A Territorial Daughter

I’m a territorial daughter of a natural born engineer and a mother who possessed exceptional reading, intellectual and organizational talents, both of whom were savy enough to follow their own minds in their own ways. The two left a mark on me that nobody except me can own. Not even them. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-TightContinue reading “A Territorial Daughter”


CHAOS | CALM THE WALL Warm greens, more crystal than moss-like surround me with promises of days freshened by new life (because there must be new life if we are to survive) born from new ideas as window sills turn to marble, black and navy blue sparkles with smooth glass-like scents of velvet gray skin, waiting, alwaysContinue reading “THE WALL”

The Daughter Also Rises

Why do we call the sun, that which heats the earth, the sun? Why do we assign any word to mean anything, something? Sun sounds like son. Say it in your mind; they both sound the same. “The Sun (Son) Also Rises”, as in Ernest Hemingway. You can be sure of one thing, “the sunContinue reading “The Daughter Also Rises”