Cops vs Drugs And A Little More

They’re high on drugs acting erratically and thinking irrationally when they die during an encounter with the police. The black Africans blame the cops rather than the drugs. What does that say? When does a human being become responsible for their own behavior while on drugs? Drugs are the excuse and cops are the reason.Continue reading “Cops vs Drugs And A Little More”

Wake Up The Planet Ep. 13

God says it’s absurd to eat the bacon from the pig, then take the pig’s heart when the human heart fails because of the bacon the human ate. Think before you eat. God is power, raw power. How you use that power is to some extent your choice. Although you’re programmed to use it toContinue reading “Wake Up The Planet Ep. 13”

The Mentally Impaired And Guns

In America people have the right to bear arms, whether they’re mentally ill or not. Those who want gun control are going to be hard-pressed to come up with a way to screen all gun owners and future gun owners for mental illness. There are a lot of mentally ill people in the USA. MostContinue reading “The Mentally Impaired And Guns”