Not all walls are the same.

A wall around a well-established country is different from a wall that encroaches into other people’s territory dividing its cities, towns and farms.

Erecting a wall in territory that is not yours and claiming ownership, whereby the citizens cannot enter or exit at will and the encroaching party takes control of all aspects of the occupied territory and the citizens that live and work on it creates a condition of never-ending war.

Even changing the name of your nation to theirs, each time they take a chunk of it. The nerve of that.

Who on earth would or could support such walls, except those gaining financial or political benefit for that support?

List the countries that support the Jewish Walls on Palestinian land and those that sit on the fence neither agreeing nor disagreeing and you will see for yourself the hypocrisy of their views.

If in their own countries those same walls were built to divide people according to religious affiliations, they would not accept it.

Go ahead, let the Muslims in London, England divide the city, then take the country chunk by chunk, expanding where they currently live by stealing the land of others and bulldozing the homes when the Protestants rise in protest.

You think it can’t happen to you, because Protestants are the majority. Well, look what happened and continues to happen unabated in Palestine.

What would happen if in the USA the Amish decided to encroach on their neighbor’s non-Amish farms, because they didn’t have enough land and wanted more? Would it be tolerated?

The war was over long ago, yet the Jews continue to grab chunks of land and resources from their Palestinian neighbors, and the world stands still for it.

The world needs to move. How long will you accept this condition of enslavement while the Israelis pull the land like a rug right out from beneath their feet?

The longer the world waits, the worse it gets.

The world needs to make demands of Israel.


Make them open their clenched fists and drop the dirt they stole as theirs to keep. It’s not their dirt. It belongs to somebody else. Return it.


Ethnicity Estimate UPDATED for Sharon

NEW Ethnicity Estimate RECEIVED 10/23/019


England, Wales & Northwestern Europe

Primarily located in: Belgium, Channel Islands, England, Wales


Your ethnicity estimate is 46%, but it can range from 40—54%.

About this Region

The history of Britain, the heart of our England, Wales & Northwestern Europe region, is often presented as one group of invaders after another displacing the native population. The Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans all left their mark on Britain both politically and culturally. However, the story of Britain is far more complex. In fact, modern studies suggest the earliest populations weren’t wiped out, but adapted and absorbed the new arrivals.


Ireland & Scotland

Primarily located in: Ireland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland


Your ethnicity estimate is 23%, but it can range from 1—27%.

About this Region

Located among the isles of the eastern North Atlantic Ocean, our Ireland and Scotland region remains linked to Celtic culture. Here, along with a handful of other isolated communities within the British Isles, you can find some of the last holdouts of the ancient Celtic languages that were once spoken throughout much of Western Europe. And though closely tied to Great Britain, both geographically and historically, people in this region have maintained their unique character through the centuries.



Primarily located in: Latvia, Lithuania


Your ethnicity estimate is 18%, but it can range from 9—24%.

About this Region

Thousands of years ago, the early ancestors of the peoples in our Baltics region came from the east and south. They entered a landscape of low-lying plains, thousands of lakes, and millions of acres of forest, a beautiful boundary zone straddling eastern and western Europe. Inhabitants have seen Vikings, crusading Teutonic Knights, empires, and Communism come and go, but they have maintained an attachment to land, culture, and freedom.


Germanic Europe

Primarily located in: Germany


Your ethnicity estimate is 6%, but it can range from 0—15%.

About this Region

The dramatic landscape of our Germanic Europe region rises from Dutch and German lowlands along the North Sea through forested uplands to Austria’s Alps in the south. The German people were united by language and culture before Germany became a united country in 1871. Known as Das Land der Dichter und Denker (“the land of poets and thinkers”), Germany is home to some of the oldest universities in the world, and this region has a long tradition of producing world-class scientists, inventors, theologians, artists, and composers.



Primarily located in: Sweden


Your ethnicity estimate is 3%, but it can range from 0—3%.

About this Region

With its rocky coastline, wooded uplands, and subarctic, mountainous terrain, our Sweden region emerged from glacial ice as a rugged land of lakes and islands. The Swedish people share a common Norse heritage with Norway and, especially, Denmark that includes language, religion, and art, but they eventually developed a culture of their own. Situated north of the Baltic Sea, geographic isolation from conflicts raging on the European continent did not stop the Swedes from influencing the culture, trade, and politics of regions from the Volga River to Byzantium.


Eastern Europe & Russia

Primarily located in: Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine


Your ethnicity estimate is 2%, but it can range from 0—9%.

About this Region

Our Eastern Europe and Russia region stretches from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Adriatic in the south. The landscape is a mix of mountains, rivers, and plains and stands at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia. By the 5th century A.D. Slavic peoples were moving west into modern-day central Europe, followed by Magyars, who settled Hungary. The Slavic peoples are now the largest linguistic and ethnic group in Europe, and the region’s legacy of beauty and civilization lives on in famed world cities such as Prague, Kiev, Moscow, and Budapest.



Primarily located in: Iceland, Norway


Your ethnicity estimate is 2%, but it can range from 0—7%.


About this Region

The earliest inhabitants of our Norway region were strong, seafaring peoples. For centuries, hunter-gatherers slowly pushed north across the Baltic Sea, probing coastal fjords and inland stretches for arable land as ice melted off the untamed region. While Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes all share a common Norse heritage, over time, Norway’s resilient coastal communities evolved into a nation known for its seamanship, technology, artistry, and mythology.



grandpa and grandma jim & kate

Grandma and Grandpa long before I was born.

James Frederick Davies and Katherine Rose Germonte.

Grandpa’s father was born in England and his mother in Ireland. Grandma was born in Lithuania with Russian, Ukrainian and Polish roots.

When Dad and Mom bought their old house and Grandma and Grandpa moved to one that was all on one floor, Grandma left behind in the attic stacks of old Arizona Highways magazines. I was in second grade and had no idea how she even got them.

I’d go into that attic that Mom was turning into a clothes closet, turn the lightbulb on and sit on the floor for hours looking at the pictures of all the Indians, wondering why Grandma had magazines about Indians who lived so far away. We lived in Massachusetts and these were Indians in Arizona.

Most kids dream of being somebody important. I wanted to be an old person sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in Arizona where people would come from far and wide for my wisdom. I never told anyone that before. It seems so foolish. I was in second grade dreaming of becoming an old woman. I rocked a lot. Dad had to bolt my crib to the floor. They’d get up in the morning and my crib would be across the room and they’d wonder how it got there.

When I got older I used to wish I didn’t rock. Now it makes me dizzy. I outgrew it.

You know, when you grow up you don’t pay much attention to how your family looks. That’s an outsider thing. When I received these photos a few days ago from someone on, and knowing that most American Indians migrated from Russia/Asia, I began to think that Grandma had those Asian roots.

I know this sounds funny now, but Grandma had sort of kinky hair. And we always said that she looked the same no matter how old. She never seemed to change. She was tiny, under five feet and never lost the so-called baby fat on her face.

When I look at her now, except for the white skin (and in person it wasn’t that white), she looks like those Indians I saw in Arizona Highways.

I think she enjoyed looking at ‘her people’ without ever knowing for sure who her people were, except that Auntie brought her from Vilnius, Lithuania when she was ten years old. I don’t know what Auntie’s name was; we all just called her Auntie.

This photo is of Dad and his sister Ann. Her real name was ANNA, but she Americanized it to ANN. Dad was Thomas Joseph. Grandpa’s and Grandma’s other son was James Frederick, like Grandpa. Dad joined the Merchant Marines during WWII.



Somehow Tony Blair doesn’t think that killing/murdering 150,000 Iraqis (his estimate) qualifies as prejudice that led to discrimination, that led to enslavement, that led to torture, that led to slaughter.

And the world trusted him with the Palestinian-Israeli road map to peace.

There was never going to be a nation for Palestine, a peace for Palestinians, unless they conformed to the Israeli way, whereby the Jews owned all the land, whereby the Jews were landlords of the Palestinian territories. Whereby the Jews and only the Jews would eventually control all of the Middle East, because Tony Blair, a Jew himself, actually thought, once he actually met the opposition – in his own country – that Israel was the only correct, viable option for that part of the world.

Tony Blair’s sin was not the Iraq war that President Bush orchestrated; it was what he did to the Palestinians because he didn’t have a vision for peace.

That he could not see beyond his own comfort – a sin many rich people suffer from – and the comfort of England – and the comfort of those he considered more civilized, meaning Israelis, was his flaw.

The fact that Tony Blair still clings to the ideology, that killing one dictator was worth all those lives lost and many, many more, plus all the families suffering from those losses, plus all of the physical destruction of countries, making people’s lives living hells, tells you a lot about who Tony Blair is as a person.

He will wipe out a continent of innocent people, and destroy the earth beneath their feet to get revenge against one person who threatened at one point to kill President George Bush’s father, who was the head of the CIA, whose job it was to assassinate.

Tony Blair was never going to recognize Palestine’s right to exist. Even before 9-11, when Ariel Sharon was in power in Israel, Tony Blair saw Palestine as a State as a liability for Britain.

Unfortunately, Tony Blair was a virus.