Is Teen Groping A Crime?

What’s the statute of limitations on teen groping? What country do we live in? Could someone please remind me?

What kind of person goes off to college, then returns to high school parties? What? No new college friends?

Ten times to a place where teen girls were being gang raped? What was she doing there, why return if she knew teen girls were getting gang raped, and more importantly, why didn’t she speak out? There was a lot of speaking out going on in 1972 – about everything. She didn’t tell her new college friends? Her mother? Who did she go to these gang rape parties with? Alone?

She watched these teen girls get gang raped and didn’t try to intervene? What? She likes watching teen girls get gang raped by teen boys? To go back ten times? For the purpose of remaining silent?

This was 36 years ago. 1972. The sexual liberation revolution movement was in full swing. Free love. Make love not war. Everybody was out of the sexual repression closet. Experimenting. High school?

We need the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate teen boys groping teens girls in high school in 1972?

The democratic wing of congress has totally lost their compass and their credibility.






It’s the climate.

If a small difference in climate can change the quality of the wine, imagine what it can do to the human.

Imagine what it can do to the quality of the entire planet and all existing on it.

I’ve been looking all over the internet for an image of the blue-collar worker – steel worker – who has a wife, three kids, two cars and a house. He asked a question of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Town Hall at Ohio State University.

This Is The NEW Face of The Blue Collar Worker.

Blue-Collar Poster Boy

Blue-Collar Poster Person

Articulate. Well-groomed. Informed. Poised.

Sweaty hair, dirty clothes, greasy hands, hard hat is how THAT group has been depicted by the news media for decades. Do they really wear their hard hats to public places? You might think so from the news images every time the words ‘blue-collar’ come up.

There’s something about the faint sneer in tone when news people, dressed to the hilt, say ‘blue-collar’. It’s almost demeaning. Under-educated comes to the collective mind of the educated and over-educated.

Bran Sealy, I think that was his name.

I googled him, the event, went all over looking for that picture of him standing at that rally.

Nothing. How could that be? Do I have the wrong name? Google posts images on everybody. He was so impressive. His look. His speech. His organization. Was I the only one blown away by his demeanor?

Was I the only one who saw him as the new poster person for the blue-collar worker?

Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met never went to college. Maybe this guy did go to college and this is where he landed – as a blue-collar worker in the steel industry.

Should we give the blue-collar worker less respect, because they don’t wear a white shirt and tie to work? Should we be making an intellectual assessment of a person based on their work attire?

College doesn’t make a person smart or not smart.

Something so small as the color of a collar can alter how one views, or how the world views, a person.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




Going to college is like getting a prison sentence.

Expect to get raped.

Build your life around that expectation.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight