It looks like my brain has a dual function: to ask and to answer. For oppressive-based reasons religions, groups and governments encourage you not to do the later – not to answer your own questions. They prefer to do that for you. So in effect, you surrender half your brain when you join any groupContinue reading “DUAL FUNCTION OF THE BRAIN”


I’ll share a secret with you about myself, that I’ve never communicated to anyone. Years ago while still very young I read somewhere, either in a newspaper or magazine or book, that if somebody could actually write the way their mind actually thinks they’d make a million dollars. I’ve been trying to make that millionContinue reading “MY SECRET”


It’s like at birth you hand over your brain to whomever wants it. Then you spend the rest of your life gliding through on somebody else’s expectations for you. For God’s sake, wake up and live for you. Make your own expectations for yourself. Reclaim your brain before you die never knowing you had one.Continue reading “RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN”