Why Fool With The Perfect Foods?

A plant is a plant and an animal is an animal. Right now, meat can mean either animal or plant. Eventually, and that day will come, animals will no longer be considered food on this planet, so the term meat will refer to the main part and/or texture of whatever plant is under discussion. Ever... Continue Reading →


Plants Are Medicine Animals Are Not

Plant foods are nature's medicine for the body. Animals are not. Plants do a body good. Animals do a body harm. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


I am a Plantarian. I get my food from plants. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight New word: plantarian  



You can't feed the world on all fresh all the time. You need to preserve food in order to feed more than the elite of the world. Elite be damned - always looking after only themselves. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  



Macy's Department Store recently said in response to ending its business relationship with presidential candidate Donald Trump, "Macy's is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance for discrimination in any form". I wonder if Macy's Department Store sells food, shoes and fur? Yup, they do. Animals, animals and animals. What comes... Continue Reading →


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