OBAMA STAYS TRUE TO HIS RACE as a divider not a uniter

THOUGHTS ON PRESIDENT OBAMA’S SPEECH TO THE NATION from a daily briefing to the press. Strange how when preaching to white people in the USA about putting the high crime rates of black men against whites (men and women), and black on black crime, in an historical context of slavery (I’m assuming he meant slavery,Continue reading “OBAMA STAYS TRUE TO HIS RACE as a divider not a uniter”


“The system didn’t work for us”. The system wasn’t supposed to work for “us” the black community of America. The system was supposed to work for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman–only two people–not their parents, siblings, friends nor groups with agendas to raise social issues. Black parents are now worried about what to tell their teenagers aboutContinue reading ““THE SYSTEM DIDN’T WORK FOR US””


Piers Morgan of the Piers Morgan Show says ‘the George Zimmerman case’ comes down to George Zimmerman shooting an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin was indeed armed–with his fists, his knees, his speed, his youth, his rage, in fact his entire being. Had George Zimmerman not had a gun, Trayvon Martin would be on trialContinue reading “BLACK AND WHITE RAGE”

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin. I will tell you this with all certainty, although I don’t have a gun, if somebody was on top of me pounding my head into the ground, if I had a gun on me, and if I could reach it, I would shoot. Trayvon knew that nobody, white,Continue reading “George Zimmerman”