Wake Up The Planet Ep. 18

Firstly, who would have thought that people could be so devious in looking for loopholes to support such brutal and barbaric acts, then call them humane, and be so convincing that others see the humanity in them–simply to get away with murder? Obviously, not the one who wrote the law. But, secondly, and upon closerContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 18”

Protesting Puerto Ricans Force Their Governor To Step Down

This is what the people in countries South Of The USA Border need to do to oust their corrupt leaders. Organize. Protest. You’re not in prison; you can do this. You certainly know how to organize thousands of people to flee the country – on foot no less. Where’s the initiative? Where’s the grit? Where’sContinue reading “Protesting Puerto Ricans Force Their Governor To Step Down”


People act as if there are no bad questions, only right or wrong answers. That’s not true. There are flawed questions. There are also many answers for any question, especially if the question is flawed. People will ask a question in such a way as to produce the answer they want. This is corruption. InsertingContinue reading “FLAWED QUESTIONS”