Too Much Discipline?

IT’S YOUR LIFE. YOU’RE THE DRIVER Discipline feels good when you don’t over-discipline yourself. Then it becomes an irritant and you begin resenting it. Start off slow and keep a steady forward moving process until you reach an optimal level and balance with all else in your life. Go easy with it. Allow yourself upsContinue reading “Too Much Discipline?”

Everyone’s An Addict

Do you know what I learned about addicts over the years? They are immersed in their experiences to the exclusion of everyone else. Everyone else is a prop. Everyone has a wagon in their mind. Addiction is natural animal behavior – repeat repeat repeat. When is religion too much? Ask a factory worker. How manyContinue reading “Everyone’s An Addict”

Discipline Leads

We tend to think discipline is doing something we don’t feel much like doing, but we suck it up and do it anyway, because it’s good for us or somebody or something else. Quite the contrary. True discipline is finding that which we enjoy doing and then doing it. Suffering is not a by-product ofContinue reading “Discipline Leads”


Be Your Own Parent. For those of you who will quit tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or other drugs, or certain foods, or quit over-eating, over-sexing, over-texting or over-spending as a New Year’s resolution, remember that your anger will surface as a result of the withdrawal, much like a child having a temper tantrum because they can’tContinue reading “NEW YEAR MESSAGE from WORD WARRIOR DAVIES-TIGHT”