I write in many voices. I speak in my own – not much there. I used to call writing the same as speaking, but they’re not the same. You get to edit what you write before you present it. Speaking doesn’t allow for that, unless you write out a draft first, which many of courseContinue reading “OPEN ME’ THUNDER”

I Have My Own God. I Neither Need Nor Want Yours

Most people perceive God as someone who can perform humanly impossible feats of power at will or whim or urging, that is communicated with or without a request or a demand from a conglomerate of molecules, atoms and chemical reactions in an organism called a human. That’s not my God.


FIVE DAYS IN MARCH DAY 7 “A natural born molester of the innards, he relishes getting his creepy little fingers straight into the belly, that which should be the private space of all creatures, he invades, laughing all the while, like the devil he chose to be, sucking up the blood with his thirsty, vengefulContinue reading “A ROLLING SENTENCE. AN EXAMPLE – day 7”