Eating Animals Is Not Natural

There are lots of mistakes in the universe. Recognize them when you see them, then don’t engage, participate or endorse.

Eating Animals Is Not Natural.

People who resist change, thus resist evolution, are those who cling to eating the flesh and blood.

A real progressive would not eat animals, simply because humans have mostly always done it, or for any other reason. Yet, I’ve never met a democrat who didn’t eat animals. So what’s up with that?

It seems that those calling themselves progressive and better than republicans aren’t progressive nor better than anybody else in the realm of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Just because something exists doesn’t mean it should, and just because we’ve always done something doesn’t mean the universe demands that we continue to do it.




Eating only protein, or only carbohydrates or only fats will not produce a healthier you in the long term.

We’ve been led to believe throughout our lives that animals are protein, and everything else are carbohydrates, except for the fat of animals and vegetables. Long ago, fats came only from animals – long before someone discovered how to extract oils from plants.

Did you know that even carrots have fat in them? No one would know it based on what we’ve been taught wrongly. Peel a 55 gallon drum of them, like I did, and you’ll see they contain fat.

Did you know that all plant sources contain protein? No one would know it based on what we’ve been taught wrongly.

Did you know that everything we put into our stomachs gets converted into sugars before it can be processed by the human animal? In other words, protein doesn’t get processed as protein. Everything gets converted to sugars, then processed as sugars.

So why put a food that’s primarily protein into our bodies, when the body is going have to work extra hard at converting it to sugars?

Plants have the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats – just what the human animal body needs to survive optimally. A lot less work, precisely because it’s a perfect match.

One can get ethanol from coal (a rock), but you don’t put a rock in the gas tank of your car. The process doesn’t fit; it doesn’t match the needs of the car. The car needs a liquid form of the gas, which has been processed to fit the cars needs. Or one takes oil from the ground, already a fluid in its natural state, and then processes it to meet the needs of the car, heating the home etc.

Don’t put an animal in your body; don’t put a rock in your gas tank.

Eat plants – the most perfect foods for the body of the human animal – for optimal health.