Dog Language? I raised eight of them – each different – I should know. Somebody was hoping I was hearing voices from above? from another dimension? from the dead? directly from the one and only God source that humans concocted out of religions, to have and to exploit the non-human animals, that God? You knowContinue reading “DOG LANGUAGE? update”

Evolution = Creation

The universe has a plan. Not everything happens randomly – not every action that leads to evolution is a mistake or dumb luck. In fact, for you sticklers who like that fifty/fifty rule, evolution is creation and creation is evolution. They are equal. There’s too much perfection all around for all of it to beContinue reading “Evolution = Creation”


Stop calling terrorists dogs. Dogs aren’t terrorists. They don’t commit planned acts of terrorism. In fact, dogs are more humane than humans. Terrorists are terrorists. You don’t need another word to describe them. Everybody knows what terrorist means. And everybody knows that terrorists are humans. Don’t transfer what a human does to the dog. TheContinue reading “TERRORISTS – DOGS; updated”