Wake Up The Planet Ep. 14

Look for the wonderment of the child in you, and do as the child says, not as the world does. God says a spirit cannot be broken, only the will breaks. The spirit is unflappable, never wears out and is comprised of properties which exist forever, in one form or another. I would not wantContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 14”

After The Scream Is What You’re Not Good At Predicting

When you wake the planet like you would wake your sleeping child, you’ll see success. It’s yourself you need to jolt. You cannot force somebody to change to your likeness or in your direction. You can only do that to yourself. Screaming at your child does not make your child feel good about anything. ItContinue reading “After The Scream Is What You’re Not Good At Predicting”