Christian Athetist Jew

War against Christians is coming from non-observant Jews who call themselves atheists. Don’t forget the middle person here. It’s the Jew against the Christian. Atheists don’t care about religion, otherwise they’d be warring against all religions. It’s the Jew component operating here.

Christians need to come out of denial on that issue – especially on Fox News where they often refer to it.

The atheist is the disgruntled Jew who hates Christians.




Benjamin Netanyahu seeks the same pure race, Jewish supremacy, in Israel, as the White supremacists seek in the USA.

I wonder how many White supremacists in the USA and Europe are actually Jew who wear the Cloth of Christian?



American evangelicals are more Judeo than Christian.

They preach from the old testament and cherry-pick from the ‘Good News for All’ new testament.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight