When an animal of a different animal species kills a human animal and eats him/her, nobody ever says that the other animal needed that human to survive and thrive.

In fact nobody sets up factory farms and slaughterhouses to raise humans for consumption for the animals who want to eat the body and blood of the human animal. Nobody rewards the human-eating animal with a banquet of human meat and broth sauces.

Nobody, except a perverted, demented Hollywood movie script writer, would even think of it.

Maybe in a few jungles sprinkled here and there, a human-meat-animal gets captured when violating a boundary, or the bored to death super rich plan the capture of a baby human darling to ceremoniously devour – the sweetest, but most taboo of all catches.

But generally speaking, the human animal shifted it’s cannibalistic tendencies to other species, so as not to appear so barbaric for the purpose of moving into some kind of future that didn’t keep everybody warring all the time. Eating somebody’s uncle or auntie caused too much war among the warlord run tribes to keep on doing it.

Dropping blood from open mouth chewing and sucking the flesh at once only disturbs when it’s one of us. Lots of singing goes on, music, dancing, shouting, drinking mind altering substances while killing, skinning, stewing, eating the flesh, drinking the blood – all to keep away the evil spirits. Evil when they come after the ones who committed the crimes.

Odd. Sounds like a better spirit to me. It’s only evil when it’s done to you – not to somebody else.

It’s coming back though. Eating other species didn’t satisfy the vengeance part of eating the blood.

It didn’t civilize us like everybody thought it would.

Blood is blood after all. But it’s the human blood that humans really crave.

It’s time to release the hemoglobin in the plant and be done with it all, so we don’t have to keep inflicting suffering on every other species including our own for another millennium.

Don’t even think of owning a patent on plant hemoglobin. I know those wheels designed to block progress in the name of riches for certain designated parties. I’m already all over you – you just haven’t felt it yet.




Until the USA government advises people that eating other species of animals is unhealthy, I will not take seriously any recommendation regarding what they think I should or should not put into my body as fuel for better health.

Government agendas aimed at protecting the financial interests of the slaughter industries (the ugliest sin perpetrated by humankind), by promoting cannibalism as healthy, prove those who administer said policies to be untrustworthy in all matters regarding human health.

Calling as necessary to the continuation of the human race the consumption of the body and blood of other creatures undermines our efforts and contradicts our responsibility to survive and thrive on this planet in conjunction with all other life.