FACEBOOK = mass incarceration of the collective mind

Limits people to 5000 friends, makes you ask to be a friend, rarely shows you what your friends are posting. With 4000 friends I should be seeing a whole lot of posts. Not so - hardly any. Repetitive posts through a 24 hour cycle and many times into the next day - the same ones?... Continue Reading →


Correlational Behavior

Some things you can have both ways, but most things you can't. If there is a correlation between ads bought by Russian entities in favor of each candidate for president and Hillary Clinton losing the election, then there is a correlation between violent movies, violent songs and violent behavior. Monkey see monkey do. Remember, don't... Continue Reading →


What's wrong with people? I live in a gay area, a Muslim area, an Irish, black, Hispanic area and on and on. I hear gays (men and women) using the 'C' word like they use any other word in their vocabulary - like most people say shit or damn or fuck you. If they're mad... Continue Reading →



When I first joined Facebook, and being the animal rights activist I am, I saw a lot of slaughter photos/videos, because the friends I had on Facebook were like-minded individuals. I wasn't, however, accustomed to seeing up front and personal the actual physical reality of it, even though I had already written about it from... Continue Reading →



THE DEMISE OF FACEBOOK just became more probable. Recent study. Government is trying to undermine Facebook claiming that a person’s Facebook ‘likes’ can determine a person’s sexual orientation and emotional/mental stability. That’s an effective way to make people stop liking other people’s Facebook pages, comments and photos, which is what advertisers rely on to sell... Continue Reading →


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