OBAMA STAYS TRUE TO HIS RACE as a divider not a uniter


from a daily briefing to the press.

Strange how when preaching to white people in the USA about putting the high crime rates of black men against whites (men and women), and black on black crime, in an historical context of slavery (I’m assuming he meant slavery, though he didn’t mention the word), he didn’t mention that he doesn’t share those same feelings toward the Palestinians–the most enslaved people on the planet. He always takes the Israeli side, the white man’s side. He turned a blind eye to a massacre committed by Israelis in Gaza, 1,400 people slaughtered, because “they (meaning the Palestinians) said a lot of bad things about me”. When asked about Israeli war tanks killing Palestinian teenagers throwing rocks his reply was, “you know rocks can hurt”. When the Palestinians rise up against Israel, it’s never justified and Obama gives the green light for Israel to bomb them into submission.

His entire presentation on this current speech had as its foundation pity, sympathy for the entire black race that he wants white people to collectively feel, so that when a crime is committed against them, they’ll be more understanding and let them beat them up? Let them shoot them? Let them rape them? Let them steal your car and break into your home, because they don’t have a car, and need your television set and computer? Feel their pain throughout their entire history in the USA– hundreds of years. All those long dead, pity them too? Feel their pain too?

What is it about black people that they want everybody to feel their pain, they want people to feel sorry for them? All people–all individuals within all races and all socio-economic groups have enough pain in their own private lives–they don’t need any more pain piled on them than they already have. All week I’ve been listening to black talking heads on T.V. and the white talking heads who are afraid of what the blacks might do to them, who just keep saying that the jury panel should have had compassion for Trayvon Martin. What? Juror number B37 didn’t cry enough? No, no, they didn’t want her to cry, that’s not enough, they wanted her to vote guilty for George Zimmerman based on compassion for Trayvon Martin, his family and the entire black community–not on the law and the jury instructions. That’s how the black community translates compassion. Even Obama spoke on it–the lack of compassion that resulted in a not-guilty verdict for George Zimmerman, it hurt him.

To divide the nation further he spoke to the racism that would rear its head if the man on the bottom with a gun were black and the man on the top had no gun–the black man would get a guilty verdict. He missed the point. If the man on the bottom with the gun were black, the black community would want a not guilty verdict, based simply on race.  Whoa, I didn’t think he’d prove my point, but he did.

So, Obama was hurt because a white woman in the elevator clutched her purse tighter when he got on the elevator, and when he crossed the street he heard locks on a car door go down, and the only reason he called Trayvon Martin his son was because, “that could have been me” when he was Trayvon’s age. Really, you wanted the jury to come back with a guilty verdict for George Zimmerman because your feelings got hurt? Where does the law come in? Guess we know how blacks determine a case–they don’t look at the evidence, they vote on the one they feel sorry for.

Barack Obama is a lawyer, he’s also the President of the United States. He knows the law. He’s always preaching it to other countries, that we’ve either bombed into accepting our way of democracy, or uses his CIA to incite peoples of other nations to rise up against their dictatorial leaders, to accept the rule of law.

Obama never mentioned anything about self-defense, only that this case didn’t put on ‘a stand your ground’ defense. Juan Williams from Fox said all George Zimmerman had to do was draw his gun and Martin would have run away. Obviously Zimmerman was not a gun toting vigilante white supremacist, that the Justice Department, Obama and the black community are trying to prove he is, otherwise he would have drawn his gun when he got out of the car. Obama never mentioned anything about being punched in the nose and the ground and pound with head bashing against concrete. Never mentioned that it happened so fast that Zimmerman couldn’t run. Guess that’s a black thing too. Rachel Somebody on the Piers Morgan Show dismissed it as nothing, happens all the time where she lives.

It’s looking like Obama was just such a fighter when he was a teenager, by his explanation of why he said Martin looked like his son. If that’s true then Obama got lucky. This time Martin punched the wrong person.

Feeling sorry for someone because of their skin color is prejudice. Do black people feel sorry for all the white victims they committed crimes against?

Pity does not show respect, nor does it make the person pitied feel good about themselves. Any white person who feels sorry for a black person because they’re black feels that they’re superior to blacks. Handicapped people don’t like to be pitied either. Old people don’t like to be pitied because they’re old. They’re never taken seriously as a result of the pity. Just because I don’t have any legs doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain. Just because my hair is white doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. Women get the pity treatment a lot from men of all races. That’s their prejudice. Most men don’t like strong women. She’s too opinionated, thinks she knows it all. All she needs is a good lay, that’ll shut her up.

Why don’t you try instilling discipline into your children instead of excusing aggressive, violent behavior toward anyone for a perceived slight? Tell your children that violence is not an option, then live what you preach. Violence in the home is rampant in the black community. Stop solving problems with fists. All those ‘discussions’ parents are now having with their black kids center around the white man being evil. That’s how kids learn prejudice and hatred.

My father got pulled over and ticketed for going five miles under the speed limit. The cop was white. Any cop who ever stopped me was white, not black. I suppose that if I had been black I could easily blame the color of my skin.

Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you because of the color of your skin. It’s pathetic. Stop justifying the crimes you commit using your skin color as the scapegoat.

Take into consideration what Obama said about Trayvon Martin standing his ground if Zimmerman punched him and then he shot Zimmerman. He implied that Martin, the shooter, the man on the bottom would have been found guilty. I keep thinking that every black person in America, including Obama, thinks that Zimmerman got out of the car and just shot Martin, while standing there. The forensics and eye witness accounts don’t support that speculation.

If that speculation doesn’t work, then the blacks say that it was the one who started the fight. I don’t know any more what blacks constitute as the point at which a fight is started. To me, it’s who throws the first punch. There were no injuries to Martin except the scraped knuckles and gun shot wound. Now they say no, it’s the ‘following’ that started it, which in their minds, including Obama’s, justifiably provoked Martin to beat up Zimmerman. If Obama, the President of the United States and the one who started all of this cannot look at the facts objectively, and he’s a lawyer, what else does he apply his fuzzy logic to on a daily basis, executing his duties as president?

The black community would have wanted Trayvon to be innocent, whether he started it or not, whether he had a gun or not–as long as there was a ‘white man’ involved. You can’t have it both ways Obama.

If there are no stand your ground laws in the USA, and the blacks nationwide are working to have them repealed, then that means that no black man nor black woman can stand their ground either. The law is for everyone, not just white people.

I found it odd that in Obama’s speech he didn’t address the Zimmerman family and what they’re going through, because he  jumped the gun and made a rush to a prejudicial judgment on this incident. Where was your compassion for them? They didn’t deserve it, because he perceived them as white.

If Obama still doesn’t understand the rule of law, then maybe he shouldn’t be the President of the greatest nation on earth.

No, I don’t feel sorry for you Barak Obama. I am disappointed that you didn’t treat all races equally and that you weren’t able to put aside your own prejudices, while you expected all white people to put aside theirs under the assumption that all whites harbor prejudices against blacks, further dividing this great nation. It was time for a great president. You weren’t it. Next time you look into the mirror, see another color. You can do it, I know you can.

It’s strange isn’t it, that President Obama, the first black president, will go down in USA history as the most racist.



  • “The system didn’t work for us”.
  • The system wasn’t supposed to work for “us” the black community of America. The system was supposed to work for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman–only two people–not their parents, siblings, friends nor groups with agendas to raise social issues.
  • Black parents are now worried about what to tell their teenagers about wearing hoodies and buying Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea, according to one of the black community’s many spokespeople.
  • You tell them not to punch people, not to beat people up that they racially profile as (pervert) creepy ass cracker (white old man) (dirty fuckin) nigger (my slave). Do the math. The only ones with hate in their hearts that evening were Trayvon Martin and Rachel Somebody.
  • ‘If you don’t hate white people you’re not one of us’ is the racial underbelly of the black community toward individuals within the black community.
  • You don’t get to use an innocent man to advance your social-political agendas. You picked him because he was meek and looked white. The black community wouldn’t have gone after a big Rambo-type in your own face with your own prejudices type guy. They would have backed off, found somebody else, somebody like George Zimmerman.
  • The prosecution, the US government, played on every prejudice they thought the six member jury panel may possibly privately harbor instead of trying the facts of the case based on the evidence presented. Their never-ending attempts to prejudice the jury in favor of their client, Trayvon Martin, by using what they perceived as the individual jurors prejudices just didn’t work–not this time–not this day.
  • Jesse Jackson complained that there wasn’t a man on the jury, not enough blacks. That’s prejudicial coming from him–the prism white people are supposed to look through to do their daily check on their own prejudices. The prosecution wanted all women in order to get the sympathy vote. The judge instructed the jury not to base their verdict on sympathy, but that didn’t stop the prosecution and the talking heads on T.V. from trying to convince the world of Zimmerman’s guilt by using poor, grieving mother scenarios. Those prejudices didn’t work either–not with this jury–not this time–not this day.
  • Thank God that this time–for this trial–the jury was sequestered so they couldn’t hear all the distorted interpretations of the testimony spewing from the mouths of these so-called well-educated, intelligent talking heads. Night after night Steve and I repeatedly remarked that they couldn’t have watched the trial, yet they all claimed they had. “That wasn’t the testimony, that’s not what she or he said”, is what we said repeatedly night after night. We knew exactly what the witnesses said and remembered it (not bad for two “creepy ass crackers, fuckin niggers” living in a senior residence).
  • The jury being sequestered didn’t stop Sunny Somebody, on CNN’S Anderson Cooper Show every night, from using her psychic powers to channel the jury as she sat beside them every day of the trial. She read them, down cold she said. Guilty, guilty, guilty. She knew beyond a doubt that the mothers on the jury would find Zimmerman guilty, simply because they were mothers. She insulted every mother in the world, thinking  they would think and do as she would think and do–disregard the evidence and go straight for the jugular of Zimmerman, because he murdered their son. That may be what prosecutors do, disregard the evidence, skew the evidence, lie about the evidence to convict those they’ve charged. That’s not what mothers do–not on this jury panel–not on this day–not in that way.
  • It’s not racial profiling when people in your neighborhood have been robbed by black youth, and you see what looks like maybe a black youth hovering about between houses, looking in windows in the rain, in the dark. Dark matters, that’s when people are most fearful because everybody’s inside. Robbing is not just called robbing, by the way, it’s called  breaking and entering and terrorizing the people inside. A teenager couldn’t have been thinking about doing that though, because he bought Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea? What kind of fuzzy logic is that?
  • Martin didn’t drink his tea or eat his bag of Skittles. Guess he wasn’t thirsty or hungry. I know what teenagers do with a can of tea and a bag of Skittles. They put it in their pocket to make it look like a bad ass gun.
  • The black leadership keep saying they want a dialogue. With whom? White people don’t have a leader, no NAACP counterpart. All I hear is a one-sided argument with one-sided demands. President Obama and the Justice Department met their demands of an arrest which turned into demands for a trial, which turned into demands for a murder charge, which turned into demands for a guilty verdict. Contrary to what anybody thinks, including President Obama, you can’t demand a verdict–at least not this time–not with this jury–not on this day.
  • George Zimmerman had as much right to leave his car, to walk in his own community as Trayvon Martin had. He had a right to look to see where Martin was going. And he had a right to have a concealed weapon on his person. Unless the rules of concealment have changed, a person isn’t required to leave their gun in the car when they leave the car.
  • I live in Cleveland. My husband and I care about our security. We care about the people in the building where we live. People slip in the building behind me as I use the buzzer system, then they run ahead of me. And yes, so far all of them have been black. Daytime not so concerned. Nighttime always concerned. When nobody else is around, I’m on high alert.
  • I often have asked people who weren’t supposed to be in the building, who were delivering flyers, which is not allowed, if they lived here. They always say yes, even though this is a senior building, and they’re young. Once somebody knocked on my door, two young black females with strings around their necks with identification cards said they had authorization to be in the building and talk to me. Turns out they didn’t. I called the office, the office tracked them down and escorted them out of the building, or so they said. At night I wouldn’t have that call option. If they were at lunch or showing an apartment I wouldn’t have that call option.
  • The media and black community are simultaneously claiming that Zimmerman was negligent in getting out of his car. What this presupposes is that Zimmerman (and obviously all of them) knew that Martin, because he was black, because he was walking between homes looking in windows, because it was dark and raining and he seemed to be not going in any particular direction that he was dangerous, that he was violent. Zimmerman was supposed to assume that, according to them. Yet, Zimmerman didn’t assume what the media claims his responsibility to assume. Zimmerman only stated that he thought he might be up to no good. Zimmerman didn’t profile him as a killer or a potential killer. Nobody yet had been killed in the commission of a break-in in that gated community. For all we know now, maybe Martin was one of those children (they keep calling them children) terrorizing the neighborhood with breaking, entering and stealing.
  • Social issue concerns need to be raised in social forums, not in a court room where somebody is on trial who could spend the rest of his life in prison.
  • I kept wondering why all the cable talk and network news shows were pro-prosecution. Everyone on T.V. that night skewed the testimony given that day in trial. I know because I watched the trial. Guess we know now that a lot of people didn’t watch the trial day to day, they were working, they had jobs to go to, so they relied on the nightly news and their favorite cable news talk shows to fill them in, at the end of their day, on what they missed. Well they didn’t get the real story, the accurate testimony. The media all failed miserably. Talk about prejudice! Who wrote their scripts? If you need more than one guess, then you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed.
  • One must wonder if all the news outlets are favoring the prosecution, then somebody, somewhere isn’t giving the real story, or at least the other side’s perspective. Why is it that the country is divided, but the media and the government aren’t? Sounds like media-fixing to me.
  • People in prison are being released almost daily based on DNA evidence which proves they didn’t commit the crime for which they were charged and convicted. A lot of these prisoners being released are black. If the government, the media and the black community had their way and got their conviction, then one more innocent person would be entering that prison system. But he’s white–at least that’s how the media, government and black community are forcing us to see him, and we don’t care if an innocent white man goes to prison, we just don’t want any innocent black men to serve any time for crimes they didn’t commit. Well that’s your prejudice now isn’t it?
  • So why are so many young black men, and yes there is not a seventeen year old male teenager anywhere in the world who would refer to themselves as a child, in jail for drug related offenses? More blacks go to jail for drug related offenses than whites because blacks aren’t as careful in their transactions. They make a lot of bone head mistakes. They don’t know how to be discreet. It doesn’t matter their age, they think they’re invincible, they won’t get caught or if they do they won’t be charged, they’ll be let go–and often they are let go in a sweep. Whites fear getting caught, blacks don’t. Fear keeps you cautious.
  • Trayvon Martin didn’t fear George Zimmerman. He was experienced in throwing down a person and pounding them (ground and pound). Even Rachel said he thought it was just a fight, meaning Martin had been in fights before. He was obviously experienced in overcoming a target, a weak target, a meek target, because that’s what he did. But Rachel lied so many times on the witness stand, changing her testimony minute to minute, that it’s hard to decipher which of her answers were true. Maybe when Martin was telling her to ‘get off’, he was telling her to hang up.
  • I saw Martin’s mother watching Rachel as Rachel testified. She grabbed the white string around her neck and brought it up sharply to her right–like a noose. Shocking that a grieving mother had the presence of mind to remind Rachel who she was, where she came from and who Zimmerman was by that one gesture.
  • At some point Trayvon Martin knew George Zimmerman had a gun. He had him straddled tightly, it had to be tightly in order to keep Zimmerman on the ground. Trayvon’s inner thighs could feel the gun. But even before that, you mean while Martin was throwing Zimmerman to the ground Zimmerman’s outer clothing stayed neatly in place? Maybe it did. But Martin felt that gun with his legs before Zimmerman was able to shoot him. Of course Martin was reaching for it.
  • Hold your ground? Learned or not learned from an online course that Zimmerman took. The Castle Doctrine is what it’s called, originating from the premise that a person’s home is their castle, anybody not invited who enters to do no good is subject to being shot.
  • Why do black people think it’s okay to break and enter and steal other people’s property? Why do black people think it’s okay to steal somebody’s car because they don’t want to take a bus? Why is every American to assume that if somebody breaks into your house while you’re there that the intruder won’t shoot you? I would always assume they had a gun and would always assume they would use it.
  • How about destroying evidence? That used to be a crime. How about Martin’s father deleting all of his son’s text messages from his phone? How about Rachel doing the same, passing  herself off as somebody else, not once, but often? What is she hiding? What unemployed, expelled from school seventeen year old has forty dollars in their pocket, hanging around in the rain with a bad ass looking gun in his pocket? Who’s he waiting for to show up? Not the white guy. Rachel profiled the ‘cracker’ as an undercover cop. That’s why she told him to run.
  • The black community and the United States government supported by the media used Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman as a platform to address the black community’s greater social equality gripes, that had nothing to do with the events surrounding this loss of life.
  • If the black community can’t raise their social issues without sacrificing a person of a different race to do it, then they are no better and every bit as prejudicial and discriminatory as the people and institutions that blacks claim discriminate against them.
  • President Obama destroyed George Zimmerman’s life and the lives of the Zimmerman family–forever. He tried to put an innocent man in prison so that black people could get on T.V. and tell the world once again about all their pains and sufferings and love for their children who are unjustly treated by the criminal justice system. Obama tried to fight a prejudice with a prejudice, just like he fights terrorism with terrorism. If President Obama has a problem with the justice system then he needs to address that system. He’s the only one with the power to affect change from the FBI on down to the local police. The FBI profiles people. That’s what they do. There won’t be any changes there.
  • Somebody named Cuomo, another talking head, who likes to use trigger words to incite white people or to shame them, says okay, we are where we are, so lets make this an opportunity to open a dialogue and bring people together. What people? Are you, the white talking heads of T.V., going to be the self-appointed leaders of the white people and talk on our behalf? Are the black talking heads going to be the self-appointed leaders of the white people and talk on white people’s behalf, telling the white story through their black prism?
  • You already indicated that you had to be a lawyer to understand the evidence presented at trial. You insulted the intelligence of every thinking American. You insulted the jurors. What, we have to accept your prejudicial interpretation, because we’re not smart enough to interpret it ourselves? No thank you. We’ve seen your skewing of the facts. That will never work, no matter how many experts you parade in front of us, speaking on our behalf. We don’t trust the media to be our spokespeople. We don’t trust the government that tried to hang an innocent man on behalf of the American people, simply because he looked white–not today–not on any day.
  • JUSTICE OR NO PEACE! Really? Convict the guy or we’ll make war against the entire country? There’s nothing peaceful about that message.
  • Oh, no, we don’t mean that. No, we just want a dialogue. Then say what you mean. Stop threatening white people with threatening words and gestures. Every politician in America is taking the black community’s side. Why do you think they’re doing that, because they think you’re right? No, because they fear what you’ll do to them if they don’t.
  • Stop fearing black people? Are you kidding? Black people act aggressively for the purpose of frightening people. But white people are to believe you don’t really mean it? Then stop doing it and maybe that fear factor won’t be an issue. Stop making white people fear you.
  • Bring together? Stop calling white people racists who don’t agree with you. That’s racism in itself. Stop excusing your own racism against white people as justified, while you scream racism at everybody else. Black people need to admit their own racism before any substantive dialogue can occur. White people are weary from being demonized by black people for being born white. Strange isn’t it how black people wanting their equality became those they once demonized as stripping them of theirs? The oppressed become the oppressor. Strange isn’t it how now white people are calling other white people racists for not wanting a guilty verdict for Zimmerman?
  • No amount of manipulating by the CIA via the media is going to change anything, because everybody sees the manipulation. Maybe the CIA should start with themselves and fix their own prejudices. Maybe Obama who is reported to love the CIA (the largest terror organization in the world) can start there. He’s got the power. Obama should shut down secret CIA prisons. He should shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison. He said he already did, but they’re still open. Do you really think that Obama cares about prison reform in the United States? Not a chance.
  • George Zimmerman didn’t violate anybody’s civil rights. Trayvon Martin violated George Zimmerman’s right to leave his vehicle. That wouldn’t come under the heading of civil rights though, because of Zimmerman’s skin color. Only a black person can claim civil rights violations, which means that white colored people don’t have any civil rights or they’d be laughed out of court, so it would never get to court–any court.
  • The same is so for hate crimes. Hate crimes can only be committed against Jews and blacks. When a Jew commits a crime against a non-Jew it isn’t called a hate crime, even when it is. When a black person commits a crime against a white person it isn’t called a hate crime, even when it is, nor is it ever even considered.
  • Hate, like prejudice works both ways. I believe Trayvon Martin violated Zimmerman’s civil rights in the commission of a hate crime. Of course that would have been laughed out of court too, had Martin lived. How about crimes against cops. Are those considered hate crimes?
  • Since when does it become the responsibility of George Zimmerman and his brother to bring blacks and whites together whom the President, the justice department, the black community and the media divided for the purpose of political gain, preferential treatment and  T.V. ratings? Do it yourself. Fix what you broke, don’t expect somebody else, whom you grossly offended, to clean up the result of your dirty tricks.
  • Experts on T.V. are cautioning the Zimmerman family on whose money they can accept and against showing any perception of having won something. The Feds are worried they might inadvertently accept money from an anti-black organization which in any court of law would make them guilty of racism. They’re afraid if Zimmerman is seen whooping it up after the court declared him not guilty that that action could rile blacks to the point of burning cities.
  • Nobody gave the blacks that instruction after the O.J. verdict, because the blacks won, or at least they saw it as their victory against white people oppression. Whites can’t on the other hand, when the shoe is on the other foot–aren’t allowed, based on some unwritten law and prejudice that makes everyone born white an automatic racist–think of the Zimmerman verdict as a victory for all white people. Yet, when a black person is exonerated  from a crime he/she didn’t commit the party begins. No mention is made of the person who lost their life and the killer who is still at large in somebody’s community somewhere.
  • It is this writers opinion that resentment fosters where what is allowed for one isn’t allowed for the other, simply based on their skin color and the degree to which they feel oppressed.
  • Note: Going to school in the United States is mandatory. It is this writer’s opinion that anybody facing expulsion from school should not be expelled unless and until such time that an alternative school setting is arranged for that person.
  • Regarding school, may I suggest that every talking head, including President Obama, the biggest talking head of all, go back to school and learn how to communicate accurately absent your own personal prejudices. All jurors are required to do that. Despite pressure–from the President, the black community, the Justice Department and the media–put on potential jurors and then the actual jurors, to act on the very prejudices the court, at least on paper instruction and in principle doesn’t allow–it didn’t happen–not on this day–not with this jury panel. Bravo.


Piers Morgan of the Piers Morgan Show says ‘the George Zimmerman case’ comes down to George Zimmerman shooting an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was indeed armed–with his fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being.

Had George Zimmerman not had a gun, Trayvon Martin would be on trial for murder.

A witness hollered for him to stop. He didn’t. He couldn’t. He was in a rage.

George Zimmerman screamed for help, but nobody would help him.

Obama gave a green light to the black community to rise up with racism charges, anit-white chants and demonstrations, when Obama told the world, ‘if he had a son he would look like Trayvon’. ‘This hits too close to home’, he lamented.

Those comments by Obama were prejudicial against white people–that’s who Obama thought George Zimmerman was–white. He had a knee jerk reaction without all the facts. Zimmerman is Spanish, black and white.

When is the black community and individuals within the black community going to take responsibility for their own rage, and stop blaming all white people for all that goes wrong in their lives?

How about white rage– for being blamed for black slavery that white people of today had nothing to do with?

Obama, the CIA and the black community are confident that no matter what the verdict against George Zimmerman, whites won’t burn cities. They’re confident that white people won’t put the country in a national security threat situation. Whites are basically perceived as weak.

That could change in a moment.

Obama showed glaring prejudice against white people absent the facts; that’s how prejudice usually works. He should have stayed out of a local police matter, which demonstrates he doesn’t respect boundaries. He doesn’t respect boundaries in America, he doesn’t respect the boundaries of foreign countries.

What constitutes self-defense these days? Looks like you have to be half dead before you react and by that time it’s too late.

Why didn’t Trayvon Martin call 9-11 if he was being beaten up? He had a cell phone. Why didn’t he run to his father’s fiance’s house?

What happens if a woman is raped? If she has a gun on her person can she shoot the man raping her? Looks like that’s a no. She’s not bleeding profusely enough, she doesn’t have any gashes/lacerations huge enough to warrant it. A man, probably Obama, would say she needn’t have feared for her life. Are you kidding me?

If somebody is kidnapped at what point, if they have a gun, can they shoot the person kidnapping them? Looks like there is no point.

Trayvon Martin was expelled from school. He wanted to buy a gun. Maybe he was planning a school shooting. Looks like we’ll never know, because Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman is on trial for defending himself against a deadly weapon–Trayvon Martin’s fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being.

I don’t trust a dictator who incites violence in his own country, among his own people. A prejudicial leader is not what this country needs to move forward, to move beyond racial hatred. Hanging Zimmerman will only satisfy the black community for a short while. They’ll want to revisit that power feeling. Who will Obama and the United States government offer up next–to keep their cities from burning?

George Zimmerman whether convicted or not will spend the rest of his life fearing for his life and the lives of his family. Obama, bending to the prejudicial will of the black community enslaved George Zimmerman whether in prison or in hiding from the black folk who will seek to get blood vengeance, because Obama gave them that green light. This is what happens with knee jerk reactions; this is what happens when you falsely accuse someone to gain political capital, this is what happens when a handful of people can tell the President of the United States what to do, and absent all the facts he does it.

Obama did this for black people, not for white people, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, only for the blacks. Guess he figured he owed them a sacrificial lamb. Nobody’s vote, not the vote of any group is worth the sacrifice of one person, or should ever be justified.

Obama’s half white. George Zimmerman looks like Obama’s son too. Obama doesn’t see it that way. I see the resemblance. Obama can’t get past the color. He needs to do that. Trayvon Martin also looks like Obama’s son. Of course the entire world already knows that. He told them.

White rage manifests itself in fear. Black rage manifests itself in aggression.

The tables could turn quickly.

Obama needs to take responsibility for the precarious situation he put this country in, by pitting one group against another, just to score political points with the black community. Obama needs to take responsibility for destroying the lives of George Zimmerman and his family–convicted or not, this gentle man will for the rest of his life be hiding from the assassins that come from the group Obama pandered to.

The black community needs to accept responsibility for forcing the leader of the free world to act on their behalf out of vengeance not based on facts.

The USA government, the black community and the cable news shows put on the case against George Zimmerman. It was disturbing and frightening to watch how the government falsifies and distorts facts to get what they want, and then when the court recessed to watch how the media outlets carried on in their absence.

Shouldn’t the government be held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t media outlets be held to a higher standard? Shouldn’t they be truth tellers? If the government is going to engage in smoke and mirrors, outright lies and magic tricks to get you or anyone else to do what they want, how then can they expect anything more from its citizens?

The USA government, that supports preemptive strikes anywhere in the world, arguing against self defense for American citizens should be an affront to all who viewed the court proceedings in the George Zimmerman trial.


According to protestors, the white man on the bottom with a gun should be found guilty for shooting the black man on top with no gun. He wasn’t. Riots resulted.

If given all the same facts of the case, except the man on the bottom is a black man with a gun and shoots a white man on top with no gun, would the black community, and everyone else jumping on the bandwagon, still want a guilty verdict for the black man on the bottom with a gun? Or, would they want a self-defense verdict?

And if the black man on the bottom was found guilty, given all the facts were the same except skin color, would riots result?

It is my opinion that the verdict wanted by the black community would always favor the black man as long as there was a white man involved. That’s racism.

Justice? Why aren’t black leaders telling black members to stop death threats against the family of George Zimmerman? They weren’t there, they had nothing to do with it. That’s justice? To kill Zimmerman’s family? It’s taking the law into your own hands, the same thing you accuse Zimmerman of doing. What crime do you think the parents committed or the brother of George Zimmerman, that you feel justified in killing them? That’s murder. That’s cold-blooded premeditated murder. A threat to commit murder is intent to commit murder.

Justice? Why aren’t black leaders telling black members to stop beating white people up on the street, smashing windows, looting stores, terrorizing communities? Nobody had to racially profile the people who are committing those crimes in Los Angeles. They’re doing it in full view of the cameras. Even members of the media were attacked. Maybe those on the sidewalk attacked by members of the mob shouldn’t have gotten out of their cars and walked on the sidewalk. Maybe they should have stayed home. Guess it was their own fault.

When blacks attack whites on the sidewalk it’s justified. If whites had attacked blacks on that same sidewalk it’s racism.

If the black man on the bottom with a gun had been found guilty, riots would have resulted.

Either man, black or white on the bottom with a gun, given that all the other facts of the case remain the same, should be found not guilty.

The black community doesn’t see it that way. If the man on the bottom with a gun is white, he’s guilty. If the man on the bottom with a gun is black he’s not guilty by reason of self-defense. That’s called racism when you don’t treat people in like situations equally and you base it solely on the color of someone’s skin.

Shame on Al Sharpton. Shame on Jesse Jackson. Shame on President Obama and Eric Holder. These four men (the Racist 4) committed a collective act of racism turned terrorism against George Zimmerman, his family and every white person in America.

I’ve already felt the threat gestures walking out of my apartment building, which I have every right to do, to go to the store, which I have every right to do, being stared down by a black man as he passed. Right at eye level they zoom into the eyes of their prey with their war face on, never blinking, never wavering, their bodies tense, ready to fight. The purpose is to instill fear. A Black man doing this to a sixty-four year old handicapped white woman who fights prejudice on every level?

Word got out in Cleveland that I wasn’t taking their side on this one–not this time, not with this case.

Steve just left for the grocery store, has a mile and half to walk each way. We need food, are we to stay home? Will he be accused of using bad judgment in going out given the tense environment in Cleveland if something bad happens? The Racist 4 will say he should have stayed home, yet on the news in Cleveland they report that everything is peaceful.

I’m on high alert in my own apartment in the middle of the day.

The Racist 4 are directly responsible for inciting riots and striking terror into the hearts of law-abiding citizens all over the United States of America. None of them are doing anything to protect white people who should also have civil rights in America but don’t. They’re going to ride this tsunami till the blacks get it out of their systems, no matter how many peaceful citizens have to get injured, killed or terrorized during the process of the letting of the blood to cure their displaced rage. That’s not only racist it’s barbaric.



George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin.

I will tell you this with all certainty, although I don’t have a gun, if somebody was on top of me pounding my head into the ground, if I had a gun on me, and if I could reach it, I would shoot.

Trayvon knew that nobody, white, black or brown comes out of their houses when violence occurs. That’s why he felt secure in screaming like he was the one being attacked by the ‘white’ guy, while he was pummeling Zimmerman’s head into the next life.

Trayvon was the murderer. He figured he’d get away with that murder.

George lived; Trayvon died.

Now, blacks and fearful whites want to kill Zimmerman–blacks out of revenge for slavery, whites out of fear that blacks will burn their cities (better to sacrifice one ‘white’ guy, than have the blacks come after us).

Roland Martin read my previous essay regarding Trayvon Martin, with prejudice. He thought Trayvon was innocent. He wasn’t. /sldt