When the government ‘calls’ you, it’s for the purpose of putting yourself in harms way to protect and/or advance the group via the military. When God ‘calls’ you, it’s never to give your life so that others may live. It’s always to live your life as the example to others to do the same. ~Continue reading “WHEN YOU’RE ‘CALLED’!”


DID GOD WRITE THE BIBLE?  If God wrote the bible as bible followers and supporters claim, then the bible followers and supporters must concede that God works through people. And if God works through people, then God works through all people, and if through all people, then all animals, because people are animals, and ifContinue reading “DID GOD WRITE THE BIBLE?”

I’m Speaking To Your God Not You!

In all of my writing: essays, poems/prose, stories, thoughts, and all of my recipes and all of my art, my target, whether it be the individual or the group or the nation is always the God of that individual, group or nation. Although I use names for identification and organizational purposes to facilitate the understandingContinue reading “I’m Speaking To Your God Not You!”


Everything, everybody, all life and non-life have the same name: God.  In order to create order and understanding, we attach sub names to all entities.  No God is capable of acting, or not acting, independently of any other God. That is one thing, the only thing, in the universe that is impossible.  We are notContinue reading “ONLY ONE THING IMPOSSIBLE”