The Party Of Pity (POP)

The democrats, upon failure to deliver on promises made to be broken anyway, morphed into the Party Of Pity (POP).

They wallow as they mock those who dared to try a new way – one different enough to be called progressive – one that shakes the status quo, loosening past ideals that no longer work, making way for a more workable approach – shaking to the core those seeking to give to a nation in return for their freedom your right to pity them, can’t stop crying over the loss.

What do we have without pity? We offer you our tears.

Will tears pave roads and build bridges and make peace? Will blame for your failure to work harder, with greater ingenuity, integrity and efficiency toward a better life build your future?

Tears are meant for cleansing souls, to clear the way for a cleaner, crisper, more concise view, not as negotiating tools. What is the world going to do with your tears?

Tears destroy neighborhoods by weakening the will – when you cry too long.

“Lick your wounds too long and you make them worse” ~ Lesson from a dog.

You can’t learn from a dog, from another species? Maybe that’s your problem right there. You limit your possibilities by limiting your view, thus constricting your knowledge. You’re above the dog? Well, maybe that’s your problem right there. You think you’re so superior that you shouldn’t have to do the work required to succeed? Let somebody else do it as you wallow in your self-pity and drown in your own tears?

You’re flooding the Goddamn place.

You hide and cry and let the opportunists slide right in to where you used to be and take your pride? Since when do tears, when publicly displayed as negotiating tools, tell a story about triumph? Since when do tears tell a story about anything except giving in and giving up?

Your will belongs to you. You allow others to steal it, then cry in front of the world for somebody to retrieve what you gave away. How about you set the example for you – with every little detail of your existence – design it, control it, be it.

Show yourself who’s boss of you. If you want a partner, you’d better have something other than tears and blame for a condition you allowed to flourish to bring to the negotiating table.


Maybe then the world can recognize you as something other than a flood drowning itself.




Abuse Is Not Political; It’s Abuse

When you hate and mock every single thing a person does, and then extend that to all family members, that’s a prejudice.

Mocking how a person talks and walks, and acts, and thinks, and tweets and the clothes he wears, where he eats and on and on till there is no end to it, is a major prejudice.

The supposed anti-prejudice party is showing all the signs of a real prejudice against one person who is the leader of the Republican party and the president of this country that they all claim to honor.

The democrats, at least the ones all over T.V., criticize everything. No matter how good it is, they hate it and they hate him and as a result they attack all of his distinguishing features. The way he looks? Really? The way his wife looks? Really? Jeeze, all I hear is black women blaming white people for their bad hair days and how white people made them straighten their hair. Are you kidding? Then you have the audacity to complain about the president of the USA’s hair style? It’s not your business. His skin color? Too orange for your tastes? Oh my God.

I think you’re all jealous. He wants to get things done and all you want to do is slo-mo your way through every issue so that nothing gets done.

The supposed party of unity is showing all the signs of discrimination by refusing to work with the president – unless they can dominate. Whatever happened to the Clinton Compromise?

Enslavement comes next. Frankly, their perpetual anger is enslaving and torturing the American people. Anger is contagious. The 24/7 news cycles with angry talking heads from left leaning shows are popping their own people. I can’t watch it any more.

Slaughter comes next.

Let’s call it what it is. Saying abuse is political so you don’t have to accept responsibility for your bad behavior is not intellectually honest. Abuse is abuse.

Clean it up.




When the democrats reacted with venom, violence and vengeance to the news of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, I knew how Chris Darden felt after the O.J. Simpson verdict was handed down to a cheering Black America community that could be heard and seen throughout the USA. I thought we were better than that.

Chris Darden and I share something in common. We both woke up to a cold, scary truth: We believed our people to be kinder, better, fairer, more decent than they are.

~ Sharon lee Davies-Tight




The Democratic party has morphed into a party of criminals: 11 million illegal immigrants who flaunt breaking the law and the American Black who wants affirmative action for the crimes they commit.

I do not want to be a card carrying member of a criminal political party. People who terrorize neighborhoods are people who break laws in those neighborhoods.

Eleven million people who get free benefits means that people here legally pay for themselves plus the criminals. That’s not a party of freedom. It’s a party of enslavement.

The Democratic party supports these practices as a form of social justice, which I cannot support.

Democrats say that USA citizens cannot call people living here illegally, illegal immigrants. But we can call a rapist a rapist, a thief a thief, a murderer a murderer. Those in the USA illegally, which means they are breaking the law, must be called people. Humans. So lets call the rapist a human being, a person, instead of a rapist or a murderer or a thief. If it doesn’t work all ways, then it’s prejudicial.

The Democratic party cures a prejudice with a prejudice and calls that fair, and anyone who objects to it they call a racist, bigot, anti this and anti that. That’s not a party of freedom. Not freedom for all. That’s a party that enslaves one group to appease another group.

There needs to be a better way. In a democracy, the majority is supposed to rule, however, in the Democratic party the minority rules. It doesn’t make any sense.

We rob Peter to pay Paul, then four years later we rob Paul to pay Peter. If we’re as rich and powerful as the government keeps telling the world we are, then why are we so poor? Why can’t we afford to get sick, even when we have health insurance? Why is the cost of food so high, cost of rent through the roof? Transportation the same? Why can’t we care for all the inhabitants of our country instead of just one group at a time, every few years?

Poor leadership. Laws that benefit businesses that steal from the populace. A congress that’s corrupt. A populace that’s corrupt.

The USA needs a new political party. Joe Biden is not the answer. Stay home Joe. New is what we want. Old is what we’ve had too long. Old ideas. Old ways. My way or the highway, because I built the highway is no longer going to work.

Put your thinking caps on. Trump is our president. He has four years to prove himself the worst or the best President this country has ever had. He doesn’t do mediocre. Let’s help him be the best. If it doesn’t work then the failure is on us as well as him. Remember that.

Vengeance is not an option for anyone at this point and in this time. Hatred coming from either side – the sore losers and the sore winners – is not going to help solve the present and future problems of this country.





Conservative Republicans claim they want less government.

Laws are the primary method used to govern peoples, nations.

Conservatives claim that they want less government controlling their lives, their businesses, their future. Yet, all the laws created in the USA that allow banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies to make huge profits on the backs of and at the expense of the populace are passed by, enacted into law, by Republicans (and Democrats).

Who are they trying to kid? They don’t want to do away with big government. They need the Federal government, Congress, the Judiciary, the State Department, the Executive branch, even the Pentagon to support the big laws necessary to move forward their big money-making ideas for one percent of the population. They just don’t want big government to write any laws that will benefit anybody else, meaning those who do the actual toiling to make their big money dreams come true.

Essentially in a democratic society, when the government passes big laws to benefit big business, that government expects that as part of that deal, taxes gleaned from their exorbitant profits will be passed onto the toiling people who work at low wages in the form of social programs.

In a socialist society the government takes in all the taxes, with no special big laws for certain enterprises and divides it equally. Theoretically. Big business is not the middle man so-to-speak. Nobody is.

In a democratic society, big business is the middle man, while big government remains the keeper of the books or the keeper of the score to make sure the middle man doesn’t get too greedy and leave the populace destitute or living below subsistence level wages, which poses a threat to national security.

Conservative Republicans and Conservative Democrats want to be the middle man, and the big government, so they can still pass the big laws, but instead of giving some of it back in taxes from the huge profits, in order to feed  and keep healthy their below subsistence level wage toiling workers, they want it all.

Romney wants to get everybody back to work so they can afford their own food, a working car to go to work, a living place that isn’t a slum, so they can afford their own medical and dental care, send their kids to school and save for their retirement, all the while buying the products that big businesses produce to keep the big businesses in big profits so they can keep their low wage toiling employees. My question is how does one do that on minimum wage or even two or three dollars above minimum wage? They don’t. It’s impossible. How many people in the USA work at minimum wage or two or three dollars above minimum wage? A lot I suspect. Is he going to raise the wages of all those working in the service industries to a livable income where they can raise a family and provide all of the above? Of course not. Is Obama going to do that? Of course not. There are too many conservatives on both sides of the aisle for that to ever happen, no matter what party is the controlling force in Congress.

Tax cuts for the rich have been in place since Bush took office and gave them those cuts. It’s been almost twelve years now that the rich have enjoyed that low tax rate. The end result is that twenty-three million (plus a lot more than that) are still without jobs. So the tax cuts did not act as an incentive for big business to hire more people, so the working poor could pay more taxes to pay for their own medical care, schools, food etc. that Romney claims will happen if he becomes president and keeps  those low tax rates for the rich in place. It hasn’t happened in almost twelve years. Do rich people love Romney so much or fear him so much or respect him so much that given he keeps the status quo the status quo, then simply on his polite request they’ll start hiring twenty-three million people?

Being hired at low wages still won’t allow the populace to afford all that they will be required to purchase under the Romney plan. I believe that Romney does care about one hundred percent of the people. I believe that Romney doesn’t care about your race or gender. He wants to lift everybody up. It’s the Mormon way. Read Bill Marriot’s book. He was a Mormon. That’s what he did. Took people off the street, gave them jobs to give them dignity, then promoted from within. That’s how Marriot was built. Can Romney use that model for the entire country? Marriot gave their people health insurance, benefits and profit sharing in addition to their wages, even the dish washers and the bed changers. I don’t know if that’s still the case.

In other words, Marriott made huge profits, then shared those profits with its employees. That’s what Obama wants to do. Big business makes huge profits, Obama wants to tax those profits at a higher rate, so that the government can pass those revenues, or at least some of those revenues, onto the people who toil at low wages with no benefits. It’s the ‘no benefits’ empty package that necessitates social programs.

Romney wants to keep the tax cuts so that businesses will hire more people, so that these people will now pay taxes in order to offset the amount given businesses in tax deductions. Which should mean that now the government can give those revenues back to the low wage earners in the form of social programs, but Romney says no.  Offset the cost to pay down the national debt, don’t put it into social programs. Now that the twenty-three million people are back to work, albeit at low wages, they can take care of themselves and we have the companies who want to sell them all the care they need.

But they still can’t afford to buy all the care they need, because they’re barely making ends meet by paying the rent, utilities, buying food and gas and keeping the car running.

Obama says we don’t need to close loopholes, that it won’t make a dent in the economy. Yes we need to close the loopholes. Yes we need to put people back to work, yes we’re still going to need social programs, yes we need to tax at higher rates the huge profits that big businesses make, yes we’re going to have to reduce spending. We need to do it all. That’s how governments pay for their expenses without borrowing money from other countries. We reduce the national debt by not borrowing and by investing in American workers. Somebody needs to take America’s credit card away from them.

Republicans and Democrats balk at feeding the poor in America, but they don’t hesitate to send huge amounts of cash overseas to foreign leaders who squander it. Politicians need to be reminded who their family is. It’s the American people. Feed both if you want, but don’t feed one and leave your own family destitute.

Why should the government shell out over half a billion dollars every year to a public broadcasting television network that is so arrogant that they refuse to take advertising revenue to pay for their programs? They don’t like advertisements on their T.V. shows. I don’t either, but I’d prefer the ad than watching a bunch of people talk on phones begging people for money. It’s sickening. Right in the middle of a show they come on with those screechy voices, always the same people. I change the channel.

They don’t want advertisers to control the content of their shows? Who is it that wants to control the programming that your kids watch, the government or private enterprise? When the government shells out over half a billion dollars a year, every year, the government controls the content. I didn’t know that the government paid for PBS (Public Broadcasting System). Maybe they should call it Government Broadcasting System (GBS). Now it makes sense, the Israeli slant, all the holocaust shows.

Big Bird is disturbing. I wouldn’t want my kids watching those shows. I turned on the T.V. one morning and it came onto a kids show. I watched it for a few minutes curious to see what they were like fifty-five years after I watched them myself as a pre-schooler. I was shocked at the adult content via sexual innuendo coming out of the mouths of caricatures. I wondered who wrote the scripts and if parents were paying attention to what was said and how it was said. Indoctrination is what I saw, heard and felt—across the board.

Yes the government controls the minds of your kids through these paid for by government programs. It’s time for Big Bird and PBS to cut the umbilical cord to Uncle Sam’s wallet. All this time they had me thinking that ‘we the people’ paid for those shows through our generous donations. Over half a billion dollars a year, every year guaranteed from our taxes whether we watch the shows or not plus our donations.

Big Bird is a fraud and a cheat. Keep him away from my kids. I don’t like Big Bird, I have never liked Big Bird and I will never like Big Bird. Big Bird is a terrorist hiding behind somebody else’s feathers. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If nations are people, then corporations are people.

I don’t like Big Business. I don’t like Big Government. I don’t like Big Bird. I’m a Democrat looking for a leader.