Self Expectations

I expect the same from myself my family my neighbors my associates and my acquaintances and friendships as I do from my President and the politicians who make decisions that affect my life directly or indirectly no matter the state or district they claim to represent.

We’re all connected. I expect the same from every country region state city township municipality territory island continent as I do my own.

Stop seeking exemptions for special circumstances or conditions. If you’re lagging behind in progress you chose that path out of obstinacy – wanting the world to carry your weight. The world has it’s own burdens and doesn’t need yours.

Move forward and contribute by readying yourself for today and tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. Whatever you were supposed to learn from it your brain already processed. Not in excuses but by becoming in sync with your reality. Nobody else’s reality matters when you matter to you.

I’ve heard ‘I can’t do it’ so many times I want to vomit my mind out. Keep your ‘can’t do it’ talk to yourself and strategize a way to do what you want. Nobody cruises from A to Z in a specially designed time mobile. Those vehicles exist only in the movies.

Nobody talks about their process, so it appears that some started at A and ended at Z by zooming effortlessly through B to Y. Trust that never happens.

Get started by doing the next thing that seems natural without much thought.

Stand up in your mind. Look around in your mind. Feel comfortable in yourself, because no matter where you are, that’s what you have to work with today.


Unfortunately, most of black America was happy when a white cop shot dead a black man in the back. The dead black man is now a martyr for the black cause.

A few weeks ago, a white cop shot a white man in the back while sitting on him. It didn’t make headlines, because white lives don’t matter. Most white people think he probably deserved it.

If white people don’t care what happens to other white people, in those situations, in that they think they bring on their own misfortune, why would black America think white people should care about their misfortune, just because they’re black?

They don’t care when it happens to a white person, to one of their own race, one of their own kind, because white people are more distant from each other than black people are to each other. White people are taught from early on to be independent, separate, stand on your own two feet, or fall. Either way you’re alone, unless you’re privileged, but even then there are limits to what the rich group will accept in bad behavior or risk being ostracized.

Blacks don’t ostracize their own. That’s a big difference between groups.

Unfortunately, black America is targeting the white middle and lower classes for grievances they have with the upper classes of all colors, hoping that attacking those who don’t have a say in policy, will force (through fear) those without said power to speak up in support of black America’s grievances. That is an unrealistic expectation. They don’t speak up for themselves – even when they’re fearful.

A black person wouldn’t do it for a white person as evidenced by several black men beating up a white man on a subway, while every black person on the train sat, watched and did nothing to assist. I’ve lived in Cleveland, Ohio for twenty years. I know that’s the drill.

Attacking people without power for the purpose of forcing them to rise up against their leaders – risking limbs and death to do it – is a military strategy used against foreign countries when the country using the strategy can’t get the leaders of the offending country to change their ways. They in essence use the people who don’t matter (the lower classes) as sacrificial lambs to achieve their goals.

The strategy never benefits the ones being forced against their will to fight for a foreign entity with the purpose of displacing their leaders.

It is inappropriate for black America to be using military strategies inside America, that either involve forcing powerless people to martyr themselves or involve forcing powerless people to act violently on behalf of, or in support of, a cause.

Black people keep telling white people to stop fearing them. That’s probably a good place to start with a strategy for change – something that doesn’t invoke images of people being burned alive and towns leveled, or even someone screaming in your face. Simply telling someone not to fear you won’t work. This fear didn’t develop overnight. If you want someone to fear you, they will. You know the gestures. Everybody knows them.