RE: Another Suspicious Package Addressed To Cory Booker Found

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  • Cory Booker has been crying and screaming for months in front of the cameras, for the populace to feel his pain.
  • If he is what success looks like when success arrives, there’s no hope for the rest of us whose names will never be known. Maybe he should start feeling the pain of the populace, instead of begging us to feel his.

  • Most of the world will think the fake bombs were the brainchild of zealots within his own party: Blame Trump for acts of terrorism against those who oppose him just before the midterm elections. It could work or it could backfire.

  • Maybe agents of our own government are responsible. Or, maybe some foreign entity is trying to distract our government while thousands of people rush the southern border to enter illegally.

  • Or, maybe this is a precursor to something much more sinister. So, who has expertise in pipe bombs, that don’t go off? I didn’t know pipe bombs had a detonator; I thought they had to be lit. Oh, my wrong, that’s a molotov cocktail. Ops > a poor man’s grenade.