Finding Answer For Unknown Question

The USA government doesn’t like ‘one person changing the world’ – stick to yourself and you’ll be okay. I say, one person is the world – but they don’t get it – they’re not thinkers – deep – they’re strategists – blockers – life is about war to them.

Chinese vs Brits

Chinese vs Brits Ever wonder why people say Chinese are bad drivers? Because they are. After watching the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics hosted by the Chinese and marveling at the synchrony of the massive numbers of performers in the pregame show welcoming the world, one might think their innate precision skills would makeContinue reading “Chinese vs Brits”


CHINESE ANGRY I’m getting angry Chinese faces when I’m out. Why at white people? Black Lives stealing all the attention for what matters to them only. Chinese always left out. Why always? CHINESE LIVES MATTER TOO. We all over world. Never cause trouble. Except maybe Chinese Mafia. But that’s only them. So small. We soContinue reading “CONVERSATION WITH MY CHINESE FRIEND”

Who Cares About Black History Month?

Nobody cares about black history month except Blacks and even most of them don’t care. I didn’t even like history classes in school – never did – it’s about war and more war and who fought, who won or lost, names, dates, people wanting to be famous or remembered. I didn’t like memorizing all thatContinue reading “Who Cares About Black History Month?”

Where did everybody come from?

Q.  Where did everybody come from? A.  I’m beginning to think everybody originated in Siberia instead of Africa. Q.  Why? A.  Because it’s easier to land a space ship on a flat surface (ice or water) than in dense forest regions. Q.  That whole boat thing too, Noah? A.  Didn’t come from Northern Africa, unless theContinue reading “Where did everybody come from?”

Random Chinese-Style Selection

Let’s select the Number 5 as a Randomly Selected Number by the Chinese to be both lucky and unlucky. To the Chinese who let the randomality of numbers that appear in their lives rule their lives, the number five alone is unlucky. In Chinese the number five when spoken has a ‘wu’ sound, therefore anyContinue reading “Random Chinese-Style Selection”

What You Laugh At Shows Your Prejudice

This is how Arabs show their prejudice: They take the goofiest Jew on the planet and hold him/her up against the smartest, wealthiest most influential Arab on the planet and have a big laugh over the perceived discrepancy. Arabs laugh a lot – at other races, cultures and nationalities and genders …. Especially when they’re in aContinue reading “What You Laugh At Shows Your Prejudice”