Of The Five Principles: No prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter, the only gray area lies within the realm of prejudice. That’s where decisions are made whether to discriminate or not. And from there one leads to the other if left unchecked.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight




If human is a race, as well as a member of the animal kingdom, then other animals are also members of the animal kingdom thus races.

If you discriminate, enslave, torture and slaughter another race, then you are a racist.

Extrapolating the Five Principles To A Better Life.



One life matters.

You have no idea how much one life matters.

You are being tested –

by the likes of yourselves.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Arrogance is a form of prejudice.

Calling people racist who use the word negro in reference to black people is prejudice on the part of the one claiming prejudice.

Calling blacks negroes may be outdated, but it’s not racist. You might as well say that calling someone caucasian is racist.

Blacks will agree that negro is racist, but that calling someone caucasian is not racist. That ship sails both ways.

Harboring and espousing a double standard regarding race is racist, thus arrogant.

Evolutionary Scale Of Development

That humans still hunt among other animals for their food, eating the flesh, drinking the blood and bathing in the fat (soap), even making houses, clothes and medicine from the murderous actions supported by religious and governmental laws of all nations, all tribes – instead of the plants found in abundance throughout the planet – even using the enslavement, torture and slaughter of non-human animals for entertainment purposes tells you pretty much where you are – as a test – on the evolutionary scale of development.

We got all the way to the twenty-first century still using barbaric, cruel methods of punishment that far surpasses even an eye for an eye. Rage is what it’s all about. The more rage an offense creates in an individual, group or nation the greater the punishment. That might explain how someone in the USA gets a life prison term for stealing three times, the third time being a slice of pizza.

It seems our tolerance level goes to three times and after that – stone ’em to death, lock him up forever, cut his hands off. We can’t take it any more. Yet the very lawmakers who write and pass the laws engage in even greater crimes for which there is never any punishment, because after all, they wrote the laws, they can break them.

What type of hatred so searing, rage so seething, justifies the perversity of burying one up to their armpits, while instructing the condemned, “if you escape from the dirt we’ve buried you in, while we stone you, then you’re free from further scorn?” Women get the arm pit ritual; men get buried to their waist. It seems that the ‘modest’ rule in practicing countries applies even during executions – covering the breasts. Is it really a ‘modest rule’, or is it a double punishment directed at women for being women, for being so evil in society’s eyes that their accusers make sure there will be no escape? Good God! Pelted in the face and head with rocks till death departs the condemned from the attack. Bad God! Bad, bad, bad. And from whence did a nation of people, a race, a religious group of humans gather the notion that God’s will was somehow being done?

How individuals, groups or nations punish offenders tells you pretty much where you and they are on the evolutionary scale of development. How nations punish other nations tells you where you and they are on the evolutionary scale of development. Dropping bombs is not an act of sophistication, nor a progressive act. It’s an act of barbarism. Dropping bombs is the ultimate simultaneous act of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. If you support bombing countries as a punishment, as President Obama did in Syria, that tells you where you are – as a test – on the evolutionary scale of development.

We control evolution. We can. Not forgetting offenses committed against an individual, group or nation, where all you can muster, your only perceived option, against terror is a reaction of outrage and subsequent retaliation at the next sequence of horrific events, in absence of a solution or a plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again, eats you up like gangrene, mutates like cancer. Retaliation is like muscle-memory, it’s the easiest route, simply because you don’t have to think about it, plan it, do anything but react as you’ve always reacted – with vengeance – in kind. So where has obsessing on that which we should never forget gotten us? Back to the beginning that’s where. I’m looking for an ending, while everybody else stays stalled in the limbo of revenge. Limbo is hell. I don’t know why anybody else could think otherwise.

They used to teach that babies not baptized never quite make it to heaven or hell when death takes his/her physical form from earth. What a destiny – a fate of torture – one inflicts upon the children of this world, never gaining the privilege of belonging to the heaven or hell club designed not by my God, but evidently yours. Where one sends their children after death, speaks volumes about a species’ need to control – even in death – the destination and destiny of another. That a child be sent to limbo, never to see the face of God nor to know God’s grace (according to the teachings), because you forgot to dash a few drops of water and mutter a few words over his/her body before his/her demise, tells you pretty much where you are – as a test – on the evolutionary scale of development. Don’t use as an excuse that it’s all about symbolism. You teach it. When you teach it you’re responsible for the ramifications of the teachings.

You’re not in the twenty-first century, your actions don’t speak it. You’re still in the dark ages – so dark you’re blinded by the lack of light. Masked by sky scrapers, malls, planes, trains and cars you think you’re on the path of enlightenment, on the cusp of a new theory, new discovery that will change your life forever. That life is in you, it’s not in the skyscraper nor in new inventions. Even the smartest humans in the world, the richest humans, the most well-informed humans still operate from the cave. Poor people in underdeveloped nations are still in the dark ages, not because they don’t have access to goods and services, but because they haven’t evolved within their own tribal societies to live a better life, which means a better life for all life.

Accepting yourself the way you are, simply because everybody else is the same way serves only to block the evolution of you. Strange how you don’t mind crossing everybody else’s boundaries, stepping on everybody else’s rights, but you can’t step out of your own box.

Of course some individuals, groups and nations evolve quicker than others. If we all evolved at once, I wonder what would happen? Chaos perhaps. But perhaps not. The mind-set needed to evolve presents itself before the action needed to carry it out, and before the action a plan. The map is the plan. So if we all evolved at once, we’d all have the plan in time to act. That map, the Five Principles to A Better Life, already exists in all of us. That we, as individuals, groups or nations choose at any given juncture to ignore it tells you – as a test –  where you are on the evolutionary scale of development.


  • Five principles to a better life. The Jews and Arabs often accuse me of ignoring history, which to me is nothing more than an interpretation of questionable focus on certain events, real or perceived. Why would I need to know the opinions and state of affairs of every detail of the lives of my parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and all of their associates and families, and then all of their ancestors descending from all of the above, 2000 years ago, in order to make decisions on the conduct of my own life, or to form views regarding what I see, feel and otherwise experience in my own environment, in my own world?
  • Then, why would I need to know all of the above about the Jews and the  Arabs–or any other group of people for that matter? Those who insist on doing what their ancestors did 2000 years ago, or who simply can’t figure out anything on their own, because of the demands placed on them via their religions, which require adherence to the views and actions of their ancestors, are stripped of the joy of discovering one’s own God in one’s own way–in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter–which is the purest way to discover any God worth your efforts to emulate.
  • Please stop tormenting yourselves and the world with diaries of persecuted beings when reading them keeps you locked into a perpetual state of despair instead of freeing you from it. Your ancestors weren’t around to finish writing their stories that many times ended well. Who wants to write when they’re feeling happy? No one. When you’re happy you’re out enjoying being happy; you’re not at the writing table or drawing board trying to capture the beauty of the ecstasy in words. Nobody’s life is all bad, but judging from the words written in these so-called holy books, the obsessive focus on suffering, functions (intentionally or not) as a self-fulfilling prophecy, which encourages instead of discourages those reading them to continue the suffering through revenge. Stop referring to ancient diaries to solve your problems and to justify violence toward yourself, others and the planet. The instructions for achieving peace are simply not present in these books, unless followed by a contradictory instruction, which negates it. Just in case you don’t want to follow the good path, the bad one is always an option–and so it is written. Who would want to follow in the footsteps of their oppressed ancestors, and what ancestor worth their salt, would want you to do that

  • These books do not lay out a plan; they’re recordings of the trials and tribulations of a segment of humanity. All beings suffer similar trials and tribulations; that’s the appeal of the book; it’s just that other segments of humanity didn’t take the time to write it all out. They grew beyond it–thankfully. How many times have those holy books been edited, revised, translated, and reedited, revised and rewritten all over again to fit the signs of the times, all so people can better understand the words? See, the books have evolved, but they haven’t evolved in the absence of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter

  • If someone has a vision in which God tells them to kill somebody or a group of somebodies, that’s not the God of the Five Principles talking. To wade through the chatter of your mind, you need to apply a blue print to it, so that you’ll hear the proper instruction. That blue print contains God’s Five Principles: no prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter.  These Five Principles are the foundation upon which all else is to be decided. That’s the test of right and wrong, good or bad. That’s the only test that can be applied universally to all circumstances large and small, religious or not religious and whether you do or don’t believe in God’s existence. In other words, it’s good for the believers and the nonbelievers alike.

  • We are all programmed with these Five Principles before birth. All life and non-life possess them. Whether it becomes expressed is up to the individual and the group at the same time. Therefore, what’s good for the individual is good for the group and vice versa. There’s no democracy implied in this blue print, since it’s good for everyone. When you use that blue print to separate the wheat from the chaff (the good from the bad), you’ll see with horror the extent to which the world has veered off the path of right and good and gone down the road of wrong and bad. It’s a startling view, but once you’ve seen the view, you can never totally turn away from it. The view changes you forever–for the better–which is both right and good, and at the same time, the beginning of a progressive evolution–the evolution of you, controlled by you, which makes you your own God: oh powerful one!


Most people wouldn’t go out and actually kill the animal they purchase at the supermarket, yet they relish the anticipation of the preparation of the meal and subsequent feast.

Most people, unless pushed to an unfathomable rage and disgust, just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t stomach doing it, nor stomach watching somebody else doing it.

In the realm of fighting terror with terror, special operations units in secret intelligence, law enforcement and military agencies do the work nobody else has the stomach for – the horrific deed of slaughter that governments tell us somebody must do to keep us safe and free from the harm others may inflict upon us.  That horrific deed of slaughter is elevated to massacre and holocaust levels when our governments perceive entire nations or groups of people a threat to our physical and/or political survival or our way of life, necessitating in their view the dropping of bombs on millions of people within the perceived offending nation or group, in order to break their will of supposedly wanting to annihilate the other nation in a similar way.

Six weeks is all it takes to turn a civilian into a killing machine for any cause – thousands of civilians, hundreds of thousands of civilians –to wreak havoc on another nation or group, and all the other species of animals that never get considered as fatalities of war.

When the USA had a military draft policy most of the youth didn’t want to go, that’s why they had to force them to fight by instituting the draft. However, during difficult economic times many of our youth enlist in the military as a way out of those difficult times. They get paid for what they do – slaughtering peoples and other animals in foreign lands.

Slaughter is a flawed fundamental principle that forms the foundation of all nations, and all political entities worldwide. Since slaughter is the result of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement and torture (prejudice leads to discrimination which leads to enslavement which leads to torture which leads to slaughter, if left unchecked), then prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter are flawed fundamental principles that form the foundation of all nations and political entities worldwide. Slaughter cannot exist without the existence of the other four flaws.


Peoples and nations of peoples enslave, torture and slaughter under the guise of perceived threats to national and/or individual security.

Militaries of all nations and political entities enslave torture and slaughter animals of other species under the guise of needing to teach military personnel how to enslave, torture and slaughter the enemy – other humans.

Peoples and nations of peoples enslave, torture and slaughter under the guise of needing those they enslave, torture and slaughter as food, ointments, clothing, medicines, health and beauty aids, nutritional supplements, glue and on and on till just about every manufactured product has some aspect of the animal in it – even your computer, cell phone and replacement windows.

Peoples and nations of peoples enslave, torture and slaughter under the guise of needing those enslaved, tortured and slaughtered for scientific research experiments in order to keep you healthy longer.


Tear down the flawed foundation of all nations and political entities, which serves only to perpetuate the prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter that makes up that foundation.

You don’t have to start over from scratch. All systems are already in place, built by you. All you need to do is remove the animal from the formula, from the equation, from the product list, from the target, from the method, from the process. War-game and plan your nations, cities and towns, religions and families absent the animal as a means to achieve your goals.

Manufacturing plants already exist, stores already exist, recipes, formulas already exist. Tweaking is all you need to do.

Tear down the concentration death camp, slaughterhouses. Slaughterhouses have no valid place in society. Stop raising animals, then let nature take its course.

Leave the past behind. The cave man and cave woman are passé. They’re dead. Justifying our behavior by what they did or didn’t do (we weren’t there) is a futile exercise that will destroy us. We were supposed to evolve not only in appearance, but in actions. We only evolved in the first part. We evolved backwards in the second part.

Change doesn’t have to be hard, difficult or painful. We make it hard, difficult and painful. A new job, a new way, a new mission always invigorates. Always. So where does the hard part come in? A challenge always invigorates. So why the resistance? Governments and peoples have become addicted to the power of control via enslavement, torture and slaughter. They’ve done it that way for so long that any other way – absent the enslavement, torture and slaughter – is perceived as a risk, and a precedent absent past successes, that predicts future success upon which they can move forward with a guarantee in their pocket. Everybody wants a sure thing, a sure bet.

How are governments going to re-brainwash societies into going animal-free after spending all of human history brainwashing societies into accepting the five fatal flaws of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter?

Those systems are already in place, systems that encourage you to reprogram yourself by thinking for yourself, by making up your own mind through opening your mind to different ideas.

Animal rights activists and vegetarians have been sowing those seeds since the beginning of human existence. Even the bible says to back off the vegetarians. ‘Don’t eat the animals’ lest you be banished from earth’. Well, the editors changed it to apple. Nobody is ‘tempted’ to eat an apple. Humans, however, are ‘tempted’ to kill those they see as weaker than themselves.

Jesus, Mohammed, Einstein, Ghandi and many others all extolled the principles of peace being contingent on how we treat those creatures we deem as inferior, thus ‘tempting’.

When you walk down the street, law enforcement tells you to walk strong, not weak, lest you get attacked.

One nation needing and/or wanting to be superior and/or more powerful than other nations is what causes wars.

“We’re the most powerful nation on earth”. How many times have I heard that roar from the mouths of dictators in the USA, since my youth till now? It’s the same war cry. Power to do what? Enslave, torture and slaughter. Boasting that we’re the most powerful nation on earth, that we have the most powerful military in the world, with which to terrorize you into submission to our flawed will is what we’re really saying.


Tear down the concentration death camp, scientific research labs, using animals, whom governments and peoples deem inferior, to make humans live healthier, longer lives.

Scientists and doctors throughout the world have acknowledged for decades that a scientific model using other species to control the health of humans is fundamentally flawed, and always will be.

Inserting human DNA into other species to make them more human, thus more effective in predicting human health and curing human disease is just as flawed, since by that action we’re creating new species in laboratories, whom we know nothing about. For those afraid of change, because there is no past from which to predict future success, I’d be afraid of that one, again based on a flawed foundation of enslavement, torture and slaughter.

Systems are already in place, using current technologies, to conduct scientific research experiments in the absence of animal subjects. Tweaking is all those systems require. You don’t have to start from scratch. Scientists are notoriously invigorated by the challenge to create. Leave out the animal and proceed with all the vigor you possess.

A nation of laws and the rule of law become detrimental to all life when those laws are based on a flawed foundation of prejudice, discrimination, enslavement, torture and slaughter. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean you must do it. At some point the flawed laws become the excuse for continuing down the path of destructive behaviors.

Nations are formed on the premise that certain individuals will slaughter and be slaughtered on behalf of the perceived welfare of the group.


Change the world by changing yourself. Be the example of courage, compassion, confidence and calm, as best you can. Question alliances to ideologies, cultural and familial habits which make others suffer, without making excuses for those practices. Upon making excuses, one already knows that the practice they’re questioning is wrong. Recognize the power of centrifugal force. Be that center that centers others. Accept rejection and acceptance as necessary components of change.