Control Freaks

CONTROL FREAKS SEEK CALM BY CREATING CHAOS That’s what they used to call people who apply extraordinary measures to control others in their lives thinking that makes them in control of themselves, so they really don’t have to change themselves as long as they’re changing everyone around them to accommodate their need to stay theContinue reading “Control Freaks”


Palms to the right of us. Palms to the left of us. Reaching outward, welcoming as if by their nature–to endure thus survive. No thumbs here. Should I really discriminate against the thumbs–symbolized for ages as squashing those who happen in their way? No. Probably not. Try doing anything without a thumb. The thumb isContinue reading “PALMS vs THUMBS”

SOCIALISM vs FASCISM what it means here

Socialism and fascism are to me essentially taking the power of the individual – relinquishing one’s control over one’s own destiny – and handing it over to an oppressive ideology via the state and/or designated groups operating as co-ops to use or neglect as they see fit for the state and/or group. Everyone looks theContinue reading “SOCIALISM vs FASCISM what it means here”


It looks like my brain has a dual function: to ask and to answer. For oppressive-based reasons religions, groups and governments encourage you not to do the later – not to answer your own questions. They prefer to do that for you. So in effect, you surrender half your brain when you join any groupContinue reading “DUAL FUNCTION OF THE BRAIN”