This post has been banned by Facebook for hate speech

Banned Post: Laws People Think Are Theirs’ To Break Are Major Ones   Blacks and Hispanics force white people to fight their battles for them. They do it with their dogs and gamecocks too – force them to fight, for the purpose of monetary gain. It’s always about the money. Blacks and Browns like to watchContinue reading “This post has been banned by Facebook for hate speech”


BIAS-FREE Machines have the same biases humans have. Humans design the machines. Humans design the programs used on computers that provide automated services. Just because an operating procedure or method is automated doesn’t mean it’s bias-free. It isn’t. Humans insert their biases into the programs. Is bias-free the same as a lottery system? You haveContinue reading “BIAS-FREE”

Clean Up Your Culture

Mouthing off isn’t freedom of speech. It’s incitement. I never witnessed a white person taunting or in any way disrespecting or abusing a black person. Neither have I ever witnessed a black person standing, sitting, kneeling or running in fear of a white person. I lived in many places among many cultures. Black Lives talkingContinue reading “Clean Up Your Culture”


There are some things that I cannot say and expect to live. That’s the country I live in. Free speech isn’t free. It costs – sometimes a lot. Free speech according to norms set by the government is free and encouraged. Anything deviating from governmental norms is not free. It will cost you. In America,Continue reading “THE SACRIFICE OF FREE SPEECH”


TO THOSE WHO SEEK DEATH & REVENGE UNDER THE CLOAK OF FREE SPEECH: No one is more expert at exacting revenge, inciting violence and killing through words than a satirist. Words kill. Remember that the next time you humiliate somebody in public. When a cartoonist has to have ‘protection’ so that he can kill withContinue reading “YOUR RIGHT TO KILL WITH FREE SPEECH”