I see a good reason for white people to start wearing black make-up when they leave the house: for personal protection against aggressive, malicious, black hustlers wanting to BLACK-FIST them.


By controlling what you can look like and what you put on your body, they own you. Don’t let them. It’s a scam, a hustle – the African Hustle.



RE: Megyn Kelly Blackface Controversy: Late Night’s Amber Ruffin Explains, ‘We’re People, Not Costumes’

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  • Black Nationalists and Black Lives Matter Terrorists got it backwards again. You change the future by changing yourself. Changing the past, wiping it off the earth as if it didn’t exist is a terror tactic used to take over a village, tribe or nation. Prepare for terrorist attacks on all children this Halloween. A “call to harm” has already been issued by Amber Ruffin ala Colin Kaepernick and Maxine Waters. How serious can you take a Black Lives Matter Terrorist who goes on an internationally broadcasted late night comedy show to terrorize ‘white’ children for the purpose of Hijacking Halloween? Very seriously.


I don’t get all the fuss about wearing black face or white face for Halloween. What is the problem here? – such stupid sensitivity. I see photos of blacks wearing white face and that’s okay? But whites wearing black face isn’t?

Get over it. It has nothing to do with anything except dressing up as somebody else.

When I was a kid, I dressed up as Aunt Jemima. Pillow in the stomach, long skirt from my mother, big boobs, mother’s black long sleeve sweater, a red kerchief on my head. Then my father burned the end of a cork and smudged black all over my face. I looked great, and all the other kids thought I looked cool!

We always made homemade dress up stuff, then went trick or treating with pillow cases, after Dad finished carving the pumpkins and lighting the candles in them – such a beautiful glow that I’ll never forget. We always had a great time.

Nobody called me names or laughed or made disparaging remarks. I wanted to dress up like Aunt Jemima, and we three – Dad, Mom and me – made it happen. And I certainly don’t regret it. My mother and father never would have dressed their daughter up to look like a person or a race they hated.

People dress up like the characters they want to be for a night. To me it’s a compliment. If blacks don’t like it, then stop dressing up with white face. You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t like the color of your skin that’s your issue, but don’t make other people hate the color of your race, because of it. People can wear any type of make-up they want.

It wasn’t a political statement. I still get a good feeling when I look back on it. Nobody has a right to take that good feeling from me.

When blacks see black face on whites they don’t think slavery, unless somebody told them to think it or they have a political agenda. Whites don’t think they’re dressing up as a slave, when they wear black face. Besides, even though I didn’t know anything about slaves, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up as one.

Just go out and have fun, paint your face anyway you want to paint it. For one night you’re somebody else. That’s the fun part – plus all the treats!