Life is good–except for the millions slaughtered every day; except for the millions who starve to death every day; except for the millions confined to prisons, nursing homes, orphanages and mental institutions; except for the millions homeless; except for the millions afflicted with debilitating disorders and diseases; except for the millions who are victimized byContinue reading “LIFE IS GOOD, EXCEPT FOR…”


Animal-eaters will often hear animal rights activists/advocates/vegans refer to all animals as sentient beings. What sentient means is the capacity to perceive, sense and feel. Thus all animals can think, feel emotion (joy through sadness and grief), and experience pain and/or a sense of well-being. It comes with having a nervous system. Non-human animals sufferContinue reading “SENTIENT BEINGS”


When Americans and peoples of other nations are horrified by what people in Asian countries do to dogs – slaughter and eat them – the Asian response always points to the animals, other than dogs, that the complaining nations slaughter and consume. On the surface it appears that the complaining nations are being hypocritical andContinue reading “MOVEMENT TO AWAKEN THE CORE”


People often talk about the thrill of the hunt – overtaking another being and killing that being, sometimes torturing that being to prolong the thrill, before the final second of death arrives. They don’t talk about the hunter seeking the experience of vicarious death. They hunt. They thrill. They want to be hunted, so theyContinue reading “THE HUNT – VICARIOUS DEATH”


The positive side of prejudice is protection of the tribe. It’s nature’s way of alerting us to possible danger when someone unlike us enters are space. It’s human nature and the nature of every other animal. It’s written into our DNA. It’s a survival mechanism. The new kid on the block is always treated withContinue reading “POSITIVE – PREJUDICE – PROTECTION”


Just as a person can be transgender, meaning that they don’t identify with their physically assigned sex (the sexual organs that rightly or wrongly categorize newborns as male or female), I wonder if the same can’t be true of race based on color and/or ethnicity? If a transgender person feels that the configuration of theirContinue reading “TRANSGENDER – TRANSRACE”


Eating animals, experimenting on animals, using animals for entertainment purposes or enslaving them for any other reason will go the way of tobacco. Although it’s still legal, it will become socially unacceptable, frowned upon, and people will be shamed who participate in the raising for slaughter, the buying and selling of animals before, during and afterContinue reading “TOBACCO – SLAVERY”