The Freedom Of A Bicycle

The Freedom Of A Bicycle My mother once said to me, looking back on it all, I guess we were poor. I never felt that way though, she said. I thought then that neither did I. A second hand bike when I was nine years old didn’t mean poor to me. When my father, and…More

The Right To Own Myself And My Work – catching up

I don’t belong to groups, so don’t anyone ever expect me to ‘take one’ for a mythical team or to sacrifice my work for somebody else’s gain, because it’s their turn and I happen to have the words they need to succeed. I’m a territorial daughter of a natural born engineer and a mother who…More

Attention Grabbers

Do I have to scream as loud as you scream for you to hear me? Do I have to call you names, like you do, to get your attention? What is wrong with your life that you think I can fix? What is wrong with your life that you can’t fix yourself? Screaming and calling…More