Black Lives get it wrong again. They use hate speech against white people that they don’t even know. They judge their thoughts by the whiteness of their skin. Calling a white person a white supremacist is like calling a black person a nigger. It’s hate speech and it is not helpful. Yet I defend aContinue reading “BLT PROTESTS = ORGANIZED VIOLENCE”


Black Supremacy rears its ugly ideology of hatred on 24/7 news cycles around the globe disguised as free speech. Black Headliners steal the show along with your soul if you let them. Beware the thousand dollar cuff links. First they steal the words that they use to describe themselves, so that you can’t use them,Continue reading “THE TAKEOVER”

Son Of A Bitch

SON OF A BITCH Son of a bitch isn’t racist. First, Black Lives owned the word nigger. Now they own the word bitch. Next, they’ll own the words mother fucker. Just because a group of people say certain words often doesn’t give them ownership rights to those words. son of a bitch or son-of-a-bitch noun, plural sons of bitches. A contemptibleContinue reading “Son Of A Bitch”