It’s distressing that people want to go to heaven to reclaim the power they didn’t have on earth. If you can change the world from heaven, don’t you think we’d be in a better spot by now? Why wait for uncertainty?  Claim your power here. Change the world now – by changing yourself into aContinue reading “CLAIM YOUR POWER”


THE DANCE It is the song that determines the dance, not the other way around. The dance never comes before the song, whether in your mind, your body, the universe of you, or a sound that you hear or a sight that you see or a presence in your soul that you feel. The soundContinue reading “THE DANCE”

You Are Being Occupied

Every creature on planet Earth is occupied by a universal force that defines all of what and who we are – our thoughts, actions, attributes – till death do we part. Beyond that, use the imagination you have now to define the next phase of your existence should you be lacking in imagination at thatContinue reading “You Are Being Occupied”