Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege

Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege The ones oppressed weren’t assigned a people color. They were left out in the cold to fend for themselves – and they did exactly that. They didn’t let the lack of formal education deter them; they educated themselves – not in the ways of the street but in theContinue reading “Therein Lies The Proof Of Privilege”


If the government gives relief to restaurants, why then should customers feel pressured to spend their relief checks at these restaurants? People who don’t own businesses are out of work or working less, yet still have the same bills to pay. Why give huge amounts of money to utilities that won’t result in lower paymentsContinue reading “CC VIRUS STIMULUS RELIEF”

Color Me Colorless

Colorless People Of The World are the minority. Fair-skinned, light-skinned, no color, colorless, doesn’t matter, we have color and you don’t. Blonde hair blue eyes we hate you. The colorless minority, in other words white people, don’t have a group identity except for the identity People Of Color give to them – evil is whatContinue reading “Color Me Colorless”