What Were The Wiseguys Really Doing?

God directed him to the stables where the animals were waiting, while still in his mother’s belly.

If God controlled everything, then God could have made way at the Inn. But God didn’t according to legend.

Most people aren’t all that religious. They’re part of a community where there’s safety in numbers – everybody knows who you are even if they don’t know you personally.

So what was the significance of Jesus being born among the animals in the stables? Come on, Jesus, the most powerful influence over humans on the planet for over two thousand years already, not rich even or powerfully connected, and there’s no significance beyond it just happened that way? No plan you mean?

There must be a significance, other than the obvious ‘no rooms left for vagrants’ or maybe they had money. What were they? On the lam? From what? Running from those who would stone a pregnant woman with no husband? And what would those authorities do to those who housed such people? I don’t know. I didn’t live back then. This is now. The animals are my mission to help raise and complete that which was purposely lost over time, since Jesus’ people left them out of their book based on their perceived lack of worthiness. Now that’s a glaring prejudice toward all beings that God supposedly created then optically paired with God’s supposed only human son as obviously worthy of something other than torture and slaughter.

Well, the books say God’s only son, which means God had more than one daughter, maybe half the human race.

Going back, it seems also according to legend, that a star shined bright in the sky, making way for three wise men (no women here; sounds like a union) whose purpose it was to give gifts to the newborn. Any room in the Inn for the wiseguys? Well, you can do as the Jews do and accept without questioning the facts or motives of God.

Now there’s a dictatorship that needs undoing – especially when a religion is based in part on the consumption of God’s greatest creations being eaten alive and expelled down the shitter as a sign of respecting whom?

The Christians who more than any religion speak of a morality above all others have of course Jesus as their figurehead and money motivating tool to separate the rich from the poor. Another glaring prejudice.

The other animals don’t much matter in their lives, except to exploit for the purpose of attaining wealth.

What did you do, make a deal with your devil to separate yourselves from all other animals and make yourselves their God? Their Keeper? God made you in God’s image? Not in the image of any other animal? In whose image did God make all the other animals?

The devil?

So the animals in the stable were put there by your design, and the three wiseguys stayed in the Inn after the Innkeeper denied a pregnant woman a room? Those wiseguys were so generous that they refused to give up their room for her? But brought her gifts and displayed them in front of all the other animals?

It doesn’t matter who stayed in the Inn. Jesus was born among the other animals and that’s where the star led the wiseguys – to the stables.

Or maybe the star led them to the Inn. When they arrived there was no room for any wiseguys wanting to barter, so they were also directed to the stables for shelter from the brewing sand storm.

What is the significance of all that?

One animal kingdom under God? And in that kingdom humans shall reign supreme?

We’ve got some prejudicial issues here.




There’s nothing inherently normal, natural nor good about wanting to hold onto old ways.

Being nostalgic for slaughter is perverse.

The method is not what makes enslavement, torture and slaughter humane.

Humane does not include enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Those who want others to feel pain are sadistic. It’s not enough that they need to feel pain to be satisfied. They need someone else to feel their pain along with them. Simultaneously.

That’s how they accept the evil in themselves – they bring you in by bingeing on you. Feel my pain becomes feel our pain, when there really isn’t any ‘our’.

It’s a ritual. All slaughter is. Lure the prey. Accept the devil or reject the devil.

Nobody fears God. Everybody fears the devil. People, cultures just show it differently.

Who is it in society that keeps telling people to succumb to their fears, accept them, embrace them and be free?

Keep killing lest we forget how?

A snake curls it’s body around you before it breaks your neck and eats you.

Just remember the snake’s belly as your final resting place, when you hire Donald Trump as your president.

I over-stimulated you with words, just to get you to the punch line. Nice one.

Donald’s opponents keep wanting you to believe ‘to the letter’ his crude hyperbole, thinking if you actually believe the trash talk, that you’ll reject the talk. Who thought up that strategy?

Boys and girls wake up.




Satanism is as insane as the religions they oppose. Like all such groups there are a lot of good intentions and causes that get mangled by their close-mindedness and proclamations of superiority over other groups. Politics come to mind?

Perhaps Satanists think that Satan wasn’t the evil one – that God was indeed the one that was evil.

Since most people associate the word Satan with evil and bad, thus those who worship Satan as evil and bad, it is no wonder, through all the dark, scary machinations of the group, that Satanists would be considered a threat to any individual or group that doesn’t see the world through their prism.

Hoods, chains, smoke, rituals, grotesque images are devices used to get the target’s attention, but by the time that attention occurs, the Satanists have already terrorized the ones they wanted to change through their visual attention-getting strategy that ended up muting the message.

If someone prefers to live in the spirit world, rather than the world on earth as we see it through human eyes, that’s their right. I would argue, however, that one need not engage in ritual of any sort to travel through all worlds. Conjuring up the devil in people’s minds certainly does cause one to look up. But look up to what? More of the same?

Focusing so much on the theatrics to the detriment of the message, no matter how realistic or self-serving the message, kills the message by the time it arrives.

Satanists claim to be atheists. But do all atheists claim to be Satanists?

An absence of fear of the unknown appears to be the ‘not much spoken about’ driving force beneath the movement to affect political change. But an equally driving force of their belief system is that evil/negative is more powerful than positive/good. In other words, we must not oppose that which is suppose to naturally happen – no matter how prejudicial and discriminatory that natural inclination happens to be. Yet, that is what they appear on the surface to want to do: change people.

I would argue, secondly, that those who don’t fear the unknown are in a more advantageous position to change what they don’t like about the present thus the future, rather than accept the present reality as natural, thus unworthy of any effort to change it.

If people’s belief in God is what propels believers to engage in perpetual wars against all life on the planet, and if that is a natural state, then logically the Satanists would support and work toward continuing that condition.

Most vegans are atheists. Yet they work to free other species who are enslaved, tortured and slaughtered. If they are also Satanists, they wouldn’t be doing that. They would accept the world as it is – and eat animals till they vomited into Satan’s and/or God’s hand. On the other hand, many disenchanted with God, might want to try the Satan route to freedom for all – if that indeed appears now to be the message of Satanism. But at their core is the natural inevitability that evil has, does and will triumph. So how does that translate to freedom for all?

God and Satan are generic names for good, for evil and all that lies between and beyond.

Generally speaking, God conjures up good in the minds of most people. Satan conjures up terror or evil in the minds of most people.

Religious people vs non-religious people don’t conjure up much controversy in the minds of anyone. It’s when you add the word God (when talking to an atheist) or the word Satan (when talking to a believer) that ruffles sensibilities. Absent the “G” and the “S” words, what matters most to most people is whether you’re a decent person or not a decent person – whether you’re going to hurt them or whether you pose a threat.

Now that ‘decent’ word has implications. What’s decent about slaughterhouses for any group of beings? Yet most all people support slaughterhouses for anyone not human – and for some who are human.

If anyone wants to get a positive message through to the masses, best not do it through terror – no matter what you choose to call yourselves. Most people will be scared, then submissive for a while, then eventually turn on you.

Satan wanted to be God and God said no. There is only one God and that God was God – supposedly.

God banished Satan, because God saw Satan as a threat – supposedly.

Satan decided to become his own God by first undermining all God stood for. Sounds like politics.

In my view, in my story, Satan should have become Satan’s own God. Period. But Satan, in Satan’s own mind, couldn’t do that without undermining that which he wanted to become – everybody’s God. Satan’s weakness and Satan’s downfall. Satan wanted to knock God out and take God’s place. Satan did not want to be a servant. Who would? God was a dictator. Satan thought Satan could do a better job – at being dictator. All dictators think that.

Is this crazy human talk or what? Talk about anthropomorphizing! – attributing human traits to other animals. Okay. Attributing angel traits to God – or servant traits to a master. Many of us know that all beings share similar traits. We know that now. We didn’t always believe that. Believing vs knowing. We don’t need science for a lot of the knowing part, since historically, although scientists knew stuff, they lied to the populace about knowing it.

I see, as I’m sure you do now, that what was written long ago was all based on the human experience at the time – and humans perceiving a spiritual existence within themselves.

I can tell you one thing: Nobody has to get all dark on the world, and light candles and blow smoke and engage in rituals and chants and become grotesque and bring people to the edge of terror to call to presence the spirit life. All life – all the universe – is already all of it. There’s nothing new that all existence doesn’t already experience, thus know – without words reiterating that reality. What we don’t know is how the future will treat us.

Fight for your cause – no matter who you are, to which group you belong, or by which name you choose to call yourself – only if it is a cause that benefits all existence, and only if you realize, that what once seemed natural no longer is inevitable. That’s called evolution.

Accepting evil as the dominating force that drives the universe is a myth – a fairy tale. The universe is still here – and expanding – with or without us. The universe does not need planet earth to survive.

The undermining of the survival of the planet vs the flourishing of the planet is a different paradigm. This is not God vs Satan in a spirit world. This is us in a ‘we control what happens to our home planet – as earthlings – world. This is where we live right now. Spirit world or no spirit world.

If anybody – servant or master – undermines it we all lose. A sore loser would do that. On the other hand a good God would have worked with the supposed most beautiful angel. How did the most beautiful angel end up working as a servant? Not too difficult to understand in human terms.

Sounds like Lucifer was of the female spirit species.

Again – it is a human story of strife and struggle. Call in the angels, the Gods, the good, the bad, the best of the worst, the grotesque. Call anybody who will take the call to help when suffering occurs.

I’m here, they all imply through the words of others who suffered before us – words in songs, poems, histories, stories, in the movements of dance, but what can they do? That’s where you come in. You tell your God, your Devil, your Guiding Force not to worry. You’ve got your own back and the back of your family and the backs of all existence.

That’s just what God wanted, because God really had no power from beyond except to influence, encourage and comfort You as You become Your Own God. That’s what Lucifer finally realized when Lucifer tried to unseat God and was banished. Lucifer wanted to be Lucifer’s God, thinking that there was only one God. And that’s exactly what happened.

Lucifer became God.

Moral to mystory.

Angels are more powerful than Gods.

Afterword: God sucker-punched Lucifer. Taught Lucifer a lesson with the punch.

Lucifer stripped Lucifer of Lucifer’s power as an angel – the most beautiful, which meant the most powerful – by becoming God.

Whew…that’s a tough pone to lose.

God got all the attention. Lucifer equated all the attention with all the power.

Now, neither God nor Satan have any real power.

It’s a story. Of course it doesn’t make sense. It’s not a documentary.

Only one thing makes sense:

The real power isn’t in the afterlife or the spiritlife. The real power is in the currentlife or the earthlife.

Power is free. Seize it.