harm. We want to dominate the most powerful nation on earth. It’s that simple. Then we want all of you rich people to buy us new houses, new cars, new clothes, give us college degrees that we don’t earn, and pay us high wages that we don’t work for. Then and only then, maybe we won’t burn your villages, rape your women and set your men on fire.

I find it curious that some participating in the Black American Spring are likening themselves to the Palestinians, when all I see is ISIS – in the actions, the threats, the noise, the burning of villages, the attacks against police and police property, molotov cocktails, the organization, the money, the ability to get huge numbers of people worked up over a slogan to protest for profit, to demonize all police, all authority, all white people, and on and on. They have ISIS in their hearts. Make no mistake about it, their purpose is to instill fear into the minds of every American, regardless of race, but the target is all white people – that’s how they get a group (any group) with aggressive, violent tendencies, deficient in the ability to follow instructions and logically form conclusions who have been historically oppressed by white people to follow THEM.

President Obama and Eric Holder (USA Attorney General, soon to step down from his post) have consistently supported black Americans who terrorize white Americans, by seeking to punish the white people who dared to fight back, calling them racists. They have ISIS in their hearts too.

‘NO JUSTICE NO PEACE’ means give us our revenge in the courts, or we will make war against the police, and all of America. Maybe, just maybe, when the terrorists burn Obama’s house down, or any member of congress’ house down, they will blame the perpetrator of the attack and not all white people for making perpetrators ‘burn that bitch down’.


Since 8 March 2014, when passengers and crew aboard Malaysian fight MH370 disappeared while in flight to Beijing I’ve been waiting for Barack Obama to say something publicly about the disappearance of a Boeing 777 jet and all aboard. Nothing.

I stayed glued to the television set, day after day after day. Nothing from Obama. No concern, no words of comfort to the sometimes screaming families begging for answers, tormented by the bizarre and sudden disappearance of an entire plane and everybody on it. The majority of the passengers on that flight were Chinese. There were no offers of help from the USA, no infamous drones sent to search the ocean surface. Nothing. Only when there was no longer any hope for survivors did the USA send what amounts to a remote controlled flashlight to supposedly map the ocean floor, but only because that part of the Indian Ocean had never been mapped.

Then on 3 May 2014 it happened, he finally broke his silence on the night of the White House Correspondence Dinner making jokes about CNN’s expansive coverage of the missing plane and all on board. He made jokes about having to go to Malaysia, jokes about CNN ‘searching’ for their seats.

How unbefitting of a president claiming to rule the world (we’re the most powerful nation on earth is the forever refrain); how unbefitting of a human being (president or not). Some thought it was because there were only three Americans on board that flight, most of them Chinese, and Obama didn’t want to cut the Chinese any slack, since they’d been having disputes with Japan over the Senkaku Islands and disputes with the Phillipines and Vietnam over islands in the South China Sea. There are always strings attached to any help the USA gives any country. That’s why the USA makes the demand that the country needing the assistance ask for it.

Once asked, the USA makes further demands of that country, usually in the form of concessions to one of their enemies in a dispute. Most people call it extortion. And since the USA is the most powerful nation on earth, technologically speaking, they’re the ones always holding the gun (or in many cases the bomb) to another country’s head.

Now, flash forward to 200+ girls abducted In Nigeria. Obama’s all over it. Yet, none of those abducted are Americans. A spokesperson for the State Department, in the beginning, as a response to why the USA wasn’t doing anything to help (after all, Obama claims on a regular basis to be Black) said, “unfortunately they didn’t ask”. It didn’t take long though before news outlets reported drones being sent to Nigeria to find those girls.

Obama didn’t waste any time either in stating publicly on television his reason for helping to locate these abducted girls – because he has two daughters, that’s why. He could relate to the daughter thing. It also helped that the abducted girls were Black. But he couldn’t relate to the Chinese thing, because he evidently doesn’t have any Chinese children. Even his wife, Michelle Obama, is all over it campaigning for the release of 200+ girls. Where was she when that plane disappeared? What side of the fence was she on? Obviously not the side of the passengers on that jet. She laughed all night at her husbands despicable, insensitive and racially charged jokes about that missing plane from Malaysia and all on board and CNN’s coverage of it.

Donald Sterling lost a ball team because he didn’t want to rent to Blacks (that’s the real reason). Obama cheered. That ship sails both ways. Maybe this country and all its inhabitants should be taken away from Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Their joint racism is glaringly obvious, but because he’s the president with a gun to every citizen’s head, who would dare say it?

When it’s a Black kid, they’re on board. When it’s a Chinese kid, they joke about the tragedy. The President of the United States cannot insert levity into the disappearance of a plane and all those on Malaysian flight MH370, when they’ve yet to be found.

Aside: When reporting on CIA prisons referred to as CIA ‘black sites’ in other countries (no, Obama did not close all CIA prisons), while simultaneously reporting on a person making the claim that he was taken to one of the ‘black sites’ by airplane, yet when flight records were checked by ‘authorities’ a flight did not match up to the person’s claim of date and approximate time, John Sifton made this observation:

“John Sifton, the Asia advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, who has spent more than a decade investigating the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation program testified before the commission last year and said “the fact that the flight records of CIA aircraft that are public do not include a flight that matches Mr. al-Asad’s trajectory is not indicative of anything in and of itself.””

Sifton said the CIA could “easily circumvent data collection” and “aircraft used by the CIA could easily be rendered untraceable while flying in and around Djibouti.”

Link to article here >

[After all, the secret CIA prisons wouldn’t remain secret if there were records of rendition flights and if those flights could be seen on radar or via satellite. The USA is the most technologically advanced country in the world.

What country commandeered flight MH370 that night? The USA can disrupt Iran’s nuclear computers from the USA. What other country has the technological might and the will to do it – commandeer a plane? Israel? According to President Bush, the Palestinians attacked America on 9-11 because they laughed about it (well, they were treated as if they attacked America). See where that laughing at other people’s tragedies and misery gets you? 

Barack Obama owes an apology to the families of all those on Malaysian flight MH370. And then he needs to step down. He can’t Benghazi this one away.]

Funny isn’t it, how no satellite images existed for the plane that disappeared – hazy at best – as CIA controlled news agencies kept laughing at China finding a ‘ping’ sound in the ocean. But when 200+ Black girls are abducted, crisp, high resolution pictures via USA satellites popped up all over the internet.

No, it isn’t funny, it’s tragic that the USA would pick and choose whose lives are relevant, whose lives matter and whose don’t. That’s called racism.


Every USA person in the House of Representatives, every person in the Senate, every President, not exempting the current President of the USA, whom all claim to be against slavery, support the enslavement of Palestinians by Jews.

I don’t care anymore about a greater cause, that has yet to be defined, that will get you re-elected, and you promising in your own mind that you’ll do something for those enslaved, particularly the Palestinians, even though you ran against them, because you know as I know that it is on their backs that you get to feel that power again of being in charge.

The next person coming down the pike, once your term limit expires, will think and do the same thing as their predecessor. How does that make you feel? Probably good, since if you couldn’t do it, you certainly don’t want anybody else to accomplish what you couldn’t.

And don’t you after all, once your term limit is up, have to be concerned about the next person in your party, of whom you’re so publicly proud, but in private despise? You have to campaign for a person in the likeness of you? And what does that accomplish? If you couldn’t get it done, why would you expect that somebody just like you can get it done?

The Brookings Institute or something like that recently gave as a reason to stay in Afghanistan (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘there’s nothing they (meaning Afghans) would like better than knowing we couldn’t go the distance; essentially we couldn’t stay long enough to whip their asses.’

Frankly all the think-tanks cry the same story line, so what’s the use of having think-tanks, people smarter than anybody else, who all think the same, who aren’t changing the world for the better; they all advocate bombs to make individuals, neighborhoods, nations succumb.

Succumb to what?

To what, is what I keep asking myself?

The Palestinians have the audacity to fight back. If the world thinks that every ‘people’ have a right to defend their honor, their land, their families against an aggressor, then why not the Palestinians? Why are they not allowed? Enslavement is why. Those enslaved don’t have that universal right.

Nelson Mandela can rise up and make Black people rise up against their oppressors, the white people, using horrific torture methods of “necklacing”, and he’s Obama’s hero.

When the Palestinians rise up, not in unison because of fear, but one at a time, they’re called terrorists.

You can’t have it both ways, President Obama, though as a dictator now you think you can. All dictators think they know it all, that they know what’s best for their country and the world. And all dictators use horrific methods to achieve their ends – ends that never really accomplish much. Nothing really. In the end nothing.

In the best interests of the USA? Palestinians didn’t take those towers down in New York city. A son of Saudi Arabia took those towers down. Saudi Arabia knew their son; they knew he would do it. They made no attempt to stop him. None.

Is anybody enslaving anybody in Saudi Arabia? It’s not about women; they support their enslavement; it’s not about children; they were born into the life. It’s about the Kingdom. It’s about one of the most vile Kingdom’s on earth.

The Kingdom in Saudi Arabia is afraid – yes afraid – not of Iran as an aggressor, but that Iran will become liberated. Next stop Saudi Arabia. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not, on any terms, accept that. They’d rather team up with Israel than relinquish their Kingdom, because Israel knows all about enslaving those they view – a startling view – as inferior, thus not worthy of freedom to be.

Barack Obama (this is Mama talking; that’s what the CIA calls me among other more hurtful names), you don’t have to free the Palestinians with bombs; they don’t want any more bombs dropped on them.

Israel already does that on a regular basis.Each time they’re rejected by the world community for who knows what any more, they commit massacres against the same enslaved  ‘people’. Their gardens  are dug up, because of Israeli paranoia, that if you plant food, there’s a bomb or a gun in the soil beneath.

Barack Obama, you can free the Palestinians with words.

Yes, President Obama, you can free the Palestinians with words.

You’ve yet to use them. I know those words are in you. Do not continue to succumb to the “necklacing” approach to peace. There is no peace in torture.

Free the Palestinians with words. Free them from your own clutch. Free them from the clutches of Jews worldwide whom support the enslavement. I know the words are in you. Use your words.

Would you have told Blacks in South Africa that they had to earn their freedom?

Would you have told Blacks in America that they had to earn their freedom?

Israelis call Palestinians ‘sand niggers’. Jews think they’re white, which translates to superior to all other colors. It’s becoming abundantly clear that John Kerry (SOS) and Barack Obama (POTUS) think Palestinians are ‘sand niggers’ too. Otherwise they wouldn’t let the Israelis use them as a bargaining chip to advance other unrelated agendas.