Black Lives Terror Strategy

Black Lives Terror strategy to make white people fear and to make white people hurt for the purpose of turning them into slaves to their social, political and economic causes is terrorism.

When you design your activism strategies to make people, any people, suffer, then you are a terrorist.

Welcome to ISIS in America. Antifa in defense of Black Lives Terror.

To all USA government agencies and departments: Prepare for wide scale prison riots.

To all nations: Prepare for wide scale prison riots.

When you espouse that violence is necessary for social, political and/or economic change, then you are a terrorist in line with the tenets of ISIS.

The NFL is destabilizing the entire world.

Do not lock arms with a terror organization.

Do not allow the  players of the Green Bay Packers instruct the people in the stadium to stand and lock arms. They are playing into the hands of ISIS. That action will embolden ISIS. ISIS was on the map today. They are watching. Do not let the NFL execute that strategy. It is a recruitment strategy. It is not a unifying force, or action. You cannot force an entire stadium of people to do the equivalent of the knee for the entire world to see, including ISIS.